30+ Best Tattoo Design Elements: Brushes, Vector Art and Toolkits

30+ Best Tattoo Design Elements: Brushes, Vector Art and Toolkits

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Tattoos have been around for as long as we can remember. As a matter of fact, experts claim that evidence of human tattoos can be traced from around 3370 BC to 3100 BC.

As mentioned, it’s understandable why tattoos are still very much celebrated today. So much so that, although tattoos are designed to be permanent body art, brand logos, and designers are incorporating tattoo elements into their work.

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From packaging and posters to bags and clothing accessories, creative work that employs tattoo designs and visual cues is everywhere!

If you’re a digital designer looking for tattoo design brushes, vector art, and toolkits, we’ve got you covered!

These free, paid high-resolution PSD, and vector tattoo stock element downloads are perfect for your next tattoo design project, and they are available in Photoshop, Affinity, Illustrator, and Procreate.

Let’s start! Also, be sure to check out our best tattoo fonts and the best cursive tattoo fonts posts.

30+ Tattoo Design Elements

  1. Tattoo Toolkit – 350+ Items – (Our Top Pick)
  2. Tattoo Pro – 73+ Procreate Brushes
  3. Tattoo Art – Affinity Brushes
  4. Procreate Inks Tattoo Brushes
  5. Tattoo Art Brushes – Procreate
  6. Hand Drawn Space
  7. Tattoo Design Elements
  8. Tattoo Art Brushes For Adobe Illustrator
  9. Procreate Tattoo Style Roses
  10. Mystic Illustrations Design Bundle

Scroll on for the full list. 

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Tattoo Design Resources: Brushes, Illustrations, Vector Art & ToolKits for Photoshop, Affinity, Illustrator and Procreate

1. Tattoo Toolkit – 350+ Items

Tattoo Toolkit 

Starting the list with a bang, DesignCut’s Tattoo ToolKit packs 350+ items any designer will fall in love with if they’re looking for traditional tattoo aesthetics.

One thing we love about this is its vast set of designs, including wings, parts, basic tattoo art, and many more. This will surely help you be as flexible and creative as you want!

From Photoshop and Procreate brushes to Affinity brushes and Affinity designer assets, this pick has everything you’ll need.

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We highly suggest this font for creating decorations for products and documents that require fanciness.


2. Tattoo Pro – 73+ Procreate Brushes

Tattoo Pro Procreate Resources

If you’re seeking to craft the best tattoo design elements with a tattoo-style flair, then the Tattoo Pro for Procreate pack is precisely what you need. 

One aspect that impresses us is its comprehensive package, which boasts an impressive collection of 73 exceptional brushes, each tailored to cater to various aspects of your artistic vision. 

Among these brushes, we discovered that there’s an array of Liners, offering smooth, gritty, mono, thick, and thin options, both in freehand and stabilized versions. 

The pack also includes 8 tool brushes for sketching and erasing, 4 Shaders for textured coloring, and 9 Whips and dots brushes, perfect for whipping, shading, or creating dotty lifework. 

To provide ample shading possibilities, you’ll find 23 grain and stipple brushes, covering all your shading needs. Additionally, the pack offers 16 Lettering grid brushes for achieving beautiful and evenly spaced lettering in your designs. 

As a bonus, there are 9 body part templates and 28 Instagram frame templates to further enhance your creations. 

Based on our own review, this pack ensures you have the right colors. The pack includes 12 Color Palettes. And don’t worry about mastering these tools; the pack comes with a full video guide on YouTube and a comprehensive PDF guide. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, this Tattoo Pro pack provides the essential tools for bringing your tattoo-style illustrations to life.


3. Tattoo Art – Affinity BrushesTattoo Art – Affinity Brushes

If what you’re looking for is a set of tattoo brushes only, Tattoo Art – Affinity Brushes is what we suggest for you. Containing a variety of brushes that allow you to achieve inked art digitally, these Affinity offerings let you replicate the consistency and texture of real ink.

What’s more, this pack also has tattoo-inspired arrows and dots, helping you finalize your work with attention to detail.

We were delighted by its outline brushes, which create a dynamic flow reminiscent of authentic ink variations, while the scatter brushes layer captivating stippled textures and shading.


4. Procreate Inks Tattoo Brushes

Procreate Inks Tattoo Brushes

Another stunning gem from DesignCut is this kit. As the name of the bundle implies, Procreate Inks Tattoo Brushes allows you to create authentic-looking tattoos with its various custom brushes. 

