20+ Slick Slime Fonts for Icky Designs

20+ Slick Slime Fonts for Icky Designs

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Slime Fonts are the perfect choice for those seeking to infuse their creations with a distinctive icky dripping flair.

From vibrant and bold letterforms that dance with infectious energy to fluid and gooey typefaces that effortlessly blend into any composition, this remarkable collection has something to offer for every creative vision.

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Each font has been carefully selected to evoke the unique qualities of slime, from its vibrant colors to its captivating textures.

Embrace the delightful unpredictability of slime as it merges with the structured world of typography, resulting in a visually stunning fusion that will leave a lasting impression to set you apart from the competitors.

Whether you’re an experienced designer or a budding artist, these fonts will infuse your artwork with an irresistible charm that is sure to captivate hearts and minds of the readers.

Let your designs ooze with creativity and watch as they come alive with a captivating edge.

20+ Best Slime Fonts Overview

  1. Gloober
  2. Slime Yogurt
  3. Slime
  4. Stinky Slime
  5. Blood Slime
  6. Gummy Mucus
  7. Brain Melt
  8. Apple & Peach
  9. Monstarize
  10. Gummy Bear
  11. Toxic Slime
  12. Psymorph
  13. Slime Candy
  14. Slurm
  15. Flying Slime
  16. Closer
  17. SLIME
  18. Slimer
  19. Monstrocity
  20. Toxic

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20+ Best Slime Fonts for Icky Designs

1. Gloober

A unique display slime font

Gloober is an extraordinary typeface that oozes with playful charm. It is a must-have for projects that aim to capture a fun and whimsical vibe.

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This typeface brings a unique and gooey aesthetic to the table, making it an ideal choice for children’s books, party invitations, and playful branding projects.

We love how its quirky and bubbly appearance adds a touch of delight and excitement to any design.

We liked how Gloober conveys a sense of adventure and imagination.

When creating a poster for a science fiction event or designing a logo for a gaming company, its fluid and organic shapes transport viewers to a world of fantasy and wonder.

The versatility of this typeface shines through in digital media as well.

It injects a dose of fun into social media posts, website headers, and online advertisements, making them visually engaging and captivating for audiences of all ages.

As for the other side of the picture, it is important to note that Gloober’s slime font style may not be suitable for projects that require a more formal or serious tone.

In those cases, you might consider using a font like Quixote.

Quixote exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a great alternative for projects that demand a refined aesthetic.

2. Slime Yogurt

A handwritten slime font

Slime Yogurt is a versatile font that brings a unique twist to your projects.

With its gooey appearance, it adds a touch of playfulness to any creative endeavor.

Firstly, we liked the multilingual support feature of this typeface.

This means that you can use this font to create designs in various languages, allowing you to reach a global audience with ease.

Extending from a menu for a continental restaurant to creating international packaging, Slime Yogurt has got you covered.

In addition, Slime Yogurt offers a range of special features and symbols.

From vibrant ligatures to decorative swashes and glyphs, this font allows you to add extra flair and personality to your designs.

It’s perfect for creating eye-catching headlines, playful logos, or unique social media graphics.

We loved how it comes in various file formats, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of design software.

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Whether you’re using Adobe Photoshop,

Illustrator, or InDesign, you can easily incorporate Slime Yogurt into your workflow.

The font files are available in TTF (TrueType) and OTF (OpenType) formats, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, no additional software is needed to use Slime Yogurt. Simply install the font on your computer or device, and you’re ready to unleash its goodness in your designs.

This typeface is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, allowing you to work seamlessly across different platforms.

3. Slime

A creative brush and svg script slime font

Slime SVG Script Font is an innovative typeface that adds a unique touch to your creations.

This font stands out from the crowd with its dynamic and lifelike appearance, as it is created using SVG technology.

One of the key features of this typeface which stood out to us is its realistic and fluid texture.

The letters have a three-dimensional quality, resembling actual slime that seems to be dripping and flowing off the page.

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This gives your designs an organic and playful vibe, making them visually engaging and attention-grabbing.

Moving on, we loved Slime’s versatility. It can be used for a wide range of design purposes, such as branding, packaging, posters, and more. Its handcrafted look adds a personal and artistic feel to your art, allowing you to evoke a sense of creativity and imagination.

This typeface supports various file formats, including SVG, TTF, and OTF, ensuring compatibility with popular design softwares.

This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate the font into your preferred workflow.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to consider that due to its distinctive style, Slime SVG Script Font may not be suitable for every design project.

It is best suited for designs that aim to convey a quirky or unconventional aesthetic.

