[Podcast] State of Brand 2024 with Jacob Cass & Matt Davies

[Podcast] State of Brand 2024 with Jacob Cass & Matt Davies

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Prepare to embark on an insightful exploration of the branding industry’s ever-changing landscape in State of Brand 2024, hosted by Jacob Cass and Matt Davies. This special episode promises to provide a deep dive into the core of the branding world as it stands today, based on the findings from the State of Brand Report we conducted.

Facing the influences of AI integration, post-COVID market dynamics, and current economic challenges, Jacob and Matt tackle these issues head-on, addressing the crucial questions:

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  • How are branding professionals navigating these rapid shifts?
  • What obstacles are they encountering along the way?
  • What visions do they hold for the future of the industry?

This episode goes beyond just identifying challenges; it delves into actionable strategies and effective solutions.

Our hosts will guide you through vital topics such as ground-breaking pricing strategies, overcoming industry hurdles, mastering client acquisition in the modern era, and understanding the significant role of AI in shaping the future of branding.

Jacob and Matt also illuminate the essential tools of the trade, keeping you updated with the latest trends in learning and development.

Packed with seasoned insights and pragmatic advice, this episode is a must-listen for anyone in the branding sphere. I

It’s an opportunity for both veteran professionals and newcomers to gain valuable insights into how the industry is adapting to AI, discover advanced tactics and crucial metrics driving brand success, and learn about the resources empowering today’s brand leaders.

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Tune in to “State of Brand 2024” and ride the wave of change with Jacob Cass and Matt Davies.

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Show Notes

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