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Also packed with line, dot, and shading brushes, this Procreate find is perfect for any budding designer wanting to explore this space.

We were positively impressed by a manual shading tool for a hands-on touch.

As a bonus, you’ll receive 3 tileable skin textures in light, mid, and dark skin tones, allowing you to test your designs seamlessly. As one of the best tattoo design elements, this kit includes unlimited one-on-one support to ensure you make the most of these incredible tools. 


5. Tattoo Art Brushes – Procreate

Tattoo Art Brushes – Procreate

Procreate designers are growing in number. And why wouldn’t they? As one of the best design tools available today, the Apple-Exclusive app lets illustrators work on their art as authentically as possible, as if mimicking how one would draw with a pen and paper. 

On that note, DesignCut’s Tattoo Art Brushes are a stellar set that packs numerous brushes, improving and boosting your creative process. Containing stipple shaders, stipple brushes, stipple liners, and so much more, this bundle is worth every penny.

In our opinion, one of the standout features of this tattoo design element is its 5 gradient stipple shaders, which show different depths and densities. 

Moreover, the brush collection includes a diverse set: 12 Stipple Brushes ranging from light to dense, 2 Stipple Liners, 1 Standard Ink Liner, 1 Tapered Ink Liner, 1 Undulating Ink Liner, 1 Undulating Tapered Ink Liner, 3 Wet Ink Liners, 1 Wet Ink Tapered Liner, 1 Smooth Ink Liner, and 1 Smooth Tapered Ink Liner.


6. Hand Drawn Space


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Hand Drawn Space

There’s something about hand-drawn designs that easily catches anyone’s attention. While digital art is beautiful on its own, traditional drawings allow more people to appreciate good, old talent.

As mentioned, if this is the visual vibe you want to achieve, you’re going to want to look at Envato’s Hand Drawn Space. Packed with an impressive 106 elements, this kit gives you all you’ll ever need in the astrology and constellations department. Apart from being compatible with Illustrator, it works with Affinity Designer, too.


7. Tattoo Design Elements

Tattoo Design Elements

Here’s a vector design element set any designer will appreciate. Packed with AI Adobe Illustrator CS+ vector files, EPS Adobe Illustrator CS+ vector files, Hi-res .JPG file (abt 5000×3000), and .PNG files, this bundle is a complete set that allows you to optimize all the familiar and inventive tattoo components you’ve come to love. With this bet, the sky is the limit.


8. Tattoo Art Brushes For Adobe IllustratorTattoo Art Brushes For Adobe Illustrator

If your software of choice is Illustrator, consider DesignCut’s Tattoo Art Brushes For Adobe Illustrator. Containing a whopping 334 brushes, this pack lets you stipple, line, and shade your artwork the way you see fit. Extensive, realistic, and detailed, this pick for Illustrator is arguably the mightiest in the bunch.


9. Procreate Tattoo Style Roses

Procreate Tattoo Style Roses

Another DesignCut offering for Procreate designers is this pack. Procreate Tattoo Style Roses is loaded with 15 outline templates and brushes, making this set a breeze to optimize when you’re practicing your color and shading techniques on the raster graphics editor app. Sporting high-rendered rose outlines, this set includes realistic, traditional, and neo-traditional options, made for both new and seasoned digital artists.


10. Mystic Illustrations Design Bundle

Mystic Illustrations Design Bundle

Perfect for branding, logo designs, tattoo inspirations, and other creative endeavors, the Mystic Illustrations Design Bundle is a trendy collection of modern art design elements. Compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator, designers will find this bundle incredibly extensive and practical. Anyone needing to create artwork and designs in the astrology space will love this.


11. Logo Elements Collections No.1

Logo Elements Collections No.1

If what you’re searching for is a minimalist theme for Photoshop, Logo Elements Collections No.1 could be what you need. Designed to function as a valuable resource for creative folks, these illustrations are completely customizable. Additionally, you will find that these illustrations work wonderfully not only as tattoo designs and inspirations, but as logos, social media graphics, invitations, and a lot more!


12. Esoteric Eyes – Logo Elements Vector Illustrations

Esoteric Eyes – Logo Elements Vector Illustrations

Another beautifully crafted minimalist theme for Illustrator is DesignCut’s Esoteric Eyes. Arguably one of the best kits for creating striking designs, social media posts, tattoo graphics, and other creative projects, this pick packs a punch for several reasons.

It consists of 16 various esoteric mystic symbols, and all illustrations were created by hand in Adobe Illustrator. They’re also 100% vector, with high-resolution .PNG images on transparent backgrounds and.SVG cut files, ensuring that designers have an easy time customizing what they need to.


