[Masterclass] How to Become a Six Figure Brand Consultant: Secrets of Retainers & Positioning with Matt Davies

Price: $199.00

Create more value and sell retainer packages that can help you scale as a consultant.

  • Become a Six Figure Brand Consultant
  • 2.5 Hour Exclusive Workshop
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Are you:

  • Sick of the “feast or famine” lifestyle?
  • Frustrated by having the pressure of chasing down new work all the time?
  • Tired of clients who seem to have all the power?

We feel you.

Creating financial stability is an essential priority for any business that wants to grow. But how do you go about doing this?

In this session you’ll learn the secrets from someone who has tried, tested (and failed!) many different revenue models – but has now cracked the code as an in demand consultant.

Matt Davies will be drawing on his experience to share ideas, tools, inspiration and tips. He’ll be revealing his business model, mindset and methodology – helping to close the gap between “theory” and the realities of getting a buyer to pay you handsomely for the work you do.

So – do you want to level your creative business up? This is the session for you.

What we’ll cover:

  • How and why you should focus on creating value
  • Ways to scale an grow your practice
  • Why consulting can help you build financial stability
  • Positioning your offering for retainers
  • How to write proposals and close retainer deals that sell value not time
  • What to include in your retainers
  • Any related questions you have in an interactive Q and A session

The Transformation

After attending you’ll leave with new ideas on how you can create more value and sell retainer packages that can help you scale.

About The Speaker

Our speaker is the author and business brand consultant Matt Davies, and co-host of the JUST Branding Podcast. Matt helps businesses align around their brand strategy to create more meaningful customer and employee experiences – he uses principles of storytelling to do this. He has over twenty years experience working with businesses of all shapes and sizes from start-ups through to household names like Nestlé, Virgin, Capital One, Boots, Experian, Microsoft, Nikon and Specsavers – both in the UK and across the globe. Matt has been listed as a ‘Top 50 UK Advisor’ and a ‘Top 5 advisor’ in the ‘Branding & Design Category’ by Enterprise Nation for the last three consecutive years. He has appeared in the media to give brand advice for the BBC and LBC. He is a certified Level-C Brand Specialist and is the author of “Storyategy – Unlock the power of your brand with a story based branding strategy”. Matt is a frequent public speaker, writer and thought-leader in areas on branding, creativity, design thinking, innovation, storytelling and marketing. Find out more on his website: mrmattdavies.me

Matt has a background as a designer but moved into brand strategy many years ago. He’s worked in creative agencies, founded and run his own design agency for nearly 10 years before selling it, helped run other large digital marketing businesses, worked in house but now works solo as a brand consultant.

It’s taken Matt 10 years to get his beard to a stage he’s happy with. And about the same time to hone his skills in empathy, facilitation, comms & strategising.


2.25 hours


Interactive Zoom Workshop Replay

What is the Exponential Creatives® Master Series?

The Exponential Creatives® Master Series brings you accomplished practitioners to deep-dive into different topics to fuel your growth in a live interactive workshop environment.

These bespoke workshops have been designed exclusively for Exponential Creatives® with a special focus on the practical, hands-on experience you need to advance your career. Immerse yourself and grow exponentially.

Workshops are hosted by Jacob Cass, founder of JUST Creative & Exponential Creatives.


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