Discover RSS: May 1st is RSS Awareness Day + The Official Logo I Designed For It

Discover RSS: May 1st is RSS Awareness Day + The Official Logo I Designed For It

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On May 1st it is the first RSS Awareness Day. The objective of RSS Awareness Day is to get as many people as possible talking about RSS and its benefits and for them to educate the not-so-tech public about the benefits of RSS.

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  • Have you heard about RSS? If not, check out What Is RSS?
  • If you already know about RSS, spread the word, write a blog post about it and try telling a friend or family member about RSS too. At least digg the official rss day page.

Logo Design

Below you can see the official logo I designed for RSS Day. You will notice the original RSS logo plus the number 1 to remind users of May 1st. You can check out more of my logo designs in my just updated portfolio. You can even read my new testimonials page. This is what Daniel (the man behind RSS Day) had to say about the logo.

Lenore K.Jacob did outstanding work with the logo for our RSS Day initiative. Not only was it beautiful, but it was also meaningful for the project.

Daniel Scocco

Your thoughts and comments are always appreciated.

20 thoughts on “Discover RSS: May 1st is RSS Awareness Day + The Official Logo I Designed For It”

  1. Building awareness of RSS feeds is very cool.

    Would you believe that that at my past job (before I became self employed) , I had a 30 minute arguement with my boss about the benefit of RSS feeds!!! (by the way, I worked for a web design firm! hahaha!) My old boss compared RSS technology to some mobile data thing that came out like 10 years ago and never got popular. He argued that it is a waste of time to create RSS feeds for websites as it is just a fad that not many people even use! (another by the way, this arguement happened about 3 months ago!) YIKES!

    I will post about RSS day and link back to your post, cheers Jacob

    Brian Yerkess last blog post..Google Ranking – After our 301 redirects

  2. Thanks Eli, great to spread the word.

    Erika, thank you. I did try to incorporate each element into the design somehow.

    Well I won’t even ask who won that argument, hope you talked him out of his ignorance. Was he comparing it to WAP by any chance? Thanks for the spreading the word as well 🙂

  3. Good idea, I’ll try to write something for that day. I like your idea of using the 1 for the logo… looks a bit like an exclamation mark as well.

    I’m just curious, did you choose incomplete feeds for JCD for any particular reason?

  4. I’m gonna try write a post about it on my personal blog as well (either soon or on May 1st), as I think it would be really good if non-tech-savvy people also knew about the benefits of RSS.

    Elis last blog post..New Premium Theme on the Block: “Blubs”

  5. I don’t know how to put it, but I think it’s so charming because each element means something to the day. Great work. 🙂

  6. I actually had a couple of concepts with an exclamation mark so funny that you say that. 🙂

    I didn’t choose incomplete feeds, WordPress won’t let me change it to full feeds which is really annoying. I have tried to fix it but it won’t budge so not sure. What feed reader do you use? Some people get full feeds but I know Google doesn’t which is frustrating.

  7. I had to work with the given blue background however I could use any colour for the logo itself. I chose orange as it is the identifiable colour of the official RSS logo. You can see a non colour graduation version on the rss day website… what do you think when you compare both?

  8. Oh, weird. I use Vienna, although in the last couple of months I’ve also used Google and NetNewsWire and I think they were the same. I just had a look at my WP settings and your FeedBurner page (i.e., but I’m sure you’ve tried everything I could possibly suggest (like the options under Settings>Reading). There’s always trying something drastic like changing the settings directly in your mySQL database, but you’d have to make sure you got every instance.

    On the other topic: I like the gradient a bit better than the solid colour one (not usually the case either). Good work!

  9. I love the logo! Very clever idea with the 1. Simple and effective.

    To me is seems a bit funny how we all talk about RSS and use it, but there are so many out there (even avid internet users) who are still either unaware of it or just haven’t figured it out yet. I love the idea of having a day where multiple posts and conversations are dedicated to spreading the word. Sounds fun!

    Jacob Carters last blog post..My Life in Photographs

  10. Kristarella,
    I tore my hair out about it a couple of months ago. Once I update to the new wordpress 2.5.1 I will have another go at fixing it. I never tried the mySQL database bit so I will have a look in there so thanks for your suggestions.

    I also preferred the slight gradient.

    Jacob Carter,
    Good to hear your feedback and seeing you back again. I have tried telling my parents about it and boy did it take a while. I will show them the video next time.

    Yes the colours are different because in the example above it has got a blue gradation going to the centre… it helps with presentation. The colours are the same in places, it is just because of the graduation that you are seeing that.

    And you could be right about the atmosphere, pink white and grey don’t really mingle with orange and blue that well.

    No worries about the English, it was great!

    Yeah however the only problem I see with it is that most people who read blogs already know about RSS so that is why I mentioned try telling a friend/family member.

    I just made the RSS Logo from scratch, no tutorial even though Esbens was spot on.

    Daniel had a post about it calling for graphic designers 🙂

    The 1 looks a bit shorter because of the large O or dot at the bottom of it and it was done intentionally. I had about 10 other variations with and without the 0 and having a full 1 and so fourth but this was the best. Maybe I should have posted the roughs.

    Thanks all for your feedback.

  11. Ow… I love the logo, but not the colours… That’s a pity. It’s a little bit… dismal ? (“morne” in french)

    Something hotter in the colour is missing, in my opinion. More saturation maybe ? Or no gradation in the orange ?

  12. @Jacob Cass :

    It’s hard to compare… When I watch the rssday website with the Firefox extention “ColorZilla”, it appears that it’s neither the same blue that the logo in this page nor the same orange. By this fact, the logo colours of the website is (still in my opinion) more visible, more “percussive” (except the sheen effect on the text, anyway…) than the logo on this page.

    Maybe is it due to the “atmosphere”. The logo on rssday website is completely in a blue atmosphere, and this logo is on a white page, this can explain my discomfort, I don’t know. Anyway, that’s not a disaster 😉

    In an absolute way, the only thing I dislike is the graduation orange.

    PS :Sorry for my bad english 😉

  13. Ah, yes, I am going to write a post about this on Wednesday. It’s a pretty good idea for a blog initiative! Did Daniel approach you personally to design the logo?? Did you use the RSS Icon Tutorial that Esben wrote to create it? 😀

    Good idea to incorporate the 1 into the logo. It looks a little chopped off (too short) at the bottom, though. Did you do that on purpose?

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curios last blog post..Using Lines: Real World Examples

  14. I also blogged about RSS day, and was amazed by the unique logo concept. The RSS logos you designed were simply outstanding. Keep it up.

  15. I can’t remember if it was WAP that he was referring to….I know what WAP is but I feel like whatever he was talking about wasn’t famliar to me at all…..anyways, it was ridiculous that the arguement even took place!! at a web design company! It does say a lot about that company tho….

    Brian Yerkess last blog post..May 1st – RSS Awareness Day

  16. Sure does but then again I didn’t know about RSS until about two years ago and even then I didn’t really get ‘it’. I just knew it existed but didn’t use it. I only started using it about 4months ago when I entered the world of blogging oh and how things have changed since then. I have learnt so much!

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