20+ Best Stipple & Shading Brushes for Procreate

20+ Best Stipple & Shading Brushes for Procreate

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Ever struggled to add depth, texture, and definition to your Procreate illustrations? After all, it can be a daunting task to create such illustrations through your pen.

Mastering stipple and shading can be game-changing for taking your digital art to the next level. But all those brush options – where do you start?!

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In this post, we’ll explore the top stipple and shading brushes that bring eye-popping realism to your Procreate work on the iPad. We’ve tested countless textures to find the best for blending, blending, crosshatching, speckling, and all styles of digital shading.

These hand-picked brushes will become your secret weapons for adding life and dimension to portraits, still-life drawings, landscapes – you name it! These brushes also vary in terms of dot spread and density.

Bid farewell to flat, generic art and say hello to rich, striking pieces that look like they could leap off the screen.

So get ready to master shading at last! With these hand-picked Procreate brushes, popular techniques, and a bit of practice, your portfolio will shine like never before. Let’s dive in and elevate your work with stippling and shading mastery!

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10+ Best Stipple & Shading Brushes for Procreate

  1. Procreate Stipple Brush Set
  2. Procreate Tattoo True Stipple Brush Set
  3. Hand Stippling for Procreate
  4. Eclectica Stipple Brushes for Procreate
  5. Stipple Brush Brushpack
  6. Procreate Stippling Brushes Kit
  7. Pencil Procreate Brushes
  8. Pattern Magic Procreate Brushes
  9. The Texture Machine Brush Set for Procreate
  10. Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns – Procreate

Scroll on for the full list.

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Top 20+ Shading & Stipple Brush Sets for Procreate

1. Procreate Stipple Brush Set

Procreate Stipple Brush Set

If we drew parallels of Stipple brush sets with real-world ice cream flavors, Procreate Stipple Brush set will be a vanilla version of the stipple brush sets. After all, you can never go wrong with vanilla flavor. It is the same with Procreate Stipple Brush set, as it is one of the best stipple brush sets for Procreate, and you can never go wrong with it. It is known for making shading illustrations easy.

The Procreate Stipple brush set comes with a set of 15 custom stipple shading brushes for Procreate, making your stipple shading fast, easy, and fun. Each stipple brush in this pack is versatile and includes brushes that you’ll ever need the most. This pack also includes a PDF quick reference guide and easy-to-follow instructions for installation.

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2. Procreate Tattoo True Stipple Brush Set

Procreate Tattoo True Stipple Brush Set

Ladies & gentlemen, behold Procreate Tattoo True Stipple Brush Set, which is made by hand using authentic ink textures to create a raw and organic look. This set comes with a pack of 25 high-quality brushes that offer a great alternative to the ordinary preset brushes, making it a perfect fit for print or digital artworks. Moreover, this set also includes two interactive paper types that help you create an even more raw and authentic art look.


3. Hand Stippling for Procreate

Hand Stippling for Procreate

Hand Stippling for Procreate pack offers a wide range of variations in their stippling brushes as it consists of a highly curated set of essential stipplers for Procreate. It includes brushes like cool stipple, stip shade, swarm stipple, mass stipple, stipple deets, and much more.

Each stippling brush set in this pack will provide you a whole new experience when you use it. Additionally, this brush set also includes a sketch pencil to reduce your work of flicking between brush sets while you are working. With this set, you can create incredible illustrations and also add some amazing textures to your illustrations.


4. Eclectica Stipple Brushes for Procreate

Eclectica Stipple Brushes for Procreate

Inspired by the roaring Pop Art and Yves Saint-Laurent’s style of the mid-’70s, this brush set will help you add a touch of nostalgic vibe to your posters, editorials, logos, ads, and much more. This set comes with a collection of 27 Procreate brushes that includes – nine-stroke brushes, nine stipple brushes, and nine shader brushes, all instilled with retro eclectics. With this brush set, you can easily add texture to shapes and turn regular objects into focal elements.


5. Stipple Brush Brushpack

Stipple Brush Brushpack

With this fancy set of stipple brushes, you can create a stipple texture effect without getting tired. This time-saving tool comes with a pack of eight unique stipple brushes that are great for creating stunning artworks. With this easy-to-use set, you have to select the stipple of your choice and draw wherever you want to see the stipples in your creations.

One of the exciting features of this pack is that you can control the size of these stipple brushes with the size controller of the brush in your procreate app. Moreover, you can stipple your hand lettering to create amazing shadows or add depth to your artwork.


6. Procreate Stippling Brushes Kit

Procreate Stippling Brushes Kit

Need a brush set of hand-mastered stippling brushes to add graphic design pieces and beautiful details to your illustrations? Then, this brush set is perfect for you as you can shade, create halftones effects, and add textures with it. That is exactly what you’re looking for.

