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How NOT to write a personal biography

Most of us have written a description about ourselves before, whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or our CV. It’s not an easy task but it needs to

Copyright Issues In Logo Design

Copyright is an issue that doesn’t come up very often in blog articles, especially in logo design so I thought I would bring this topic up to see if we

Graphic Design Rips Offs or Inspiration?

Here is a list of possible graphic design rips off / homages / inspired work.

By posting this article, I am not trying to point the finger or join any witch hunt – it is   food for thought – where we should draw the line between inspiration and plagiarism?

For further discussion on this topic of design plagiarism, visit the article “The secret to creativity…

Also see this post: Design Rip Offs or Just Inspiration?

Some resources on how to deal with plagiarism and what to do if your design gets stolen.

  • What to do if someone steals your work – By far the best resource I have found on this topic even if it is based on content theft.
  • Web Design Plagiarism – Tips if someone steals your web design.
  • What to do when someone steals your content – Based on blog article theft.
  • My personal bookmarks on copyright – Many more articles that deal with the topic of plagiarism.

The ‘originals’ are on the left or on the top.

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