15+ Stamp Fonts for Your Vintage Projects

15+ Stamp Fonts for Your Vintage Projects

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With time, people have grown more and more fond of vintage customs and ways of life.

Be it the weathered look of signboards, postal stamps, or hand-pressed letters, everything we now know about the retro aesthetic comes from the past.

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Stamp fonts and rubber stamp fonts are the perfect examples of this phenomenon. These vintage-inspired typefaces contain the same organic feel and authentic texture that leave people nostalgic and sentimental.

Stamp fonts are available in varying designs, including thin, thick, and heavy fonts and sans or serif scripts.

Our guide here lists the best stamp fonts that look effortlessly splendid on product packaging, branding, and all other graphic designs that want to leave the reader reminiscent of past times.

We shared our experiences using these fonts and jotted down their strengths and weaknesses, along with their practical uses.

The guide will help you select a stamp font that adheres to your current work requirements and improves its visual appeal to a considerable degree.

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So, without wasting any more time, let’s get going!

15 Best Stamp Fonts – Overview

Here is a list of the best stamp fonts to add an authentic and retro touch to your projects with just a simple click!

  1. Chillvornia
  2. Autogate
  3. Monndy
  4. Ribons
  5. Moanster
  6. Marinaio
  7. Abegnale
  8. Sign 45
  9. Gutenberg
  10. 8 Font

For the complete list, scroll on!

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Stamp fonts - main

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15 Best Stamp & Rubber Stamp Fonts

1. Chillvornia

BLOCK LETTERS style typeface for bold impressions
Chillvornia, Image credits: Envato Elements

Since stamp fonts are primarily used to give your projects a tactile feel, what is a better way to start this list than with the most reliable font in this category?

Chillvornia Stamp is a sans-serif font family containing unique and organic handcrafted letters. We specifically loved how its package included four styles: regular, slant, rounded, and rounded for better versatility.

With its slim, symmetrical, and bold typography, Chillvornia Stamp looked good on various projects.

We particularly liked using it for branding, logos, and T-shirt designs. The font also supports up to 20 different languages and OTF/TTF file formats for user-friendly use.

The only flaw we found while using this typeface was the lack of OpenType features for better customization.

Other than that, Chillvornia Stamp does a commendable job at boosting the overall visuals of your work in no time!

2. Autogate

A great funky style font with creative color
Autogate, Image credits: Envato Elements

For us, Autogate Stamp has a captivating aspect that appeals to all nostalgic souls.

This retro-styled, rustic typeface effortlessly complements a wide range of design templates, making it a perfect choice for those seeking an old-school touch.

Our team was thoroughly impressed by Autogate’s comprehensive components, which include the basic letters, numerals, and punctuation, along with unique ligatures and alternates.

These additions provide ample creative flexibility for our design projects.

Furthermore, Autogate Stamp’s diverse nine-stylistic set family opened up a world of multiple design possibilities.

With full PUA encoding for every character and robust multilingual support, this font seamlessly integrates into projects in different languages, making it a versatile choice.

While Autogate showcases exceptional features, we did encounter one limitation—the font’s single-supported file format.

However, if you seek a more compatible option for both your PC and Mac devices, we suggest exploring the Frankfield script.

Overall, we can attest that this stamp font can be best used for creating good logos infused with the nostalgia of the 80s and 90s.

3. Monndy

Sans Serif font with a cool and stylish font
Mondy, Image credit: Envato Elements

Monndy, a sans-serif stamp typeface featuring rough, grunge, and groovy lettering, has left a lasting positive impression on us.

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Its availability in two styles and both OTF and TTF file formats adds to its versatility and convenience.

Our favorite aspect of Monndy is its extensive language support, encompassing over 100 languages and ensuring unrestricted use for designers worldwide.

Moreover, Monndy’s fantastic ligatures and alternates provided us with the perfect platform to unleash our creativity without any hassles.

This versatile font proved to be an excellent choice for various applications, such as book displays, movie titles, and secondary text in documents and letters, all thanks to its super-readable sans-serif script.

While we acknowledge that Monndy may look slightly monotone and formal for artistic designs, it still boasts confident and bold typography that undoubtedly captures the eye of the reader.

4. Ribons

A vintage style font for your next projects
Ribons, Image credit: Envato Elements

If you have recently found yourself captivated by the charm of the Victorian period and its customs, then Ribons is sure to steal your heart at first glance.

This vintage stamp font boasts prominent punk characters with rounded corners, making it an irresistible choice.

