Taking Time Off & Other News

Taking Time Off & Other News

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After two strong years of blogging, I’ve decided to take two months off to go traveling. I will be monitoring my three sites throughout this time, but there will be very limited (if any) posts throughout this time.

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I am off for a road trip across 22 states of USA for 6 weeks then back to Australia for a 2 week family holiday / Christmas. I then fly back to New York to start full time work at Carrot Creative of which, I hope to continue to blog on a fortnightly basis. I also plan to keep running Logo Of The Day and to a lesser extent, Logo Designer Blog.

Birthday, Graduation & Moving Out

I’ll also be turning 22 years old during my time away, graduating from University, moving out of home (and country) and making the switch from PC to Mac, so it’s all happening!

Judging Roles

I’ve also just been selected to be a part of the judging panel for the 2010 Annual Design Awards along side David Carson, Matthew Walker (ESPN Art Director) and more. More info on that next year.

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Update Jan 24th: I’ve chosen to pull out of this judging role due to conflicts of interest.

I’ve also been chosen to be on the judging panel for the 2nd year running for the Project Never competition, a competition that judges the “best rejected designs”. I am also judging “the best websites of the world” over on The CSS Awards and continue to judge logos for my other site, Logo Of The Day.

Computer Arts Articles

Also, keep an eye out for Issue 171 of Computer Arts magazine as I’ve written two typography related articles that will be appearing in there.


I’ve also had the pleasure of being interviewed for the website Your Hidden Potential, a website that showcases entrepreneurs under 27 years of age. You can read the interview here.

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Happy Festive Season!

I’ll take this time to wish you all a great festive holiday season and a Happy New Year!

The Value Of Taking Time Off

I’ll leave you with this video by Stefan Sagmeister about the value of taking time off. Make sure you check out the last minute for a good laugh.

Thanks for your continued support and Bon Voyage!

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This article was originally published on November 15th 2009, however due to our hosts doing a runner on us we lost a number of posts and comments. I’ve salvaged what I could from Google cache. Below you can find the original comments.

  1. Marco (@marcofolio) on Nov 15, 2009 said:Totally understand it man, you go enjoy your vacation! Just make sure come back after these 2 months and start writing awesome articles once again ;) .And don’t forget to take pictures along the way!
  2. Ebi Atawodi (@ebiatawodi) on Nov 15, 2009 said:Yay! Of all the things I’ve always wanted to say to you “Get a Mac” so so happy about that of everything you’ve said! All sounds great! Love Sagmeister, time off is crucial I think to stay sane and give your brain a juggle!Have fun Jacob!
  3. designfollow (@designfollow) on Nov 15, 2009 said:very usefulthanks
  4. NBK (@nguyenbk) on Nov 15, 2009 said:Bon Voyage Mr. Cass! You’re truly an inspiration, and I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Have lots of fun on your Vaca across the States. And remember, it’s just the beginning. Go wherever instinct takes you, and embrace every moment, NOW.
  5. Devlin (@devlindonnelly) on Nov 15, 2009 said:Have a great trip! If you itenary deviates and you make to Seattle let me know & we can show you the city.
  6. Mario (@ocondesign) on Nov 15, 2009 said:Good luck with your trip to the US and with your new job. I’m glad to hear you are making the switch to a Mac.
  7. Design Informer (@designinformer) on Nov 15, 2009 said:Glad to hear about all the great things you are doing Jacob. Very impressive that you are able to do so many great things at such a young age.By the way, let me know when you get here in LA and maybe we can get coffee or something.

    Are you doing the entire trip by yourself?