It features 15 stippling brushes from hand-drawn source artworks, and you can use it for the best result fitting your style. You can use this brush set to create original illustrations, typography, tattoo art, retro design, pop art, and digital collages, and much more.


7. Pencil Procreate Brushes

Pencil Procreate Brushes

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Featuring 25 pencil brushes for Procreate designed to resemble realistic pencil strokes, this brush set is perfect for re-creating the anatomy, cartography, paleontology era. It comes with a set of pencil brushes like hard, soft, sketch, and stippling style pencils that are as authentic as possible.

With this brush set, you can either finish your artwork right at the sketch stage to make your design look like an artistic draft or even carry out a whole pencil composition. This brush set is perfect for designers looking to explore crazy ideas and let the world know what’s going on in their extraordinary minds.


8. Pattern Magic Procreate Brushes

Pattern Magic Procreate Brushes

Pattern Magic Procreate Brushes comes with a collection of 50 pattern brushes for Procreate. With this set, you can paint a pattern on any area of your canvas, mix and match patterns, and create bold texture, or reduce the opacity for creating subtle effects, and much more.

Additionally, this pack also includes seven base brushes, so you don’t have to keep switching between different brush sets. Overall this brush set includes everything you need in one pack, making it really easy to create unusual and stunning artworks.


9. The Texture Machine Brush Set for Procreate

The Texture Machine Brush Set for Procreate

This pack comes with a set of 25 high-quality brushes inspired by 19th-century artwork. It features stipples and halftones, distressed, stained, rough lines, waves, and more. It makes the Texture Machine Brush set for Procreate a perfect choice for creating posters, logos, letterings, and much more.

One of the exciting features of this brush set is its ability to simulate with a softly precisely brush- a texture from old times that helps you create authentic 19th-century artworks as never before.


10. Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns – Procreate

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Fine Liner Brushes & Patterns – Procreate

Are you looking to create authentic-looking, hand-drawn, fine liner artwork? Then you should check out this brush set. Featuring stipple, outline, dot, scribble, pattern brushes, and more, this pack was created as a result of nostalgic memories of the creator.

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Moreover, the set of seamless, repeat pattern brushes included in the pack is specially designed to fill large areas instantly and easily. You can add an authentic perfectly hand-drawn feel to any of your digital projects with the huge variety of resources included in this pack.


11. Fineliners Procreate Brush Pack

Fineliners Procreate Brush Pack

Fineliners Procreate Brush pack is designed and created from different styles of fine liner pens. It is perfect for monoline illustrations, detailed work, and illustrated shading. Consisting of a set of 11 brushes including, solid liner and stipple brushes, this set also includes a set of different width size liner pen styles. With so many features, this brush set is a great choice for designers looking to create monoline ink and designs that imitate fine line pens.


12. Procreate Texture Toolkit

Procreate Texture Toolkit

Featuring 44 hand-made stipple, splatter, hatch, and scribble brushes, this brush set is a useful tool to save time and create stunning artworks. The brushes included in this set are made with various real-life pens, paints, and markers that meet the demands of various digital artists.


13. Charcoal Shaders – Procreate Brushes

Charcoal Shaders – Procreate Brushes

This set is perfect for artists looking to achieve smooth blending, seamless value gradations, and authentic textures in their digital artwork. Consisting of 16 custom-made brushes with unique brush shapes and textures, a variety of stipple styles, and more, this set is ideal for adding spice to your designs. Moreover, the charcoal shaders in this brush set can add realism to your designs. At the same time, it gives uniqueness to your project.


14. Texturize 26

Texturize 26

Texturize 26 comes contains a set of 26 hand-made stipple, grain, and texture. You can use this set of Procreate brushes to create a wide range of artworks. It comes with a different variation of stipples to give your designs the personality it needs.


15. Liner Procreate Brush Set

Liner Procreate Brush Set

Liner Procreate Brush set is designed to work on a range of different outputs. It is perfect for creating different types of illustration and lettering pieces in Procreate. This fast and easy-to-use set comes with six brushes grouped in different styles. Each brush included in this set comes with its own unique features to add distinctiveness to your digital creations.


16. Watercolour Wonders Procreate Brushes

Watercolour Wonders Procreate Brushes
Watercolour Wonders Procreate Brushes. Image Credits: Design Cuts

The Watercolour Wonders Procreate Brush pack contains twenty-five wonderfully realistic Watercolor brushes for Procreate. The brush pack includes pencils, liners, textures, stipples, blenders, and smudgers. This brush set is a perfect addition to any Procreate library!

The included Procreate paper bundle makes this brush kit even more wonderful. This paper bundle allows you to paint on watercolor paper.