We were truly delighted by Ribons’ dual regular and oblique versions, effortlessly turning the heads of all passersby with their unique appeal.

During our creative endeavors, Ribons proved to be an excellent companion while designing logos, magazines, posters, brochures, flyers, invitations, and cards.

Its high-quality output consistently impressed us.

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However, we must note that Ribons only includes all-caps letters, making it unsuitable for secondary text.

Despite this drawback, Ribons offers everything else you could desire, from multiple languages to web font support and much more!

5. Moanster

Another vintage and classical looking font for your tasks
Moanster, Image credits: Envato Elements

Since its release by Creatype Studios in 2021, Moanster has captured the hearts of numerous graphic designers, and we are no exception.

This carefully handcrafted stamp font boasts an attractive letter design with extended edges, adding to its allure.

We were thrilled to find that the installation process for Moanster was straightforward on both MAC devices and PCs, ensuring a hassle-free experience for us.

Moanster stands out for us due to its extensive range of glyphs, ligatures, and alternates, which grant us greater creative freedom to fashion distinctive designs.

The font’s compatibility with various design software, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and even Microsoft Word, further enhanced our creativity and ease of use.

With Moanster, the possibilities are boundless, and the only limit is the sky!

Whether you’re designing eye-catching logos, captivating posters, or mesmerizing packaging, this stamp font is undoubtedly one of the best stamp fonts that will elevate your designs and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

6. Marinaio

A hand written font with 8 different styles for your projects
Marinaio, Image credits: Envato Elements

When you think of stamp fonts, the first thing that comes to mind is curved and low contrasting characters. Well, the Marinaio font family is here to offer this and much more.

As professional creatives, we instantly fell in love with Marinaio’s gentle, narrow characters with softened edges. We liked how the serif letters took after the old-age rubber stamping technique.

What really stood out to us was its eight weights and styles for extensive flexibility over a wide range of projects.

We enjoyed using this font on business cards, letterhead, custom stamps, and other literature-related purposes.

However, we weren’t big fans of the condensed spacing between the characters, which made the font fall behind in terms of readability.

If you want a more readable solution, consider Luck Flag Retro.

Get your hands on Marinaio right now and watch your simplistic designs transform into extraordinary masterpieces!

7. Abegnale

A mail style, handcrafted font for your new designs
Abegnale, Image credits: Envato Elements

Our next font is ideal for anyone looking to pay homage to the era of typewriters and letterpress machines.

Abegnale is a handmade serif font comprising antique characters with a letterpress texture. We absolutely adored its imitation of the classic lettering style which looked fascinating on book covers, wedding invitations, and advertisements.

We also appreciated the fact that it includes both upper and lowercase letters and is available in OTF and TTF file formats.

However, we were disappointed by Abegnale’s lack of OpenType features that narrowed down the design possibilities. If customization is a priority to you, we suggest using the Alitide typeface.

Otherwise, Abegnale is perfect for elevating any design game.

8. Sign 45

Sign 45 offers you a combination of 6 different font styles
SIGN 45, Image credits: Envato Elements

Next, we have another stellar stamp font for all American patriots. Sign 45 contains modern yet distorted sans-serif characters with sharp edges.

We were amazed by its ability to spice up a wide range of projects, all thanks to its impressive six styles. We enjoyed layering them over one another to create unique designs.

We also liked how its characters were straightforward to read, even from afar. The font added clarity to our projects and laid clear emphasis on what was important.

From labeling and clothing to gigs and album covers, Sign 45 looked great everywhere.

So what are you waiting for? Add a relaxed, retro feel to your projects with Sign 45.

9. Gutenberg

An elegant and modern style font
Gutenberg, Image credits: Envato Elements

Unio’s latest font family pays tribute to Johannes Gutenberg, the man responsible for introducing a new printing technique in Europe during the second millennium.

Gutenberg’s distinctive and quirky letters drew us in right away. The font features rough, sketchy characters with an irregular baseline to give it a natural, organic, inky texture.

We were also blown away by its extensive glyph collection and four style sets (regular, italic, clean regularly, and clean italic) that offered creativity like never before!

The font looked amazing on various typographic projects such as labels, packaging, and photography.

However, remember to use Gutenberg on contrasting backgrounds since its characters can sometimes become invisible on backgrounds of similar color.

10. 8 Font

Mixbox offers you a creative and modern looks inspired display
8 Font, Image credit: Envato Elements

Are you on the lookout for a bold stamp font that will leave all heads turned with its confident design? If yes, then 8 Font by MixBox has got your back.

It is a sans-serif typeface with retro-styled, big, bold letters.

