The 2011 Logo Of The Year

The 2011 Logo Of The Year

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Top Logos

After a month of voting on the Top Logo Designs of 2011 the voting has now closed and I am pleased to announce the 2011 Logo Of The Year.

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The 2011 Logo Of The Year

Fork & Knife

Fork & Knife Restaurant by Nick Sickelton.

The Runner Up

Bed & Breakfast

Bread & Breakfast is a coffee shop / bakery that serves breakfast all day and sells bread and baked goods. The aim was to create a logo that will combine the two elements of business (bakery and coffee shop) without creating an overload of visuals. The positive/negative design of the coffee cup and the bread image that is created by the coffee itself, along with the use of light blue and brown, create the desired combination that we set out to design.

Credits: Sigal Vilenski

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3rd Place


Peru country branding.

Credits: FutureBrand Buenos Aires

Poll Results

Logo Results

Thank you everyone for your votes! Also, please feel free to suggest a logo for your chance to win a Logo Of The Day award, or maybe even Logo Of The Year.

17 thoughts on “The 2011 Logo Of The Year”

  1. Thanks for continuing to highlight logo design and new creativity in this area.

    The Fork & Knife is a worthy winner, very strong and simple and a good demonstration of company image.

    Not so sure about the other placing logos. Bread and Breakfast is pretty enough, but I’ve seen a lot like it. The differentiation of the bread loaf within the coffee is clever, but for me at least it was completely unnoticed until I actually read the description. A little too subtle for a logo, perhaps?

    The Peru logo is cool, and looks good, but again there’s a sense that it lacks clarity. Once it’s pointed out that it reads “Peru” then I can see it clearly, but I didn’t necessarily notice that without the explanation. It might work better in a more contextual situation, though.

  2. Thank you for this recognition! Truly an honor and a blessing! The Fork and Knife logo I created is being used for an Art Institute graduate friend of mine whom went on to start his own restaurant! 🙂

  3. It’s nice to see that Logo of the Year is a simple yet effective and unique design. There are all too many logos out there that look virtually the same, so to have a range of new ones that stand out is really refreshing.
    A good logo should make you look twice, think about what you have just seen and it should stick in your mind. All three of the top examples do this. They not only reflect the service being provided, but are a new take on an already established business platform. Congratulations to all three as they are all worthy winners.

  4. Excellent logos. I would choose Knife and Fork also. It’s nice to know that it’s being used. Good luck to the friend who’s using it!

  5. my first impression to the fork and knife design was a scissor… because the dark fork is much stronger than the knife so it is more visible. 🙂 I prefer red and green maybe,, or shade of brown.. but i like the combination of the pointed tips of the fork and knife… it’s a flyer and brochure friendly design.

    CO N G R A T U L A T I O N S!

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