If you require a more classic or traditional look, you may consider a different version, Slime.

4. Stinky Slime

A dripping Halloween slime font

Stinky Slime exudes a unique aura.

This font adds an intriguing and distinct touch to your designs, embracing the unorthodox nature of slime.

The characteristic of Stinky Slime we liked the most is its offbeat appearance.

The letters carry an edgy and gritty vibe, reminiscent of something out of the ordinary.

This typeface is perfect for projects that seek to convey a rebellious or alternative aesthetic, adding a touch of unconventional charm.

Additionally, from twisted and distorted characters to unusual and eye-catching ligatures, we like how this font provides you with a versatile palette to create visually striking compositions.

With multiple file formats available, such as TTF and OTF, Stinky Slime ensures compatibility with various software applications.

It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

While this typeface is overall a good option for those looking to experiment with out-of-the-box aesthetics, a word of caution is necessary with this one.

When testing it out, we did not like how the abundant use of bulky characters with wobbly borders gave off a tacky look.

Therefore, using Stinky Slime in moderation is the key!

5. Blood Slime

A decorative display slime font

Blood Slime is a font that drips with dark and intriguing allure.

It is skilfully designed to add a touch of macabre and mystery to your creations.
The most striking feature of Blood Slime is its eerie and unsettling appearance.

We loved how the letters are reminiscent of dripping blood, evoking a sense of horror and fascination.

This font is perfect for projects that aim to create a sinister or Gothic atmosphere, such as Halloween-themed designs, horror movie posters, or dark fantasy book covers.

Blood Slime also offers captivating symbols and glyphs. From jagged edges to stylized splatters and drops, these elements further enhance the font’s dark and mysterious aesthetic.

With these additional design elements, you can create visually arresting compositions that draw in viewers. We used

Blood Slime for digital graphics, print materials, and web elements; it delivered a fine quality on all facets.

Also, this typeface offers multilingual support and is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, making it accessible for designers from all backgrounds.

While Blood Slime excels in designs that embrace the dark and sinister, it may not be suitable for projects that require a more light-hearted and cheerful aesthetic. For those, you may try Busy Bee.

6. Gummy Mucus

A sticky display slime font

Next in line is Gummy Mucus, a font that combines the sticky texture with a playful twist.

This typeface adds an unconventional touch to your projects, capturing the quirky essence of gummy mucus.

We liked this font’s gooey and elastic appearance.

The letters are crafted to resemble gummy substances, with a mucus-like texture that adds an intriguing and unexpected element to your designs.

This font is perfect for projects that aim to evoke a sense of whimsy and novelty.

For curating a quirky logo, crafting witty quotes, designing attention-grabbing posters, or even conceptualizing packaging or branding concepts, this typeface is the perfect companion.

Its playful and distinct character injects a burst of liveliness into your designs, setting them apart from the competitors.

On the flip side, it’s worth noting that due to its unconventional style, Gummy Mucus may not be the most suitable option for formal or professional designs that require a polished and refined appearance.

We did not like that legibility can be a challenge at smaller sizes, as the font’s personality shines brightest in larger display formats.

7. Brain Melt

A layered fancy horror slime typeface

Enter the world of Brain Melt, a font that defies conventions and penetrates the limits of typographic design. With its mesmerizing appearance, Brain Melt takes your creative projects to another level.

Needless to say, this typeface beautifully adorns psychedelic album covers, mind-bending visuals, and thought-provoking experimental art.

We loved Brain Melt’s ability to evoke a sense of cognitive dissonance.

The distorted and fluid letterforms create an illusionary effect, giving the impression that the text is melting or morphing before your eyes.

This unique characteristic adds an element of surprise and intrigue to your designs, making them stand out and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Besides that, we liked that this typeface is available in a range of file formats including TTF, WOFF, and OTF making sure the compatibility with various design software and platforms.

You can easily integrate it into your creative workflow without any hassle.

To further maximize your experience with this font, it is recommended to use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

However, we did not like the fact that this typeface lacks multilingual support, thereby not accommodating non-English speakers and limiting its users.

Overall, Brain Melt is an excellent font for those who want to experiment fearlessly with their creations. So let it be your creative muse and watch as your designs come to life in ways that will leave viewers in awe!

8. Apple & Peach

All CAPS and Bold style slime font

In Apple & Peach, quirkiness meets irresistible charm in typographic form. This unique font draws inspiration from sweet and sensational apple and peach slime, capturing its mesmerizing aura.

With its distinctive design and versatile application, Apple & Peach adds a touch of delight to any design project.

