Streamline – The World’s Largest Icon Library (100,000+ Icons, Illustrations & Emoji)

Streamline – The World’s Largest Icon Library (100,000+ Icons, Illustrations & Emoji)

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When you discover a resource as epic as this, you JUST have to share it.

Meet Streamline 4.0, the world’s largest icon library, clocking in at 100,000+ icons, illustrations and emoji for all your projects, which you can customize within seconds.

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All of these icons have been individually designed by Vincent Le Moign & his team over the course of a few years, and it is my #1 go-to icon & illustration pack.

Why is Streamline 4.0 my go-to icon pack?

  • The sheer choice (100,000+!)
  • The ease of finding icons
  • There are many unique weights: light, regular and solid and in color variations
  • You can customize easily
  • They’re beautifully designed & the minimal style works with nearly every project
  • Amazing value (see below for a 10% off code)

They also offer a free 5-day trial.

Streamline 4.0

Streamline Icons Animated

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Streamline 4.0 is the simplest way to find and adapt icons, illustrations, and emojis. It contains the most complete, consistent, and distinctive UI sets in a feature-rich app all under one roof.

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Streamline 4.0 Overview

Below, you can see a small sample of icons in the three weights as well as other styles.

Streamline Icons All 3 Weights

Image Styles

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15 icon styles Freehand Icons UI Icons Trendy Illustrations Streamline Icons Streamline Color Icons Material Icons

Streamline UX Icon Pack

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