13. Mehndi Henna Elements, Summer Collection

Mehndi Henna Elements, Summer Collection

Are you a huge fan of Henna tattoos? If you are, the Mehndi Henna Elements, Summer Collection for Illustrator can come in handy. This hand-sketched highly detailed set of 40+ mehndi henna elements and 12 colorful ethnic seamless patterns would be stunning for anti-stress color books, trendy posters, t-shirt prints, temporary flash tattoos, packagings, and a lot more.


14. Tattooesque Elements

Tattooesque Elements

Tattooesque Elements is a well-equipped design toolkit that’s compatible with both Photoshop and Illustrator. Packed with premium and detailed tattoo illustrations, designers will be treated to fifty plus design elements they can customize to their hearts’ content. Available in .EPS, .PSDs, .PNGs, and JPGs, creatives will have a lot of freedom with these elements in this kit.


15. Women & Moon

Women and Moon. Floral Logo, Tattoo, Cards, Stickers

Line art collections work well for branding initiatives and social media graphics, but they make for wonderful tattoo designs, as well. That said, Women & Moon is a pack any creative will enjoy making the most out of. Loaded with 143 unique hand-drawn design elements, Illustrator designers will have lots to customize with this DesignCuts offering.

16. Procreate Tattoo Grain Shading Brushes

Procreate Tattoo Style Roses

Grain shading brushes are terrific tools to make any design or artwork feel more realistic and less of a digital product. Perfect for those wanting to achieve tattoo aesthetics, designers can optimize this pack through Procreate. Furthermore, anyone looking to design retro looks will find this pick helpful too.


17. Procreate Eternal Tattoo Color Chart

Procreate Eternal Tattoo Color Chart

This Procreate tattoo brush set is a must-have for both professional tattoo artists and digital designers. Whereas tattoo artists can properly determine how tattoo colors will look on one’s skin, designers can use this kit as a valuable resource to introduce color theories into their artwork. Vibrant, extensive, and color-accurate, there’s absolutely no reason Procreate designers should turn a blind eye to this pick.


18. Yin Yang in Lotus

Yin Yang in Lotus

There’s a lot to love about the Lotus Yin Yang symbol. Representing the concept of a perfect balance, this legendary design promotes purity and peace.

If these are virtues you or your brand stand for, waste no time incorporating Envato’s Yin and Yang in Lotus into your design projects. Suitable for Illustrator, this digital offering contains 6 Vector lotuses you can use for practically any project.


19. Vintage Tattoo Logo with Golden Elements

Vintage tattoo logo with golden elements

Opening a tattoo studio? Whether or not you are, you’re going to love Envato’s Vintage Tattoo Logo with Golden Elements. A familiar font that’s often seen on branding initiatives for tattoo parlors, this font offering will work well with numerous other graphics efforts and designs.


20. 40 Tattoo Flash (Full Colors)

40 Tattoo Flash (Full Colors)

As the pack’s name implies, 40 Tattoo Flash (Full Colors) includes 40 Full-Color Tattoo Vector Elements and Layered Vectors. Seamlessly compatible with Illustrator, you’re sure to find visual assets you’ll find both valuable and appealing for your tattoo projects.


21. Floral Elements Illustrations

Floral Elements Illustrations

Flowers are attractive visual elements, and they make for good symbology for everything pleasant, nurturing, and progressive. As such, it makes perfect sense why so many people employ flowers for tattoo designs, social media artwork, and branding purposes. If this is the creative route you’re taking, consider Envato’s Floral Elements Illustrations. Compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator, this pack comes with 23 line illustrations.


22. The Day of Peace

The Day of Peace

The Day of Peace is a hand-sketched collection of meticulously drawn Vector elements in the linoleum style. Perfect for tattoo inspirations, greeting cards, mugs, social media designs, and a whole lot more, this graphic elements kit is compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator. Packed with 20 unique graphic elements, designers will have a lot to choose from and play with in this bunch.


23. Vintage Hand Drawn Racing Elements

Vintage hand drawn racing elements

You don’t have to be a racer to enjoy the Vintage Hand Drawn Racing Elements of Envato. Containing 23 Retro Racing Elements utilizable in both Photoshop and Illustrator, this pick is a superb choice for tattoo designs, t-shirt logos, branding efforts, and other graphical projects.


24. Geometric Nature Illustrations

Geometric Nature Illustrations

There’s something about geometric shapes and the drawings inside of them that make for eye-catching tattoo aesthetics. If this visual is something you’d like to use in any of your design projects, consider Envato’s Geometric Nature Illustrations.

