25+ of the Best Sci-Fi Fonts (Retro, Modern & Futuristic)

25+ of the Best Sci-Fi Fonts (Retro, Modern & Futuristic)

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Science Fiction, known today as Sci-Fi, typically deals with futuristic and visionary concepts.

If you’re watching or reading something that deals with high-tech and how it affects our life, topics of new science, adventures set in space, or even aliens, then it most likely belongs to the Sci-Fi genre.

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With thrilling plots, eccentric characters, and strange lands, you sometimes wish these worlds were real.

And why can’t they? For designers who can’t wait for the future, sci-fi fonts can help you get there faster.

With their distinct, otherworldly look, these typefaces create a digital age atmosphere and style wherever they go.

They invoke the imaginative side of the reader by introducing a concept that can be a reality, making the designs as immersive as possible.

In this post, we present the best sci-fi fonts that do this and much more.

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Whether you’re designing a science fictional theme blog cover or a game interface, we have got you covered.

Check out our collection and treat your designs with a pick that pushes past the boundaries of the ordinary.

10 Best Sci-Fi Fonts: Overview

From retro-futuristic typefaces to modern, minimalistic ones, there’s a sci-fi font for everyone in here.

  1. Ishimura
  2. Galaxy
  3. Cyber
  4. Aegis
  5. Glitchy
  6. Cords
  7. Walter
  8. Futurion
  9. Stacker
  10. Vortex

Scroll on for the full list.

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25+ of the Best Sci-Fi Fonts (Retro, Modern & Futuristic)

1. Ishimura

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Say hello to Ishimura, an industrial sci-fi-themed font for those times when no ordinary font will do.

This creation by the legendary type designer Mehmet Reha Tugcu takes after the visual features of cinematic titles and signages.

With clean-cut letters and angular curves, this one brings a futuristic vibe wherever it goes.

We can see it working well in racing games, e-sports designs, fashion, and the automotive industry.

The font comes in uppercase letters and includes basic punctuation, numerals, currency figures, and stylistic alternates.

All these incredible features, combined with multilingual support, give you the ultimate freedom to create whatever you desire.

What’s impressive about Ishimura is its condensed nature.

This creates a narrow visual effect that brings more attention to your designs and makes them more memorable.

And that’s what drove us to include it in our line-up.

Our complaint regarding the font is that it includes alternates for only a few specific letters, which can cause hindrances in the design process.

But if you can overlook that, then Ishimura is perfect for you.

Use it to confess your love to the mysterious cosmos or tell stories about space travels.

2. Galaxy

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Find yourself in open space and detect a one-of-a-kind font no one has ever seen before.

Characterized by vertical strokes and missing bars, Galaxy creates letterforms with a futuristic and sophisticated aesthetic.

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The bulkiness of the characters further lends the font a robust and commanding presence that not only helps create an ultra-modern feel but also a piece that exudes power.

Another thing we appreciate about this font is that it ensures legibility at all sizes.

Every stroke, every curve, and every line is etched with the same level of precision and artistry to provide the viewer with an unobtrusive, easy-reading experience.

You can use Galaxy as a display and heading in the game industry, music posters, tech products, and much more.

Keep in mind that this font only comes in OTF format and doesn’t have multilingual support, making it fall back in terms of versatility.

Worry not; you can avoid such issues by going for a more practical option, such as Avalors.

But if you’re ready to trade off functionality in return for engaging mystical appeal, Galaxy fits the bill.

This visual enhancer is sure to take your creations to their zenith.

3. Cyber

A futuristic digital Sci-Fi Font

Looking to elevate your designs with a cool pixel font? If so, this Envato offering is your best bet.

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Cyber by Andrew Timothy is one of the most popular pixelated typefaces out there, and it is clear to see why.

With letterforms that look as if they are built from blocks, this sci-fi font pays homage to the kind of low-res bitmap fonts you would see in classic video games.

And unlike those conventional intricacies, this one hits all the right notes of innovation and modernity.

Despite its thoughtful design, the font remains versatile and functional, perfect for plenty of applications.

Equipped with upper and lowercase letters, punctuation, numbers, and multilingual accents, Cyber provides just about everything needed to create a thorough typography.

We are particularly fond of the font’s availability in multiple formats: OTF, TTF, and WOFF, which ensured compatibility with different software, allowing us to create stunning designs without any special application.

Whether science, technology or any digital-age project, Cyber has got you covered.

Use this workhorse to create movie posters, website headers, flyers, high-tech logos, and much more.

