SmartMockups – Mockup Your Designs The Smart Way (Save 10% Coupon Code)

SmartMockups – Mockup Your Designs The Smart Way (Save 10% Coupon Code)

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This amazing mockup design app blew me away, and I JUST had to share it with you.

Smartmockups is exactly what it sounds like… A smart mockup tool that gives you the power, speed and resources you need to create stunning photo-realistic mockup designs, in just a few clicks.

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Smart Mockups

And speed is the big winner here, as it saves you time searching for that perfect stock image and then aligning your mockup in Photoshop. Perfect for showing your designs in context for your client presentations.

There’s all sorts of mockups available; from phones to laptops, monitors, advertisements and print, in both isolated and photographic modes. You can even customize the case colors of the devices!

Smart Mockup Example
Smart Mockup Example

Another cool feature that I found useful is that you can simply type in a URL in and have the web site appear in context on the mockup. HUGE time saver!

I’ve really love using this app and I wish I had my hands on it much earlier in my career, it really is super quick & simple to use!

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Smartmockups is available as a desktop app for both Mac OS, Windows and even Linux, including unlimited use and a growing database of resources.

Smartmockups Coupon – 10% Off Discount Promo Code

Enter coupon code ‘JUSTCREATIVE10’ at checkout to get 10% off any plan! And the best part is that this coupon is recurring, so it won’t apply on just the first purchase only but on all future payments as well.

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Show off your designs in context with this simple and powerful mockup app!


2021 Updates from SmartMockup

  • Our fresh visual strategy includes gorgeous mockups in all categories.

  • Our library now has 8000+ mockups and we add about 300 new ones every month.

  • Our image mockups focus on design and color trends and realistic settings. Isolated renders are available too.

  • Our technology mockups include operating systems such as iOS and Android and devices like smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, watches, and more.

  • Our third-party integrations include Canva, Dropbox, Marvel, Figma, and Unsplash, plus you can upload video, GIF and screenshots from a URL.

  • The all-in-one Smartmockups Pro plan is loaded with amazing features.

  • New tools include the ability to preview one design on all mockups in the library, upload a design and create a mockup instantly, the option to turn your own image into a mockup–just to name a few. Check out our YouTube channel; it’s full of simple, how-to videos. Every feature is designed to make mockup creation a breeze for everyone.

  • And perhaps the biggest news, we were acquired by Canva!

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  1. I use and it covers all my needs, for free (without coding or programming requirements). If you are looking for something easy and efficient it might be a good solution.

  2. Wow, this mockup app is awesome specially for beginners of website designing learner and I am among 1 of them. This is helping me a lot. Please share few tips and tricks on this app.

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