Simple Engagement

Simple Engagement

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Cosmopolitan Vegas

A quick post showing an example of how simple it is to engage with potential customers via Twitter in the hope of new business leads. I recently tweeted:

“So what hotel shall I stay at in Vegas?”.

Within a few minutes I had about 15 recommendations come in from various users. One from Rob Blasco said:

“I’d recommend The Hotel at Mandalay Bay (Suites), Venetian / Palazzo (Classic), or @Cosmopolitan_LV (Hip / Trendy).

Within 2 minutes, I had received a new tweet from The Cosmopolitan Hotel (@Cosmopolitan_LV) that said:

“Thanks Rob! CC: @justcreative Jacob, Check out our videos of rooms, art, and more: “

This tweet got my attention as they went the extra mile by finding out my name, thanking the sender of the recommendation and providing further information on their establishment. I checked out their newly opened hotel, read some reviews & was hooked.

Guess where I’m staying in Vegas this Spring.

Commendation goes to the @WynnLasVegas for coming in with a tweet 12 hours after my initial tweet:

“Stay with us! DM your contact information and a specialist will be in touch with rates if you’d like. ^JB”

11 hours too late, but better than nothing.

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13 thoughts on “Simple Engagement”

  1. I had a similar experience with, of all places, U-Haul. I needed to rent a truck and used my phone to check their site for pricing. I was surprised to find that they had a really good mobile web site, so much so that I tweeted about it. The person behind the U-Haul twitter account actually responded and said thank you! I frequently use my experience as an example to show how a company can really personalize and connect with their customers through social media. Something as simple as a hashtag search for your company’s name can work wonders for PR.

  2. I haven’t had a look at Twitter yet? I thought Facebook was dominating the web, but I hear more and more about Twitter, so I better do it soon..

    Cool blog, I like your layout!

  3. Just got back today from a 5 day crush fest in Vegas… all of the hotels mentioned certainly have unique things to offer.

    The Cosmo is an amazing place…saw the Black Keys play their this past sunday. Be sure to save time for the roof-top pool!

  4. When will you be in Vegas? I ‘ll be in Vegas between April 6-8 with my family, too. I got a good deal from MGM Grand. Really love to see you jacob if you will be there between those day haha. Anyway, have a great time and good luck with the games!

  5. Matt,
    It’s great to see brands using Twitter in such a positive way. Customer service is always a winner.

    Thanks re my blog layout. As for Twitter, I certainly recommend it, but be warned it can get addictive.

    Will def be on the rooftop pool! I’ll be seeing Black Keys at the Coachella festival coming up! Look forward to it!

    Mid April, just after you! Enjoy your time at the Grand! G’luck too!

  6. do you really think that twitter can do this kind of help for our blogs.I have not experience this yet but i just read about tons of responses from facebook but i think i should now consider twitter as well.Thankx for sharing your experience.

  7. I had actually stayed away from twitter because I thought it was full of people talking about their last cup of coffee, lol, but looks like it might be a handy place to revisit – any business tool is helpful on the internet especially in a competitive field like graphic design or logos 🙂

  8. I once tweeted about a stomachache after grabbing some New York Fries, a Canadian (yes, really) fast-food poutine chain. within a few hours, I got a reply from someone in PR, apologizing and asking for details and escalating it to the manager of that particular establishment.

    Its interesting to say the least, to see companies taking this sort of interest, even if its just one concern from a regular customer. Man I could go for a poutine right about now.

  9. Yes..thats true twitter will increase you hit rate also will give you potential customers. You need be in touch with people and post lot of content per day. I am sure you will notice wonderful changes in traffic and you will also get good customers and their friends to follow you.

  10. Informative to know things like that happen. Web marketing 2.0, one step ahead of their competition in promoting the business.

  11. I hadn’t have a look at Twitter yet.
    I had actually stayed away from twitter because I thought it was full of people talking about their last cup of coffee.But now I will try it. Thanks for your suggestion.

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