We liked how, like fruity slime, this font effortlessly molds itself into attractive wordmarks, attention-grabbing headlines, or intriguing packaging designs.

Our team had the honour of using Apple & Peach for crafting whimsical invitations, magazine covers, and social media graphics, and it is safe to say that it makes your creations a treat for the eyes.

This versatile typeface is not limited to projects that demand a traditional or serious aesthetic.

Apple & Peach excels in designs that seek to capture a sense of curiosity and playfulness.

That being said, it will be unfair not to mention the shortcoming of this font; we did not like the excessive uneven silhouette of this typeface which makes the design appear too rough or unrefined.

Therefore, we recommend using it for titles and headlines rather than the extended body text.

For the latter, you may consider Chill Blood.

9. Monstarize

Monster display slime font

Characterized by the active and dynamic nature of slime, Monstarize immerses you in an energizing typographic experience.

With its curly design and broad application, this typeface adds a touch of intrigue and playfulness to a spectrum of artwork.

We liked how Monstarize gives an illusion of oozing and free flow in your writing, its letterforms taking on the curvaceous quality of slime.

This font effectively elevates titles, logos, social media graphics, and thumbnails.

Monstarize offers a variety of file formats and compatibility with various linguistic elements including numbers, punctuation, and PUA encoded characters.

It works on both Windows and Mac, making it accessible to a large global customer base.

So, whether you’re creating captivating book covers, designing quirky branding, or adding a touch of magic to your illustrations, Monstarize is your best friend.

10. Gummy Bear

A Bold and all caps slime font

Step into a world of delectable treats with Gummy Bear, a typeface that will satisfy your creative cravings with slimy sweetness.

Reminding you of the mouthwatering gummy bear candies, this font encapsulates their soft, jelly-like texture in its letters.

We liked how Gummy Bear seems to bounce off the paper, its letterforms echoing the squishy and vibrant nature of sweet, scented slime.

Like a tantalizing treat, this font transforms your words into eye-catching display text, enticing headlines, book covers, and party posters.

Another feature that impressed us is that this versatile typeface is not limited to projects that demand a laid-back aesthetic; it is perfect for children’s creations, be they playful logos, toy packaging, youtube thumbnails, or poem titles.

Gummy Bear does not require any additional software, making it beginner-friendly and further adding to the customers’ convenience.

On the contrary, it is a key point to mention that this font is primarily targeted to a younger audience and may not be the best choice for professional, corporate projects.

11. Toxic Slime

A unique slime font

Prepare to dive into the eerie world of Toxic Slime, a font that oozes with an unsettling allure.

With its slimy and dripping appearance, Toxic Slime brings an oddly pleasing aesthetic to your designs.

You talk about horror-themed graphics, creepy holiday invitations, dark and mysterious album covers, or any other creative form, it is the perfect choice to develop an atmosphere of spine-chilling fascination across diverse genres.

The standout feature of Toxic Slime is its distinctive gooey texture.

We liked how the letters appear as if they were formed from a toxic substance, with drips and globs accentuating their wicked nature.

This typeface certainly leaves an indelible impression that lingers long after it has been seen.
Be it designing for print or digital mediums, Toxic Slime offers the versatility you need to bring your chilling visions to life.

In order to fully explore the artistic characteristics of this typeface, we recommend design softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

With their advanced typographic features and tools, you can manipulate the dripping effects, play with layering, and create customized compositions that amplify the font’s eerie charm.

Just like the coin reads two sides, it is substantial to note that Toxic Slime’s informal appearance may limit its usability for certain projects.

We did not like that it has limited potential in corporate settings and professional domain.

12. Psymorph

A creative handcrafted slime font

Psymorph is a perfect font to push the boundaries of design and take your projects into the realm of the extraordinary.

With its futuristic appearance, it brings a sense of innovation and cutting-edge aesthetics to your artistic endeavors.

We tested it and were impressed by how well it performed for designing tech-inspired logo, captivating headlines, and striking posters; Psymorph is the perfect choice to make a bold statement.

The feature of Psymorph we liked the best is its unique and solid construction.

The font’s messy lines and geometric shapes give it a sense of strength and flexibility, making it ideal for projects that require a solid yet creative foundation.

We also appreciate how this font can seamlessly adapt to various design applications, from digital interfaces to print materials.

Its crisp and well-defined letterforms ensure that your message remains impactful, even in complex layouts or visually crowded composition of your design.

Not to mention that legibility poses a challenge with Psymorph, especially in smaller sizes or when used for lengthy paragraphs of text.