We particularly liked the rustic texture and shadow overlay on these characters, which radiated poised energy and grasped the seriousness of our designs.

What impressed us the most about 8 Font was its multiple styles. As its name suggests, 8 Fonts come with a remarkable collection of eight styles, including clean, rounded, rough, stamp, and more.

We especially enjoyed using the clean version for our professional projects like brochures and business cards.

The only thing we disliked was how its chunky lettering was difficult to comprehend at the first glance.

But overall, 8 Font serves as a great visual solution that will leave a long-lasting impression on the readers.

11. Loma

A classic and vintage font for your needs
Loma, Image credits: CreativeMarket

Next in line is a stamp font heavily inspired by vintage postcards and envelopes.

Loma contains a vast collection of solid and textured letters that have a modern, minimalistic feel. We were big fans of the monospacing between the characters, which added an authentic hand-pressed effect.

One thing about Loma that stood out to us was its accessibility to Adobe Illustrator. In addition, the font included an additional file with seven editable templates to let us work on custom-made stamps.

The only flaw we found was Loma’s limitation as a display text. Since it is an all-caps font, it may not work well for body text.

But if you are not bothered by this minor restriction, then go ahead and invest in Loma right now.

Its chic, old-school energy is bound to take your project’s aesthetic to the next level!

12. Secret Society

Hand drawn vintage style font for the cool designs
Secret Society, Image credits: CreativeMarket

Meet Secret Society – a handcrafted stamp font heavily influenced by dark academia and the ancient period.

It is a Southern sans serif family consisting of all-caps letters alongside Western European characters. We liked how this font came in regular and bold weights for greater customization and creativity.

We experimented with the font on various projects and found it working well with beer labels, tattoo parlors, barber salons, restaurant signboards, etc.

The drawbacks we found were its lack of multilingual support and availability in only a single format.

Therefore, as long as you are not working on a global project, Secret Society is the way to go. It promises to deliver top-quality ageless content that will awaken your audience with its magic.

13. Stampact

Stampact contains a great combination of colors and styling
Stampact, Image credits: MyFonts

Are you interested in intricate graffiti and colorful street art? If yes, then the Stampact is just what you need.

Published by Spark Creative, this stamp font features vibrant, woodblock, and distressed letters. We were thrilled with its carefree attitude that greatly suited our casual, laid-back designs.

Stampact has a vast glyph collection and comes with support for numerous languages including Danish, German, French, and Italian.

However, we understand that Stampact’s all-over-the-place characters might look unappealing to some people.

But if optimistic and friendly is the vibe of your project, then there is no better choice than the punk-styled characters of Stampact!

14. Nutshell Crew

Street vibes are offered by Nutshell crew for your creativity needs
Nutshell Crew, Image credits: DesignCuts

Whether you are doing calligraphy, designing trendy t-shirts, or doing graffiti on the streets, this all-rounder stamp font has got you covered!

Nutshell Crew is an urban-inspired typeface that maintains the right balance between grunge and hip-hop. It comprises hand-drawn decorative and bold brush strokes that channel everyone’s hidden rebellious side.

Suffice it to say; we were entirely smitten with Nutshell Crew’s distinctive and edgy typography. Moreover, it made us even more invested through its support for different languages, file formats, and design applications.

The alternates further optimized its functionality and made it suitable for many designs, be it streetwear advertisements, album covers, movie posters, and much more!

With Nutshell Crew, the possibilities are endless as long as you are willing to be daring and imaginative with your creations!

15. Duhline

Old style stamp looking font for your projects
Duhline, Image credits: DesignCuts

Last but not least, we have another spectacular stamp font for all types of logos, posters, labels, and custom designs.

Duhline is a neat selection of sans and serif script combined with light brush strokes. We were pleased with its overall letter design, which was further enhanced by its multiple style variations.

Another thing we admired was its nine bonus illustrations relevant to beer packaging, along with the standard OpenType features.

The only thing we weren’t a fan of was its unavailability of lowercase letters, which made the font unfit for longer text bodies.

But fret not, as this problem is easy to solve by swapping it with a font similar to Amelona.

Best Stamp Fonts Summary

The best stamp fonts pay tribute to retro culture without directing attention away from the main point. And our list contains many such typefaces.

The secret behind selecting the best stamp font lies in analyzing your project’s requirements, brand style, and audience. Also, make sure to check if the chosen font is compatible with the kind of device and design software you’re working with.

We hope our guide helps you find the right stamp font to transform your ordinary designs into artistic masterpieces.

Until then, keep designing!

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