Save The Earth Campaign – 100% of all proceeds go to charity

Save The Earth Campaign – 100% of all proceeds go to charity

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Save The Earth

I am trying to raise money for Greenpeace and WWF to help ‘save the earth‘ and I am doing this through the ‘Save The Earth Campaign‘ however this is only going to be possible, with the help of YOU.

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I also hope to raise awareness of Earth Day being held on April 22nd.

How are we going to raise the money?

I have set up a shop in CafePress that features the save the earth illustration (which can be seen above and below) on a large variety of products, some of which are shown below. 100% of all proceeds will go straight to the charities mentioned. 50% to Greenpeace and 50% to WWF. Why not get something you need and give money to charity at the same time!?

Please check out the shop and buy a product!

Save The Earth

As you can see above there is a wide range of goods to choose from including Apparel (Clothing), Baby Goods, Housewares, Hats & Bags, Stickers, Buttons & Magnets, Posters, Prints and much more! There is something for everyone. I have got a t-shirt on the way 🙂

About The Charities

Greenpeace is an independent campaigning organisation that uses non-violent direct action to expose global environmental problems and to force solutions which are essential to a green and peaceful future.

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WWF works to conserve Australia’s plants and animals by ending land clearing and degradation, addressing climate change, and preserving and protecting fresh water, marine and land environments.

Spread This

Please spread this campaign around the blogosphere and anywhere else you can. A blog post would be appreciated or you could just email it to a few friends… Anything at all you do to promote this campaign will be greatly appreciated!

Please stumble the shop page.

Save The Earth

Please check out the shop and buy a product!

10 thoughts on “Save The Earth Campaign – 100% of all proceeds go to charity”

  1. Good job!

    But Jack, I’m allergic with pig. Is there any other logos? (i.e. earth, or etc) 😀

    Rafie’s last blog post..Pertandingan Kata – kata Hikmah

  2. Hey man!

    I just found your business card and thought i would have a look at your portfolio. Awesome idea and project!

    Martin from Semi-Permanent

  3. It’s an awesome design, but I don’t like CafePress items too much. I prefer Spreadshirt. I think Greenpeace and WWF waste tons of money too. Greenpeace with advertising and paying employees. WWF with suing the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

    Harris’s last blog post..Research Twice as Fast

    • Hi Harris,
      I wasn’t actually aware of Spreadshirt so I’ll have to have a gander at their service. They both do their jobs well and with great passion and they are solid foundations. The WWF case is another story in itself but by them winning it does show that they were most probably right in their jurisdiction.

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