4. Aegis

A retro-futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Aegis is the first example of a nostalgic retro science fiction font.

When bright neon lights and sharp lines aren’t the talk of the day, this one remains relevant and cutting-edge.

We liked how this typeface perfectly blended two opposing aesthetics: futurism and terrorism.

The thick strokes, tiny counters, and rounded letterforms manage to be both simultaneously, making it a really interesting choice.

What sets this font apart is its immense versatility and retro futuristic vibe.

The pack includes A-Z, numbers, symbols, multiple accents, and punctuation marks.

And let’s not forget about its two styles: Regular and Outlined, that with their timeless look and seamless combination, offers many design possibilities.

Aegis would look great on risque or retro designs such as movie titles, fashion magazines, branding, product packaging, jewelry, and apparel.

However, because there’s not enough kerning present, certain letter combinations may be hard to discern, especially at smaller size points.

Fret not, as switching to a more wide-spaced substitute such as Polaris will do the trick.

Overall, Aegis stands true to the post’s theme, transporting your audience to another universe, one firmly in the future.

5. Glitchy

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Step away from the customary and experience something truly out-of-the-world with Glitchy.

This bold, cyberpunk font is a captivating mix of modern and tech elements that will make your craft shine.

The font’s solid visual statement ensures your message gets heard above the competition while still looking high-fi and stylish.

With its meticulously crafted characters imitating a digital glitching effect, this gem outshines others for all the right reasons.

Whether you are creating a web logo, video game cover, banner, or any other tech-centric design, Glitchy will lend a helping hand in any setting.

Take advantage of Glitchy’s practicality; it offers upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numerals.

It comes with monospace space and can be optimized to a large (poster/display) size.

Another plus is the availability in TTF, OTF, and WOFF file formats, which makes the font compatible with multiple software.

Bear in mind that this typeface supports only Western English characters and can’t accommodate projects in other languages.

And if you are looking for something for a local audience, this powerhouse has your back.

So don’t settle for anything mundane; transform your simplistic design into something remarkable with a few strokes from Glitchy!

6. Cords

A Sci-Fi Display Font

Meet Cords, a stunning sci-fi display font taking the design world by storm.

This pick is not your run-of-the-mill typeface but rather a creation inspired by the blockbuster The Matrix.

At the heart of Cords is the innovation and love that went into its design.

Every rounded letter and every wire has been carefully crafted to bring in vibrant and energetic mechanical charm.

And fortunately, it is not just a pretty face.

Equipped with an expanded character and number set, Cords can help you realize all of your creative ideas.

The font works nicely for making short texts such as headings, displays, and emblems.

We had fun playing around with this one and using it on projects related to the high-tech industry, games, and sports.

It is important to note that Cords only comes in a single OTF format and doesn’t include a web file.

This accounts for the font’s compromised performance with modern browsers.

But this wasn’t an issue for us, and if you, too, aren’t bothered by this, then the typeface will prove to be a reliable companion for you.

So, what’s the wait? Go forth and try it today to beam up your creative pieces instantaneously.

7. Walter

Walter Sci-Fi Font

Clean, simple, and modern, this sci-fi font has everything you need to design a stunning piece of art.

Walter is an accelerated, modern techno typeface.

Its anomalistic gaps and sharp diagonals inject your words with a non-traditional, scientific sensibility of futuristic fonts.

We are big fans of the font’s uncluttered appearance that fulfills its purpose without being too intrusive.

The delicate sans-serifs bring enough refinement without overpowering the overall aesthetic – making it ideal for a sheer variety of designs.

From promotional content to website headers and business cards, Walter is the way to go.

The pack comes in five weights (Light, Thin, Bold, Regular, and Heavy) along with italic versions of each, giving you lots of combinations to choose from.

Additionally, the font contains OTF, TTF, and Web Fonts (SVG, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2) to ascertain that none of your needs remains unmet.

However, similar to Glitchy, Walter also supports only English and doesn’t make a good choice for international projects.

But all things considered, the appeal and capabilities of this typeface remain unmatched, making it one of the best visual solutions out there.

So, hesitate no more and create something beyond unique with Walters.

Download today to check it out!

8. Futurion

A phoenix studio Sci-Fi Font

Experience the perfect balance of distinction and innovation with this dynamic font duo.

Futurion by Odd Phoenix is precisely what its name implies.

Modern, classic, and eye-catching, this typeface has become representative of visual elements of the succeeding times.

It’d be a popular fit for any sci-fi novel or film set in the future.

We tested the font over various projects and found it a smashing hit.

