Set Goals. Commit. Follow Through.

Set Goals. Commit. Follow Through.

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I’d never run 14km in my life, nor is it any grand achievement, but I’ve always been the fast, sprinter type so I always avoided these longer races.

They just seemed unreachable, but with a little community encouragement, I signed up to give the City2Surf in Sydney a go.

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They call it the world’s biggest fun run, with 70,000+ runners running from Sydney City to Bondi Beach. Yesterday, I started side by side with thousands of other punters, and after a slow walking start ended up in a jog and I kept at that pace the whole time, even up the notorious “Heartbreak Hill”. I knew if I stopped, it would send me backwards, so I just kept going and after 78 minutes, blisters & sore legs in tow, I finally crossed the finish line… without any training. And had a ton of fun too!

The reason I share this is because, achieving your goals is all about MINDSET. Committing and following through till the end. You JUST do it. 😉 Right?! Even without training, you set your goals, commit and follow through.

The only way to fail is to quit and if you don’t quit, you don’t fail.

And once you finish one long run, you can see tackle the next! A half marathon doesn’t seem so unachievable once you’ve tackled 14km.

The same goes with business, once you’ve got your first client for $500, a $1000 project doesn’t seem so out of reach. Got a $1000 project? Why not $5000? $50,000? The more you experience, the more you learn and the more confidence you get!

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Set Goals. Commit. Follow Through.

JUST Commit!

Jacob Cass City2Surf 2019

4 thoughts on “Set Goals. Commit. Follow Through.”

  1. Yes I agree confidence is built through experience and thats either through failing or achieving. In my experience you learn more through losing. Thanks for the great article.

  2. I like the comparison of running and business. They are both about not quitting. Just just have to start and push yourself. The more you commit yourself to pushing through the hurt or hard times the easier it gets and success is inevitable.

  3. Thanks so much Jacob! What you have shared is not only because you are proudly of the success you achieved but it’s because you care and need others to be SUCCESSFUL! Iwill not quit.

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