We did not like that the font’s intricate design may sacrifice readability in favor of its visually captivating aesthetics.

Therefore, it is best suited for highlight purposes, where its striking presence can make a strong visual impact.

Like many other typefaces on the list, Psymorph also comes with multiple file formats and linguistic features compatibility to ensure sky is the limit to your creativity!

13. Slime Candy

A monoline handwritten slime font

Next on our list is Slime Candy, a font that brings a burst of vibrant elegance to your design projects.

With its sleek letters, Slime Candy adds a sugary touch to any creation.

It is a great choice to induce a sense of joy and enchantment to children’s book illustrations, colorful candy packaging, and party invitations.

We liked Slime Candy’s eye-catching design.

The letters appear to be made from the combo of pink and purple slime, swirling with sugary delight, instantly capturing the attention of the viewers.

It is pertinent to note that Slime Candy’s soft nature shines brightest in contexts that embrace creativity, imagination, and a touch of childlike wonder, rather than a serious tone.

Therefore, it is best suited for designs targeting a younger audience, or for projects that seek to evoke a sense of light-heartedness.

But bear in mind that Slime Candy has limited usability due to the absence of additional functions like symbols, ligature, and multilingual support, unlike multiple other fonts on our list.

14. Slurm

ALL caps slime font

Take a sip from the fountain of nostalgia with Slurm, a font that embodies the vigorous spirit of the past. With its bubbly and energetic appearance, Slurm brings charm to your art.

We loved how the letters of this typeface exude a sense of fizz and effervescence, as if they were carbonated and ready to burst with excitement.

This distinctive characteristic instantly transports viewers to a bygone era of neon lights, roller discos, and funky dance floors.

From vintage-inspired logos and groovy posters to festive invitations, Slurm is the perfect choice to infuse your creations with a sense of fun and nostalgia.

Moreover, we like that this font also supports popular formats such as OTF and TTF, allowing for seamless integration into your workspace.

You can play with letter spacing, experiment with color combinations, and create captivating compositions to uplift your creations.

Our only concern with Slurm is that its casual style may not be the best choice for projects that require a more sophisticated aesthetic.

It rocks the best in contexts that embrace dynamism and bold flair.

We did not like that this typeface is relatively expensive and may not be affordable to some users with all its styles and formats.

Therefore, we recommend that you evaluate your options before investing.

15. Flying Slime

A Tokopress' slime font

Next on our list is Flying Slime, an electrifying font to take your design projects to new heights of adventure.

This font brings a dynamic touch to your creations, effectively capturing the essence of airborne slime.

We loved Flying Slime’s energetic and animated appearance.

The letters seem to defy gravity, floating and soaring across the page.

It is perfect for projects that require a sense of motion and excitement, such as children’s books, gaming logos, or event posters.

We also liked that this typeface is compatible with special forms like numbers and punctuation, in addition to the standard alphabet, which further enhances its appeal for the user.

From charming flying creatures to swirling trails and ornaments, Flying Slime provides you with a toolkit of visual elements to elevate your designs.

Although Flying Slime is an ideal font for projects that embrace whimsy and adventure, we do not recommend it for professional designs that require a more conservative aesthetic.

In such cases, you may want to give Genty a try.

16. Closer

A hand drawn slime font

Closer is a slime display font that effortlessly blends quirkiness with modern sophistication, bringing a stylish aesthetic to your designs. From high-end branding and editorial layouts to brochures, Closer is the perfect choice to elevate your creations with its timeless appeal.

We liked how this font strikes a delicate balance between slimy informality and contemporary refinement, embodying a sense of understated fashion.

The curvy yet clean lines and balanced proportions make this typeface suitable for a wide range of design applications.

It is an ideal option for writing headlines, body text, or intricate typographic compositions, adding a touch of sophistication that resonates with discerning audiences.

Furthermore, we found that Closer is designed with versatility in mind, allowing it to seamlessly adapt whenever required.

We like the fact that this font is available in a range of weights and styles, offering flexibility and creative freedom.

From delicate thin variations to bold and impactful options, it ensures that your designs convey the desired mood and tone, while maintaining a consistent and refined aesthetic.

Additionally, we liked that Closer provides excellent legibility for a wobbly font, making it well-suited for both large display applications and extended blocks of text.

The carefully crafted letterforms and generous spacing contribute to its readability, ensuring that your message remains clear and accessible to the audience.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and let Closer curate your designs to perfection!


An open-type color slime font

Slime is a font that oozes with mischievous magic. This typeface takes inspiration from the gooey, stretchy, and vibrant nature of slime, bringing it to life through every letterform.