Be it theatrical posters, end credits, tech logos, or the opening sequence to action flicks; this pick will never disappoint.

There are a couple of reasons why Futurion is our favorite in the line-up.

First, it has a simplicity that doesn’t detract from the other aspects of the work while maintaining a nice and clean appearance.

Secondly, its straightforward design tends to stand the test of time as there are no overtly ornate details, which may become outdated.

Aside from the standard alphabet and number set, Futurion includes two styles that emulate the same pragmatic look and can be paired together for a successful design.

The download is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.

So take Futurion for a ride and get ready to take your projects into another dimension!

9. Stacker

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Next, we have Stacker, an ideal partner for upgrading your digital environment from scratch.

Use it as your source of inspiration wherever the cosmic journey takes you.

With flashes and chrome everywhere, this typeface breaks the mold of the average sci-fi font.

Inspired by real-world neon signs, Stacker features letterforms with rounded, smooth corners that strictly uses lines with hollow start and endpoints.

This font is a must-have for adding glowing effects to your creations.

It would be splendid for projects such as music posters, the game industry, stationery, editorial design, and anything that utilizes high-tech visuals and design schemes.

The font supports many OpenType features, including standard glyphs, ligatures, and a web font file which can be opened by various design software.

Plus, it provides easy installation on PC and Mac and is fully accessible even from basic applications like Microsoft Word.

While there’s much to like here, one thing we weren’t satisfied with was how most ligatures, despite their visually stunning style, didn’t have enough spacing between them, making the font fall behind regarding legibility.

Don’t shy away from using typefaces like Neon Blitz to minimize such issues and offer a trouble-free reading experience to your audience.

10. Vortex

A high-tech Sci-Fi Font

Create a futuristic hi-tech style and atmosphere with the Vortex typeface.

Designed by Sentavio, this font is a powerful tool that allows us to express our imagination easily.

Consisting of varying strokes and ending curvatures, this sans-serif typeface charges up anything it’s used on.

The three styles: Thin, Bold, and Black, gave us the opportunity to have fun and, at the same time, create our own unique vision.

Vortex also comes with uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters that can potentially become a hit for your toolbox.

The download is available in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats.

Suitable for being included in the poster for some post-apocalyptic blockbusters about the AI conquering humanity, virtual reality, space, games, and projects revolving around androids and robots, Vortex is indeed a dream come true for any designer.

We must mention that some versions, particularly the Thin and Bold weight, may get overshadowed by other design elements due to their wire-like lines.

But that’s nothing to worry about since you can always layer them over one another to improve their visibility.

Want to save time? Go with the Black weight instead.

Quick, easy, and convenient, what’s more to ask for?

11. Rigamesh

A new-york Sci-Fi Font

When arranging a hip techno party, the question of designing promotional graphics and invitations is one of the pressing ones.

And that’s exactly where Rigamesh comes in.

This sci-fi and sports game display font is full of diversity, high-tech spirit, and a little grooviness.

Characterized by sturdy expanded sans serifs with remote space openings, Rigamesh gives a loud and clear voice to any design, ensuring the objective gets across.

What really got our attention was the font’s bulkiness and its scrupulous strokes that ascertained optimum clarity and readability.

This legible font can survive long distances, working as beautifully at large and smaller sizes.

All this makes Rigamesh a trusty go-to for logos, headlines, graphic templates, poster designs, and other printed material.

This game-changer has stylistic alternatives for several letters, punctuation, numbers and a full lettering set, all with a distinctive vibrancy.

Multilingual support is also included.

So, wait no more and use Rigamesh to unleash your creative side by applying various colors and backgrounds.

Turn on the bouncy techno music and start designing!

12. Starforge

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Starforge isn’t the name of an evil robot-manufacturing company, even though it sounds like one.

It’s instead a techno, bold, versatile sci-fi font that’s a natural multitasker.

Hopefully, the robot invasion will not happen in the next decade, but your design will surely be remembered for even a longer time with Starforge.

The typeface headlines organic curves with stylish, sharp edges and looks like something straight out of a customer-grade robot logo.

It’s designed with powerful OpenType features in mind, along with such nuances that aid in legibility and give it a harmonious science fiction appearance for headlines and texts.

Starforge includes cool uppercase lettering, basic punctuation, alternate character options, numbers, and multiple language support.

This robotic font is dynamite for commercial and personal designs of all types; games, augmented and virtual reality, and lots more.

The style, especially in smaller sizes, evokes digital text on LCD screens.