  8. Chris Gabriel (@trampish) on Nov 15, 2009 said:Drop me a line if you’re in NYC and would like to grab a drink. We’ll call it a business meeting and write off the bill :D
  9. Sharon dowdy (@crimsontweets/prior crave2create) on Nov 16, 2009 said:Okay, Im exhausted just reading this article. No wonder you need a break! I wouldnt mind a break like that myself. Im glad to hear that you are moving into MAC land. Hopefully your travels will be bringing you to Tennessee. It’s called “God’s country” if you havent heard. I think you would love it. Be careful and have FUN!
  10. matthijs on Nov 16, 2009 said:Great overview, and definitely a nice list of all the things you managed to do. I would say a nice holiday is fully deserved. Enjoy it!
  11. Katrin Eiermann (@keiermann) on Nov 16, 2009 said:Thanks for your awesome blog and have a fantastic trip. I did that trip though the US (by car and with the let´s go budget guide) years ago, it´s worth it! Take care!
  12. Jessica on Nov 16, 2009 said:Congratulations! You are extremely talented and I can’t wait to read more about your design journey in the future. Jessica-Seattle
  13. daphne (@dainen) on Nov 16, 2009 said:Have fun Jacob! Looking forward to your return and can be predicted that you’ll have much up your sleeve from the months off.Hope you have a great getaway :)
  14. Callum Chapman (@callumchapman) on Nov 16, 2009 said:Haha it’s all happening at once! Hope you have an awesome time! I think you have too much money if you can go travelling for 6 weeks, move out, AND get a mac! ;)I’ll be following what you’re up to! Take care!
  15. Carlos on Nov 17, 2009 said:Good luck Jacob!I’m a similar situation, while you’re moving to USA in January, I’ll be moving from Peru to Australia.
  16. Nadia on Nov 17, 2009 said:Congratulations! Have a nice trip! Hope you will enjoy the United States. :)
  17. Briana on Nov 17, 2009 said:Hope you enjoy my hometown of Albuquerque! It looks like an organized trip, but feel free to email me if you’d like ideas for things to do. Have fun, Jacob!
  18. Kiren on Nov 17, 2009 said:Have a great trip and don’t forget about the little people:) I love this site, it’s become so addictive, what am I going to do for two months?
  19. Raja Sandhu (@rajasandhu) on Nov 17, 2009 said:Thanks for all you do, and all that you will do brother, enjoy the time off!
  20. mariadelsol on Nov 17, 2009 said:buena suerte!!
    i would love see these pics it will be a wonderful travel …… thansk for all by now im learning here…..gook luck enjoy byeeee
  21. Cort on Nov 18, 2009 said:In case I don’t see you when you pass through…WELCOME TO UTAH!
  22. intext pools on Nov 18, 2009 said:have a nice and safe trip! (wow! two strong years of blogging :) )
  23. Taz on Nov 19, 2009 said:Welcome to the U.S.! Hope Chicago is on your list of places to visit!
  24. Damon on Nov 20, 2009 said:Too bad you won’t be coming to Ohio, I’d show you around.. too bad there is nothing to see here!!!Good luck man, you deserve it!
  25. Laurent JOUVIN (@migratedesign) on Nov 24, 2009 said:Have fun and come check us out if you’re in LA!
  26. w3planting on Nov 25, 2009 said:what can be most exciting thing then visiting the new places around the world!!! cool man , have a nice trip :)
  27. Andrea on Nov 25, 2009 said:Congratulations! Have the best of time! I´m your fan I admire you and I get really inspired of knowing all the thigns that u achief every day, I´m studing design too and about a year ago this was the first design blog I´ve ever visited and based in this one I have known so much more blogs, and webs, and all the best design world on the internet.
    Love your blog, your posts and your love to design and as the others say don´t forget about us!
    Take pictures!!


  28. Gavin (@gwipDesign) on Dec 3, 2009 said:Sounds like a great trip, looks like you’ll be passing by my neck of the woods. Hope you have fun!
  29. Sam Logan (@sjlwebdesign) on Dec 13, 2009 said:Hi Jacob,I hope the travelling is going well, I’m insanely jealous of your itinerary. Good luck with the new job when you get back too.

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