The 2009 Logo Of The Year

The 2009 Logo Of The Year

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2009 Top Logos

After two weeks voting on the Top 12 Logo Designs of 2009 the voting has now closed and we are pleased to announce the 2009 Logo Of The Year.

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2009 Logo Of The Year: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Logo

Michael Jackson commemorative logo – from a  short video clip shown on MTV.

Winner: Logo Of The Month September 2009
Credits: Agency; Executor;

2nd Place: Coffee

Coffee Logo

“Logo for coffee house Coffee CUP where high quality coffee is served. Notice that logo of coffee cup is made of letters “CUP”.” See it in use here.

Winner: Logo Of The Month May 2009
Designer: Jan Zabransky

3rd Place: Lochness

Lochness Logo

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Loch Ness Partnership logo.

Winner: Logo Of The Month June 2009
Designer: Navy Blue Design Group (David Needham)

Poll Results

2009 Logo Of The Year Poll Results

Thank you everyone for your votes! Also, please feel free to suggest a logo for your chance to win a Logo Of The Day (or maybe even the Logo Of The Year?) award.

16 thoughts on “The 2009 Logo Of The Year”

  1. Very nice touch… Certainly a deserving winner… I do prefer the lochness logo myself but they are both very good…

  2. The Michael Jackson logo is the clear winner. It’s greatness lies with using the branding power of the ribbon. The Lochness and Arbeitskreis logos are equally impressive with great concepts behind them.

  3. Three great logos for different reasons. I would be very proud to be able to add any one of these to my portfolio!

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