However, we understand that the industrial look of Starforge may not go well with casual or seasonal designs.

But if you’re looking for something that strictly follows the sci-fi theme, then this gem is what you need.

13. Debug

A glitch Sci-Fi Font

Meet Debug– a modern decorative font that embodies unwavering technique and futuristic flair.

The font originates from black history and is often considered an old but eccentric art form.

It involves thick, funky, and legible letters with the latest digital glitch effect.

Debug is an all-caps expressive typeface that comes with numerous alternates, punctuation, and symbols.

Its shaky and jagged style instantly caught our eye and helped us create high-definition projects that mesmerized the viewers.

The font has been around for a long time and is mainly used to represent defects and errors in any digital form of media.

We also found it suitable for album covers, blog headers, game titles, and other urban designs needing a contemporary ambiance.

Debug is equipped with advanced specs like multilingual support to cater to the needs of a manifold of designers.

Moreover, the font offers the utmost versatility by operating in OTF, TTF, WOFF, and WOFF2 formats.

However, the font could do better with some improvement in the customization department.

It contains only a single style, confining the artist’s creative approach to a certain extent.

Aside from that, it’s a trustworthy pick overall.

14. Pixel Bit

A pixel bit Sci-Fi Font

Exuding sophistication, charisma, and skill, Pixel Bit is the go-to option for all ultra-modern activities.

As the name suggests, the font makes use of a novel pixelated pattern but with a modern twist.

Its solid, geometric letterforms leave behind a matrix of shedding dots that looks equally appealing as the header and body of a project.

Our creative team was in awe of the five alternates included in its set.

These allowed us to choose the direction of the digital dot pixels between the top, bottom, right, left, and top bottom corners.

Pixel Bit’s dynamic aptness makes it great for all kinds of virtual simulations, labels, company monograms, product manuals, quotes, and merchandise.

Meanwhile, the dual file formats aid the installation process and ensure the font runs smoothly on most devices.

But the absence of multilingual characters made Pixel Bit inadequate for projects in other languages besides English.

So, as long as you are working on an English-based project, feel free to give Pixel Bit a download.

Its distinctive typography and thoughtful alternates will be a powerful designing tool for forward-looking works of art.

15. Primal

A primal Sci-Fi Font

Are you a classic science fiction or horror movie fan looking to create designs with a retro touch? If yes, be prepared to harken back to the good old times with our next pick.

Primal is a sans-serif web font that pays homage to the ancient dystopian fiction genre with its captivating specs.

It consists of attenuated letters, acute angles, and uncluttered presswork.

This neo-sci-fi font contains all-cap characters, numerals, and ligatures to realize your imagination and integrate it into your campaigns.

Toggling the caps lock letters also provides alternate versions of certain characters.

We enjoyed the wide spacing between the letterforms, which looks phenomenal as titles and headlines.

Primal also acts as a visual booster for science magazines, concert posters, space-themed video games, and other retro templates.

While its multilingual characters and extensive glyph collection offers praise-worthy versatility, there was still room for improvement in this department.

Primal consists of a single style and file format, which is sometimes not enough for inventive projects.

If this limitation can hinder the quality of your project, try swapping it with the Genflox font.

Otherwise, give Primal a green light and watch it churn out world-class designs!

16. Metropolia

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Whether you are working on space odysseys, robotic designs, or cyberpunk games, Metropolia is as good as any handwritten serif script can get.

The font contains attributes that make it hassle-free to use, even for an amateur artist.

Firstly, Metropolia has a simple installation process and guarantees to function on PC and Mac devices.

It is also compatible with popular design applications such as MS Word.

It has an intricate and glamorous style of lettering.

The font utilizes fine, polished line art to generate outlined, monospace characters.

Furthermore, it is available in a regular, semi-bold, and bold outlook.

Although Metropolia is marketed as a display font, our creative team was pleasantly surprised to find that it contains upper and lower case letters.

The all-caps display has an uncomplicated structure compared to the extra strokes on its lowercase letters.

The geometric, experimental typography was explicitly developed for space shuttles, start-up logos and signages but expanded its use to infinite artistic possibilities.

Metropolia has earned our respect by excelling in all aspects and has proven to be a solid choice during our creative venture.

Just use the font with well-complemented backgrounds to ensure its enigmatic lines are easy to read and understand.

17. Olympus

A sans serif Sci-Fi Font

Next up, we have another techno typeface that amplifies the graphic powers and attracts a broader audience.

Olympus, taken from Greek mythology, is a term that symbolizes strong aspirations and determination.

