[Masterclass] How to Get High-Value Clients: An 8 Step System with Stephen Houraghan

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Learn how to find, engage, attract and convert high-value clients every month like clockwork.

  • Clearly Defined 8-Step Selling Machine
  • 2.5 Hour Exclusive Workshop
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Are you:

  • Worried about where your next client will come from?
  • Confused about how to attract strategy clients?
  • Frustrated by your marketing efforts?

Here’s the thing…

Most branding service providers are in the same boat. Why?

Well, the market for branding services has never been as competitive as it is today. It’s flooded with low-cost operators who over-promise as well as misinformed prospects with unrealistic expectations.

On top of that, most freelancers and agencies have little to no strategy to first find, then engage, then attract and then convert prospects into new clients.

But here’s the secret…

Business leaders are shifting their perspective and understand the importance of brand today more that ever.

Many already know they need a strategy while the masses simply need a little more guidance.

When you have a tried and tested system to find, engage, attract and convert prospects into high-value clients, the outlook of the market is of abundance, not scarcity.

In this session, you’ll learn the secrets to this 8-Step Selling Engine and how to integrate it into your business so you can flood your agency with new clients and finally achieve the scale you’ve been working towards.

What we’ll cover:

  1. How To Use Strategy To Sell Strategy & Other Services
  2. How And Where To Find Your Dream Clients
  3. The 8-Steps Of The Selling Machine
  4. The 3 Stages (And Strategies) Of Client Engagement
  5. How To Build And Effective Brand Base
  6. How To Entice The First Transaction
  7. How To Use The Attraction Trifecta Technique
  8. How To Seduce With Opportunity And Generosity
  9. How To Get Them To Go All-In
  10. How To Increase Revenue With Long-Term Clients
  11. And Much More…

The Transformation

After attending this Master Series Session, you’ll learn high-level strategies and the applicable techniques you need to apply your learning immediately.

You’ll leave with a clearly defined 8-Step Selling Machine empowering you to find, engage, attract and convert prospects into clients with a step-by-step system.

About The Speaker

Our speaker is Stephen Houraghan, a freelance designer turned brand strategist and the CEO and Founder of Brand Master Academy and the host of The Brand Master Podcast.

Stephen helps branding professionals and entrepreneurs to build brands beyond visuals using strategy and communication frameworks.

He has an extensive 15+ year business background across economics, marketing and brand strategy working with start-ups to global brands and has used this experience to develop proprietary business and branding systems for branding professionals and business leaders.

Today he shares these proprietary systems, knowledge, and experience in business, branding and marketing to tens of thousands of students and followers through The Brand Master Academy Programs, The Brand Master Podcast, The Academy Youtube channel and the growing Brand Strategy Community.

He also shares his ideas on branding and marketing for publications such as Hubspot, Marketo, Creative Bloq, Design Taxi and has appeared on industry podcasts such as Just Branding, Brand Design Masters, Logo Geek and Brand Tuned.

Stephen has helped countless students to transform their businesses and multiply their revenues using brand strategy through the systems, processes, and tools he provides through his teaching and programs.


~2.5 hours

What is the Exponential Creatives® Master Series?

The Exponential Creatives® Master Series brings you accomplished practitioners to deep-dive into different topics to fuel your growth in a live interactive workshop environment.

These bespoke workshops have been designed exclusively for Exponential Creatives® with a special focus on the practical, hands-on experience you need to advance your career. Immerse yourself and grow exponentially.

Workshops are hosted by Jacob Cass, founder of JUST Creative & Exponential Creatives.


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