What’s more, there are four paper bundles to choose from. Once you’ve downloaded the set, you may click the Procreate paper document, which will open in your gallery. It is 4000 x 5000 px and has texture built in to enhance your work. This is a great brush pack because everything feels natural and was made with beginners and pros in mind.


17. Nostalgic Illustration for Procreate

Nostalgic Illustration for Procreate
Nostalgic Illustration for Procreate. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Introducing Nostalgic Illustration for Procreate. These are brushes that evoke the nostalgic illustration style of your favorite childhood books. This brush pack tries to capture the subtle, gritty mark-making, soft watercolor, and graphic graininess of old children’s books. This pack contains thirty-eight brushes in total: Gravely Pencil, Ink ‘n Stick, Bumpy Pencil, Scrawny Brush, Uneven Edge Ink, Crumble Crayon, Crushed Noise, Grimy Noise, Chunky Noise, Wooden, Soft Sack, Hackey Sack, Gravely Noise, Gravel, Groundhog, Dirty, Dapple, Dirty Crumble, Scorching Charcoal, Stipple Shade Taper, Stipple Shade Made Soft, Stipple Shade Made, Shade made, and many more.


18. Grizzly Grain & Stipple Brushes

Grizzly Grain & Stipple Brushes
Grizzly Grain & Stipple Brushes. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Introducing the Grizzly Grain & Stipple Shader Brushes. This brush pack is a pack of Photoshop Brushes that are perfect for that “rough” distressed shading look that is popular these days. With twenty brushes in total ranging from Grungy to more stippled or dotted types of brushes, these brushes are perfect for your next vector artwork project as they can add that extra bit of detail or contrast that your image may have been lacking.

Included in this pack are twenty Grizzly Grain and Stipple Brushes in .abr format, and twenty Dusty Vintage Textures in .JPG format.


19. Shader Brushes for Procreate

Pinceles Shader para Procreate
Pinceles Shader para Procreate. Image credit: Envato Elements

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Memento Shader Brushes set that is now available in Procreate format!

This exclusive edition includes the renowned set of 35 stipple and shading brushes plus 12 realistic textures. And now in this release, they’ve added an extra scatter brush to complete your toolkit! With shading, textures, scatter, noise, hatch, pressure, and shadow brushes – this set equips you for any project imaginable from posters to branding.

What’s inside? 7 scatter brushes, 7 noise brushes, 7 hatch brushes, 7 pressure brushes, 7 shadow brushes, 12 versatile textures, and a detailed help guide. With Shader Brushes, Procreate users can design freely without any creative restraints!


20. Shading Procreate Brushes

Pinceles Shading Procreate
Pinceles Shading Procreate. Image credit: Envato Elements

Take your Procreate shading to the next level with the Shading Procreate Brushes set. As graphic designers, we are certain that this brush set is the perfect addition to any iPad artist’s toolkit!

This set of 25 specially crafted brushes makes adding depth and dimension to your Procreate drawings incredibly easy and quick.

The brushes are all pen pressure sensitive, allowing you to create stunning, seamless shading effects. No more struggling to blend, shade, and add texture.

With just a few strokes, you can achieve professional-quality shading like never before. The brushes are incredibly intuitive to use, letting you simply draw to generate beautiful shadows and lighting.

If you’re ready to master shading with ease, grab our Shading Procreate Brushes. In just minutes, your artwork will go from flat to fantastically finished thanks to these versatile shading tools. So what are you waiting for? Get this brush set now and draw like a pro!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Stipple draw?

Stipple drawing is a technique of creating lights and shadows with dots. When your drawing has lighter areas you use a few dots with bigger spaces. On the contrary, if your drawing has darker areas, then you use a lot of dots with less space.

Will all the dots have the same size and space in stippling?

Thanks to technology, the greatest advantage of stipple brushes in procreate is that you don't need to worry about the size of the dots. When laid they all are uniform with equal space.

What is the best Stipple brush set for procreate?

Procreate stipple brush set is the best one for stippling technique. This brush set is best known for making the illustrations easy.

Which is the best Stipple brush set for a variety of procreate brushes?

Pattern magic procreate brushes come with 50 brushes for procreate stippling. This pack has an additional seven base brushes, which helps from switching to different brush sets.

Name a Stipple brush that helps fill large areas easily?

Fine liner brushes and patterns come with a set of repeat and seamless brushes which help in filling large areas easily.


The Best Shading and stipple Brush Sets for Procreate

Shading & tippling is one of the most popular ways to create vivid illustrations through shadings and dots. When it comes to Stippling brushes, there are scores of them for Procreate, but the ones we covered in this article are the best of the lot. We hope that this list of stippling brushes will serve a greater purpose in your digital artwork.

Picking a stipple brush may seem daunting! However, with everything covered in this article, you’re well on your way to making the right decision when it comes to stipple brushes for Procreate. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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