Recently Completed Work #2

Recently Completed Work #2

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I’ve been pretty busy of late so I thought I should show you what I have been up to. Here a small showcase of my most recent work along with a brief description of each.

Sikh Youth Australia Website

This is my largest and most recent website to date. It has been built from scratch and is currently in coding by Kiidesign (Now completed: Sikh Youth Australia), using Expression Engine as the CMS. It will feature a rotating article slide show, an article accordion (similar to the left side bar of this site) and a nice drop down CSS Menu along with loads of other user interactivity. The right side bar & footer will be on every page of the site.

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Sikh Youth Website

Oke Rum Liquouer

This was a full branding job for a Jamaican rum liquouer / cocktail that has been in development for several months now. Work included the identity design, bottle design and a 3D render mockup. The bottle is soon to be manufactured.

Oke Rum

Scott Barnes Digipack Album

This is an album cover for Scott Barnes, an musician from just outside Washington DC. The album art plays on the themes of fire and revolution. It is to be printed in January after his EP has been mastered.

Scott Barnes

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This is a personal project that I have been working on. The poster features the (reversed) logos of the top 100 top global brands of 2009 as ranked by Interbrand, formed into the shape of the copyright symbol. The bottom right text says: “Good artists copy, great artists steal” ~ Pablo Picasso.

The idea behind the poster was to question the blurring lines between art, design and copyright. Can one just take a whole series of others work, put it into a new shape and call it art? Or is it design? I think Picasso’s quote also draws on similar thoughts… what’s the difference between copying and stealing? What is the secret to creativity?

Anyway, you can interpret as you wish. You can download this free as a PDF here.


Keep Calm and Stay Safe Letterpress Poster

This poster was part of a campaign that was running at Newcastle University raising awareness of student safety. I utilised the use of letterpress to create a poster inspired by a British motivational poster from 1939, titled “Keep Calm and Carry On”.

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In the bottom left photo, you can see how I have cut away at lino for hours on end to create the letter forms. Blood, sweat and tears went into this one… well maybe not tears, but certainly blood.


Learnworks Identity Design

This is the rest of the identity design for the Learnworks logo that I posted about a few weeks ago. Learnworks provides on-site training, books and e-learning courses. I also had the fun job of designing their Word and Powerpoint templates.

Learnworks Stationery

MEGS Identity Design

MEGS is a program being developed by the NSW Department of Education and Training, TAFE and the University of Newcastle. It aims to bring students to Universities across the State. MEGS stands for “Making Educational Goals Sustainable”. The concept behind this piece was to show the cross roads of life and also to show the concept of bringing students into University… plus X does mark the spot.


Love Christ, Love Life

This was a recent piece of work completed for University for an advertising campaign promoting the life of Jesus. The use of the heart and Christ symbols create a powerful message.

Love Life

Beolchi Rangel

The identity design for Beolchi Rangel, a business management consulting business based in Brazil. I wrote up a process of how I made this logotype over on Logo Designer Blog.

Beolchi Rangel Letterhead

Morning Fog Album

This was an experimental piece for a fictional client. I was experimenting with mark making, ink, paper and sponges and I really liked how some of the marks came out, so I decided to make it into an album cover.

Morning Fog


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This was another experimentation with many different mediums – chalk, crayon, pencil, oil pastel, biro, soft pastel, charcoal and digital manipulation. Thought it came out pretty cool, could see it on a club flyer or album cover.


Dr. Reg Edward Logo Design

Dr. Reg Edward is a British doctor who uses innovative targeted regional anesthetic techniques to target pain rather than putting patients on highly potent drugs. The concept is based on targeting the pain, hence the crosshair, however there is also a hidden + symbol inside the negative space.

Dr. Reg

Opus Grex Logo Design

This is the logo design for a new website that is soon to launch. All I can say is that the site will be a place for people to go to “collaborate on problem solving”. Opus Grex is latin for “the work of the crowd”.

Opus Grex

Alexandre Mantacheff Identity Design

This is the logo design for a high end art & antique gallery established in New York who is operating under it’s Parisian endorser’s name of Alexandre Mantacheff. The shape you see in the middle is actually an oil tower from back in the 1880’s, as per the client’s request.

Alexandre Mantacheff

Ford Logo Redesign

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This was a personal project, my take on redesigning the current Ford logo.

Ford Logo

This is the new identity design for the Undergraduate Biotechnology Program at The University of Newcastle.


This is a logo design for a business coach / consultant that organises other people’s businesses via the use of better systems, layouts & management. A minimalist, near zen-like approach was taken here with emphasis on O for organisation. The rest of their identity is still in the works.

Business Organiser

Comments, constructive criticism and questions are welcome, as always.

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  1. The Sikh website looks great.
    Did you code it yourself?

    Can’t you get in trouble for the logoposter though? On the other hand, I can’t wait for the PDF. I would love to place it on my wall.

  2. Jacob, I love the Business Organizer one, especially the typeface. It must be hard to create a logo like that without breaking copyright law. I’m only saying that because I’ve seen similar logos.

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