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4 Proven Methods to get More Design Exposure

The only way to draw attention to your own work amidst so much competition is to take charge yourself and make people notice you by giving them the means to do so. To that end, here are four proactive ways to get your graphic designs exposure and bring your work to a larger market:

Recent Web & Branding Work (Jul-Dec)

Back in July I posted some of my recent work for Jerry Seinfeld, Sweet’N Low, Energy Kitchen and now six months later, I have a few more web & branding

How to get your FIRST Graphic Design Job

First Job

Below are some tips for graphic design students on finding the first job and tips on how to reduce the stress by providing an overview of the whole process. (This is a long post.)

Many young designers (such as myself) find it hard to believe that they can make a living doing something they find compelling and interesting—something they love. Finding the right first job, even if it’s a summer job or an internship, is not just an important step in launching your career – It is an exploration of the field and a continuation of the learning process. Even the most skilled designer finds the search for a first job stressful. The suggestions that follow can reduce that stress by providing an overview of the process.

Before you can begin

Before your job search can begin, you need to understand

  1. yourself: your motivations, strengths, and weaknesses;
  2. your work: its nature, style, and variety; and
  3. the job market: corporations, design offices, and the wide variety of other businesses that employ graphic designers. Then you can get ready to present yourself and your work in a portfolio.

Try writing these things down and doing a bit of research of the job market in your area.

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