Packed with 6 mountain design elements with a unique ink illustration style, this pick works in both Photoshop and Illustrator.


25. Tattoo – Illustrations

Tattoo - Illustrations

Envato’s Tattoo – Illustrations consists of five illustrations you can use for your design projects. From book covers and presentation slides to posters and mug designs, these offerings help you capture the heart of what it’s like to run a tattoo parlor or be a tattoo artist. Designed for both Photoshop and Illustrator, this pack’s offerings are available in AI, PSD, SVG, PNG, EPS, and JPEG.


26. Tattoo Master Pack

Tattoo Master Pack
Tattoo Master Pack. Image Credits: Design Cuts

If you are looking for unique tattoos and elements for a tattoo in procreate, Tattoo Master Pack then is an ideal choice. This pack contains a set of unique tattoo studio logo templates and also elements allowing you to create your own custom designs. 

This is an ideal choice for those working on tattoo projects as it contains elements, vector files, and more in that style. It is compatible with Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Sketch, InkScape, Affinity, Corel Draw, etc.


27. Tattoo Symbols & Logos + Bonus

Tattoo Symbols & Logos
Tattoo Symbols & Logos. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Are you looking for a collection of illustrations and customizable logos for your projects? Tattoo Symbols & Logos is an ideal choice which not only contains 24 illustrations and 6 fully customizable logos which draw inspiration from tattoos and natural symbols.

These look very simple, elegant, and clean. It also includes seamless patterns in the package. These are easy to use as well as easy to edit which allows you to resize, color and style yourself. This trendy minimalist and mythical collection is an ideal choice for branding, logos, and media posts. 


28. Radial Design Pack

Radial Design Pack
Radial Design Pack. Image Credits: Design Cuts

If you are looking for radial designs for your decorations and project, Radial Design Pack is an ideal choice. It includes radial designs, shapes, stamps, and symmetric shapes which are ideal for decorations and various designs.

These are spherical and spiral in shape, you can play with this design however you want by shaping and flipping it, and also you can get a symmetrical form. These designs are ideal for Christmas decorations, snowflakes, patterns, ornaments, snowboarding, and other winter sports topics. 

It is also ideal for logo design, poster design, symbol design, and spiritual and tattoo-related commercials. 


28. Black Flowers

Black Flowers
Black Flowers. Image Credits: Design Cuts

It is always very elegant when we use hand-drawn designs in our projects, and Black Flowers is one such pack that gives an elegant hand-drawn collection of black flowers which suits your projects. 

These are vector illustrations in a floral design and are hand designed. This pack comes with a collection of elegant hand-drawn collections of black flowers, making it ideal for tattoo artists, wedding card designers, logos, and more. These are also ideal for greeting cards, quotes, textiles, blogs, prints, posters, and more. 

30. Alchemical And Magical Symbols

Alchemical And Magical Symbols
Alchemical And Magical Symbols. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Alchemical And Magical Symbols package welcomes you to the world of alchemical knowledge. This collection includes a modern graphic collection that has ancient symbols, alchemical glassware, and modern logo elements. 

It also includes hand-sketched and line art items allowing you to create customized designs, create logos, greeting cards, tattoos, planners, posters, and tarot cards. It is an ideal choice for spiritual projects.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What are tattoo design elements?

Tattoo design elements are the fundamental building blocks that tattoo artists use to create unique and visually appealing tattoos. These elements can include lines, shapes, shading techniques, textures, color palettes, lettering styles, and various artistic tools.

What are the best tattoo design elements?

The best tattoo design elements are Tattoo Toolkit – 350+ Items, Tattoo Pro – 73+ Procreate Brushes, and Tattoo Art – Affinity Brushes. By utilizing these premium design elements, tattoo artists can harness the power of specialized tools, templates, and brushes, pushing the boundaries of their creativity and achieving the highest quality in tattoo-style artwork.

Can I use tattoo design elements for commercial purposes?

This depends on the specific terms and licenses of the design elements you're using. Some design elements may have restrictions, while others can be used for commercial projects. Always check the licensing terms before using any design elements for commercial work.


30 Tattoo Design Elements: Brushes, Vector Art & ToolKits (Free & Premium)

Overall, there are lots to choose from when it comes to this selection. Tattoo designs and inspirations are an integral part of how so many branding initiatives are successful and distinguishable.

Whatever your projects look like, we hope you found a pack from our list that best communicates the artwork you’re going for.

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