This sans-serif typeface takes after its authentic meaning and fills a blank canvas with vibrant colors, purpose, and futuristic elements.

It is characterized by geometric lines, mechanical edges, and striking figures.

The font has a user-friendly installation process along with OTF and TTF compatibility.

This allows Olympus to operate on both Android and iOS systems.

Like mixing dual case letters to portray a quirky, eccentric attitude? Do this with the case-sensitive letters, glyphs, and ligatures that serve as essential tools while bringing your vision to life.

Another thing we liked about this font was its PUA-encoded characters that are accessible with and without platforms such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

They also have support for varying accents and stylish alternates.

It is perfect for logotypes, rock bands, youtube thumbnails, and blueprint labeling.

But, we also noticed that Olympus looked slightly off-putting and overcrowded on minimalistic designs.

  Regardless, Olympus is the fitting choice for all progressive, no-nonsense advanced art pieces.

18. Supernova

A minimal display Sci-Fi Font

Turn your plain vanilla designs into innovative masterpieces with the Supernova typeface! Combining modernism and minimalism, this sans-serif script blew us away with its revolutionary visuals.

Supernova uses intricate, thin, and smooth lines to create a neat and sleek typographic style.

The font features standard characters, including dual-case letters and popular symbols.

It is also offered in three basic yet versatile styles-light, regular, and bold, that look excellent and readable on most design themes.

Besides its three weights, Supernova also contains glyphs for upper and lowercase letters.

These provide the designers with a ton of alternates to polish their projects with.

Meanwhile, its support for multiple accents opens a portal for designers all around the globe.

We used this modern, dynamic typeface for tech-related flyers, sci-fi movie posters, astronomy projects, space-themed video games, magazines, and other mundane designs that needed something to blow life into them.

Supernova works flawlessly on desktops and as a web font to level up the visuals of any artwork right away.

Just make sure to use it with a well-contrasting background, as the slender lines easily blend into the surroundings.

19. Megabeat

A futuristic display Sci-Fi Font

Offbeat, hi-fi, and retro, Megabeat is a legendary typeface designed to create magical fictional realms for sci-fi video games and movies.

This font is the byproduct of mixing retro grooviness with mecha visuals.

It comprises bold, chunky letterforms, serrated edges, and mechanical elements.

Moreover, the generous 222 glyph library offers an extensive collection of stylistic alternates and ligatures to incorporate your own identity into your projects.

Megabeat is a perfect visual representation of a retro-futuristic mindset and an ideal choice for all high-tech ideas.

We loved using it for vintage illustrations, arcade machines, vehicle designs, album covers, video games, logos, and anything else that correlates with automation.

With support for over sixty Latin-based languages, Megabeat makes one of the most reliable companions for international graphic designers.

To add to its versatility, the font is compatible with multiple formats and Mac and PC devices.

While our creative team would have loved the inclusion of lowercase letters in its package, it is safe to say that Megabeat works as a visual enhancer in all contexts.

20. Boge

A modern Sci-Fi Font

Superficially, Boge may seem all business, but look into it, and you will come across its originality and potential that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It is a sophisticated typeface with thick characters and smooth corners.

Boge creates a pulsing effect on its reader, all thanks to its oblique lettering.

Despite being crafted as a display font, we were surprised to see that Boge contains both upper and lowercase letters.

Also included are special ligatures that add a refreshing burst of energy to any project.

From racing matches and automobile designs to astrology charts and logos, this font goes well with all forms of artistry.

It also supports most Western Europe languages to encourage native and non-native designers to test out its glorious specs.

The only thing we didn’t like about Boge was its availability in only one style.

The font falls short in terms of personalization and might look out of place on certain themes.

But if you think that the singular, modern outlook of Boge is more than enough for you, then take it out for a test drive and prepare to be wooed by its irresistible personality.

21. Exodar

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Have you always felt drawn towards the moon and tried to incorporate its dreamy beauty into your campaigns? If yes, then let’s talk about the most reliable tool for carrying out this task.

Exodar is an elegantly crafted modern typeface by Rometheme Studios.

It is composed of contemporary linear elements with wide spacing between the letterforms.

The font has a distinctive, stylish design and readable characteristics.

Our experience with Exodar has been nothing short of perfection.

We found the font super easy to use on all devices; kudos to its OTF, TTF, and WOFF file compatibility.

It includes upper case letters, numerals, special characters, and commonly used symbols.

What’s great about Exodar is that it doesn’t require special software to access the bonus characters.