Just like a tub of colorful slime, Slime is flexible and bouncy, ready to upgrade your designs.

We liked how its organic shapes and fluid lines create a sense of movement and dynamism, making each letter feel alive.

From captivating wordmarks to eye-catching signage, Slime knows how to steal the spotlight and make a lasting impression.

The versatility of this font shines through its extensive multilingual support, making it perfect for projects with a global reach.

Do not miss out on it when designing a children’s book cover, crafting a playful logo, or adding a touch of whimsy to a social media post, for Slime’s wide range of characters ensures that no language barrier can hold back your creativity.

Slime excels in projects that embrace a light and imaginative aesthetic. From slime-themed party invitations to colorful posters, this font effortlessly captures the essence of playfulness.

Its bold and cheerful nature is perfectly suited for children’s products, toy packaging, and educational materials.

18. Slimer

Bold and ALL CAPS slime font

Then comes Slimer, a font that embodies all things spooky and eerie yet fun.

This one-of-a-kind typeface portrays the ghostly and mischievous character of hot, melting slime that haunts our imaginations.

With its distinct style and versatile application, Slimer adds a touch of spookiness to any design.

Just like a naughty apparition, Slimer floats and dances across the page, leaving a trail of whimsy in its wake.

We love how its twisted letterforms and unique glyphs capture the essence of a playful, slimy ghost, while its creepy, bold strokes demand attention. From chilling Halloween party invitations to movie posters, Slimer effortlessly sets the stage for a delightful experience.

We liked how Slimer has a diverse range and alternate functions, allowing you to create a sense of intriguing unpredictability in your designs.

Each letter possesses a surprising twist, perfect for adding personality to your typographic creations.

From creating captivating book covers to adding a haunted vibe to music album artwork, this typeface brings creative viciousness to leave a lasting impression and set your work apart from the competitors.

However, we did not like that Slimer has limited potential due to only one file format, OTF, on offer, and it may be relatively costly for some customers.

19. Monstrocity

A modern slime font

Encounter a typographic creature of epic proportions with Monstrocity, a font that embodies exuberant energy of slime.

This beautiful typeface unleashes a beastly presence, portraying untamed strength of jiggly slime.

We loved how Monstrocity’s fat edges and robust strokes exude a sense of subtle dominance.

We promise you will not be disappointed to employ it for sketching impactful logos, designing aggressive sports team branding, or crafting attention-grabbing merchandise; this typeface asserts itself as the alpha font, ready to flaunt its unfiltered vigor.

Regardless of the platform you prefer, be it Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other leading design application, Monstrocity stands tall in any project without the requirement of additional software downloads.

The font is available in OpenType format (OTF), TrueType format (TTF), and web font formats (WOFF, WOFF2), providing versatility for your art.

Monstrocity is certainly a good choice for projects that require an intimidating vibe, but we do not recommend it for creations that feature a more sophisticated or delicate touch. Besides, we did not like that this font is heavy on pocket and therefore is not suitable for those on a budget.

20. Toxic

An Opentype Display slime font

Toxic is a font that will lift you into a world of enchantment. It soars with a dripping slime allure to cast a magical spell on the viewers.
Just like a mischievous glob of airborne slime, Toxic floats across the page, leaving a hue of rich surprises in its wake.

We liked how its realistic shapes and lively letterforms create a sense of movement and imagination, as if defying gravity.

We can confirm its aesthetic to be impressive for use in children’s book covers, crafting logos, menus, or adding a playful twist to your social media posts; this typeface effortlessly lifts your designs with effective reference to slime semantics.

This typeface not only supports upper and lower-case alphabet but also numbers, punctuations, and PUA encoded characters; with this powerful font, you can create a broad spectrum of designs ranging from youtube thumbnails and magazine covers to promotional posters and brochures.

We highly recommend Toxic if you are seeking a font that characterizes the wonderous nature of flying slime, captures the essence of joyful energy, or simply adds a whimsical twist to your designs.

Best Slime Fonts Summary:

Slime fonts offer a playful and whimsical touch to your designs, injecting them with a fun and lively atmosphere.

These fonts are reminiscent of gooey, squishy substances, creating a unique and eye-catching visual appeal.

With their distinctive and fluid letterforms, slime fonts never fail to evoke a sense of excitement, adventure, or even spook.

Their versatility allows you to experiment with various color schemes and textures, enhancing the overall effect and creating a truly memorable typographic experience.

However, it is important to consider the context and purpose of your design before using slime fonts, as they may not be suitable for more serious or professional settings.

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