4 Successful Marketing Campaigns that Rocked the World!

4 Successful Marketing Campaigns that Rocked the World!

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There’s no doubt that Coca Cola knows how to connect with its customers – and there’s no better way to connect with your customers than through experiential marketing campaigns.

Experiential marketing campaigns do what they say on the tin – especially when it’s such an iconic and instantly recognizable tin. Instead of customers watching an advert, they get to take part in and ‘live’ the experience. This form of guerrilla marketing has become an important part of modern strategies and relies on the ‘audience’ being unaware that they are taking part. Coca Cola successfully launched three campaigns that revolutionized the way we look at marketing of this sort. Let’s take a look at them as well as other phenomenal campaigns.

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Move to the Beat

The ‘Move to the Beat’ campaign was devised in to promote Coca Cola’s position as one of the sponsors of the 2012 Olympics. The marketing manifesto was that the company should stay away from traditional style campaigns and go for something a little more esoteric. They devised a strategy around the ‘liquid’ aspect of the drink, working on the idea that anything they came up with should be able to flow through any medium.

Coca-Cola Olympics

The result was a song that represented the beat that we all move to. Based on algorithms and data, producerMick Ronson was able to create a formula for the ‘beat’ of our lives. The song went viral and global within hours of its release.

Unleash your Inner Bond

A much simpler concept was designed to promote the release of the most recent James Bond film, Skyfall. Once again, the marketing bods had to come up with a concept that would resonate with everyone who took part or saw it. Their idea was that we all have a James Bond inside us just waiting to get out, and this campaign would give it a chance to happen!

A fake Coke machine was installed at Liverpool Street Station in London. Anyone going to buy a drink was greeted with the message that they had 70 seconds to get to another platform – and win a prize. As would-be-Bonds hared through the station, pre-planted buskers and singers would strike up the Bond theme-tune, alerting other members of the public to what was going on.

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The intrepid adventurers also faced obstacles in the form of people, dogs and even fruit, adding urgency to their quest. If they got to the next platform in time, all they had to do was sing the Bond them and receive a pair of tickets to the premiere screening. The resulting video was watched over five million times in its first week and received almost 5,000 comments on social media.

The Happiness Machine

The Happiness Machine was an even simpler idea that garnered staggering results. A fake vending machine was put in a college campus. Thirsty customers were rewarded with seemingly-endless bottles of Coca Cola. Secret cameras filmed their delight at receiving freebies and the moments of joy as they shared their bounty with others.

The challenge set to the marketing folk was to create a marketing campaign that recorded moments of genuine and unexpected happiness; The Happiness Machine ticked all the boxes and was seen by over 15 million people in its first week of release. Not bad for a $60,000 commercial!

A Mega-Plan

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Similarly, on the launch of their new animated film, MegaMind, DreamWorks organised something they called ‘Mega Month’, in which participants were invited to take part in ‘Mega-events’. One of these was to establish a world record for the largest number of people dressed as superheroes in one place. Thanks to the exposure given to this attempt, 1,580 superheroes turned up, creating a new world record. This paid off for DreamWorks in more ways than one. On top of the 13 TV reports about the event, 58 online news sites reported it and, overall, it’s estimated that it was communicated to approximately 54 million people around the world.

Do you have any other favorite marketing campaigns?

18 thoughts on “4 Successful Marketing Campaigns that Rocked the World!”

  1. Wow Jacob, I’m blown away by the creativity of these guys! As you say, some of these ideas are quite simple, yet they’re brilliantly effective… but you need to think of it first…

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  2. Great collection.

    One of the smartest campaigns I can think of was done by Ricola cough drops I believe – it’s hard to find much about it online.

    Essentially they said there is someone walking around in downtown and that person is coughing. If you give that person a Ricola, you win something like $10k. Everyone went out to buy Ricola and they started passing it around to anyone who is coughing (their target audience).

    How genius is that.

  3. Great article

    I remember being at the filming for the tv advert with Katy B singing and the athletes performing stunts.

    Great time!

  4. Great reminder of ‘soft-sell’ technique! Thanks.
    Nowadays it seems to be more about the collaboration between the customer and the enterprise opposing to past when it used to be just another primitive transaction or ignorant marketing move. However over years it has evolved into more personal and engaging experience.

    Here are another couple of examples:
    Burberry Kisses
    Evian’s baby&me

  5. It is very important to follow the best practice of internet marketing campaign and achieve success. The successful marketing strategies discussed by you are pretty helpful for business owners to move their social media marketing campaign on the way of success. Big thumbs up for your outstanding post and I would like to share this post with others 🙂

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