The font stays functional on all platforms, including MS Word, and works to spice up the graphics of digital posters, apparel, watermarks, photography, and business cards.

This two-style font also includes a hollow outline to compliment dark, solid backgrounds.

While Exodar excels in all domains, remember that this is an all-caps font strictly for use as headings only.

For longer paragraphs, opt for alternates like Kernel Core instead.

22. Networld

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Step into the world of networking and computing with the trendsetting Networld typeface.

Designed by the PutraCetol studios, Networld combines neat, symmetrical lines connected to resemble an actual network topology.

The font uses a low poly structure that is in high demand by creative specialists right now.

This display font has all standard characters and a vast collection of unique symbols.

Moreover, it supports the three file formats and works on both Windows and Mac devices.

We were particularly impressed by the complex and compelling details of Networld, which caught the attention of every onlooker.

The 116 glyph panel offers an ample collection of ligatures and alternates to help your ideas flourish.

The font is adaptable with countless designs and looks ravishing on video games, robotic projects, sci-fi movie posters, inventive company logos, and merchandise.

However, our design team had some concerns about its readability.

No matter how glamorous it looks, Networld’s complicated line art is difficult to decipher at first, impacting the readability of the project.

But don’t worry; you can easily avoid this by testing the font beforehand and using it in darker, contrasting shades.

23. Trixie

A layered Sci-Fi Font

Peak a glance at what the future beholds for the technological industry with our next upbeat typeface.

Drizy proudly presents Trixie, an exclusive multilayered script way ahead of its time, which teleports its readers to the forthcoming period.

The font features condensed, geometric letterforms polished with the splendid multiply effect.

We instantly became fans of Trixie’s included stylistic family.

The font contains a shadow, regular, line light, and completed layer version.

These discrete styles go with differing project themes, providing a little something to every user.

Additionally, Trixie contains a noteworthy flyer, voucher template, and a bonus icon pack.

These extras expand the accessible creative options and are ready to help every designer take off smoothly on their artistic venture.

Our design experts used Trixie for social media advertising, merchandise printing, simulative video games, and pictograms and were pleased with the results.

The font also comes with multilingual letters to fulfill the creative needs of people across the globe.

Conversely, the font does not pair well with somber business proposals and other formal projects.

The Bropotic typeface would be a better match in such cases.

24. Mars Wars

A multilingual Sci-Fi Font

Staying true to its name, Mars Wars is a futuristic typeface heavily inspired by the ongoing Mars exploration.

With its bold, symmetric characters and soft angles, the font is the perfect rendition of the digital times.

This sans-serif script succeeds in combining cosmic illustrations with technical aspects and amplifying the reader’s intrigue and interest.

Along with dual-case characters, numerals, and symbols, we appreciated Mars Wars’ ligatures.

The generous 492 glyph count and Latin and Cyrillic characters allowed us to explore a vast collection of stylistic alternates and ligatures for a tailor-made project design.

Further on, the font has a multilingual approach to more than eighty languages, including German, Spanish, Turkish, and Dutch, and a regular and bold version.

Mars Wars is well suited with automotive designs, book covers, website headers, and other inspiring forward-looking artworks.

However, due to its support for advanced OpenType features, we found this font slightly challenging to use.

But, with the right amount of time, attention, and skill, you can master the use of Mars Wars and watch it launch your ordinary models high up in the sky!

25. Voltec

A futuristic Sci-Fi Font

Looking for a vintage sci-fi font that accurately captures the essence of the 80s cyberpunk era? Your hunt ends here, as the Voltec typeface has got you covered.

This retro font is specially crafted to bring a gush of nostalgia to your designs.

It uses sharp, angular, and alluring typography to achieve this goal.

Meanwhile, the gradient, neon lights, and cityscapes transport the reader into a world of magic and colors.

While its outstanding display initially drew us in, Voltec’s multifunctionality made us stay.

The font offers support for many accents and works flawlessly with advertising space adventures, sci-fi ebooks, signboards, and anime that take place in another dimension.

On the flip side, one shortcoming of Voltec is its unavailability of OpenType features.

If you are willing to trade off the stylistic alternates and kerning capabilities in return for stunning tech visuals, you need to get your hands on Voltec.

Best Sci-Fi Fonts- The Takeaway This article showcased the best sci-fi fonts to give your futuristic and space designs an authentic feel.

These typefaces exude a sense of superiority and technological advancement.

Most are ideal for display and titles you wish to stand out.

Find the right match for your project, play around with its features, and effortlessly create the most beautiful, hyper-realistic designs to ever exist.

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