The Best Techniques to Add Speed to Your Writing

The Best Techniques to Add Speed to Your Writing

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This is a guest article contributed by Steve Aedy.

Time is money. This expression is not new to anyone. We all know how valuable our time is. But pointing out the obvious is sometimes more hurtful than helpful.

We are already stressed about how long it takes to write a quality blog post. Imagining each expensive minute tick by, without anything to show for it is terrifying.

Speed Writing

You have come to this blog post hoping to find ways to make your writing even more effective and profitable. We won’t insult your intelligence (or waste your time) by mentioning obvious tips like “write first and edit later”.

Instead, we’ll give you some insight to five great tools that will make the writing process easier – and, therefore, faster.

Use Your Inactive Brain

None of us use our brain to its fullest capacity. We don’t take advantage of all it has to offer. So many times it is sitting there, perfectly willing to do the heavy lifting, but we just brush it off. Confused? Let us explain.

You need to start using your downtime to think. Make your brain do double-duty. Trust us. It can handle it.

While doing menial tasks that require very little brain focus – like cooking dinner, waiting for a doctor’s appointment, taking a shower, exercising at the gym, sitting in a traffic jam – think about your blog post. Pre-write the post in your head. When you sit down to write, your post could very well be halfway finished.

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Another prime opportunity to write your blog post is while you are sleeping. Before going to bed, spend a few minutes brainstorming a possible blog post idea. Let the idea percolate in your brain while you sleep.

Utilize A Desktop Application

Speed Typing

It can be argued that your content management system’s WYSIWYG editor has everything you need to write a blog post. For the most part, that’s true. You can get by just fine with what WordPress or Joomla has to offer.

So why are we suggesting you spend your precious pennies on a desktop application? Because…

A desktop application can be used offline – which removes all the temptations of an online experience.

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If you write your blog posts while online, there are just too many enticing things trying to lure you away. Your email inbox, social media accounts, and recent sports scores are just a click away.

If you don’t know where to begin shopping for a desktop application, consider one of these blog writing apps or a simple Text program will do too.

Zone In with Silence or Music

Many writers say they need silence to work at their peak performance. Sadly, silence is usually pretty hard to come by though investing in noise cancelling earphones can go a long way.

Another tip is to use music to drown out any distracting background noises. Plus, some soulful tunes can really get you in the zone. Create a playlist of wordless songs and give it a try.

Use A Timer / The Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique


Are you competitive? Want to transform your writing into a sport? Set a timer. Race the clock. See if you can write this post faster than the last.

Even if you aren’t competitive, a timer is a great writing tool. A timer will show you the stages of writing that take the longest. Once you have identified these inefficient steps, you can focus on how to make them shorter.

A simple stopwatch will do the trick. Resorting to the preprogrammed (or downloaded app) on your cell phone isn’t a great idea. You want to stay away from distractions, remember? You don’t want to be glancing at them every few seconds. Instead, try using The Pomodoro Technique / MyTomatoes. This 25 minute timer will help you track how long your writing takes.

Create An Outline

For shorter posts, an outline probably isn’t necessary. However, if you are writing a beastly long post, an outline is great. It will help you organize your thoughts, highlight the main points, focus your writing, and keep you on point.

The next time you feel under the gun to deliver quality content quickly, consider implementing these tools. If you know of any other writing tools we’ve left off the list, feel free to let us know.

About the author: Steve Aedy is an editor and content writing expert for, a company that provides custom essay writing service and help with academic research. As a writer, he specializes on the essays on history and modern literature. Follow Steve on Google+. Photo Credit: KatieKrueger via Compfight cc and mihtiander / 123RF Stock Photo.

26 thoughts on “The Best Techniques to Add Speed to Your Writing”

  1. Back in the days, there used to be something called ‘MSN Messenger’

    Since it was free and since we were broke, me and my friends used to be on it 24/7 instead of texting or calling. Before I knew it, I started to type super fast and without looking.

  2. Really inspiring article.

    Music always seemed to bother me when I was writing but now that I think about it, it’s because of the words. I’m definitely going to create a playlist of wordless songs and write to that.

    I agree with the whole writing your blog posts offline. WordPress is great and all, but good old TextEdit works like a charm for me. No distractions, just straight text.

    Thanks Jacob!

  3. I totally agree with brainstorming while monotonic tasks. The brain should have time to relax and empty itself and this is the best condition for new ideas to appear.
    My best ideas come when I wash dishes or having a shower.

    And thanks for the Pomodoro tip, I might try and use it 🙂

  4. I agree with the whole writing your blog posts offline. WordPress is great and all, but good old TextEdit works like a charm for me. No distractions, just straight text.

  5. We all have different strategies on how to do our writing. Mine is to take advantage of the time when I am full of ideas. Write it everything down until I’m out of words. I then reread and expand the ideas after.

    • This is realy great idea !
      I always think never waste time and do something new creat.
      Thanks a lot……!

  6. Great suggestions! As a writer, I’ve written blog posts, magazine articles, and book chapters while waiting in line, waiting at the Doctor’s office, and other places. If not completed pieces, then at least outlines I can work from later. I’ve done more work on my iPhone & Evernote than I ever thought I would. Downtime is put to great use. I’ll even hand write ideas & outlines in a notebook when necessary.

  7. I often use down-time to brainstorm and work on thoughts and words for articles, my daily morning run is good, so too is getting to the office on the train but the best place for me is after a good night’s sleep. I can often go to bed with an problem idea/thought thinking how am I going to work this out – only to find by the morning that the idea has fully formed and the words can’t be typed fast enough …some how your subconscious has work the problem out for you, it is always amazing to me.

  8. Listen soft music and take a hard cup of coffee and start writing try to decide your best topic in your mind and collect some related information about that suppose you are writing about cricket game, then collect all the information related to this game, like game rules, when it was started type of cricket etc.

  9. This is very helpful. Finishing work is the hardest part for me. I have ideas, but rarely get them fully fleshed out due to lack of focus on the task. Jane Espensen (who has worked on Buffy, Once Upon a Time and every other sci fi show that matters) regularly announces writing sprints on Twitter. It’s a great motivation and similar to the timer technique. website design CT

  10. Hi Jacob Cass,
    Thanks for providing these useful tips. I used to take 1 hour on writing a 1000+ post. What you think about it? Is it slow? I’ve asked some other friends and also read online that this speed is fine. Tell me what do you think?
    With Regards.

  11. These are some great tips! I always find myself thinking about my blog posts in the shower, I wish I could write them down in the shower because as soon as I get out I forget all my ideas, Thanks for sharing!

  12. I think good technic is start writing as quick as possible, sometimes you will write too much, but it will be fast. In my case – I don’t agree with the technic “Use Your Inactive Brain”.

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  14. hmmmmmm i will follow these steps for writing my next blog lets see how it work and then i will comment but i m sure if u mention thse will be owsome

  15. I have found those writing tips very much helpful. I would also like to quote Aristotle ” to write well, you should write like the common people but think like a wise man”

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