The Best & Worst Rebrands of Recent Times

The Best & Worst Rebrands of Recent Times

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Rebranding an established brand is no easy task, but when done right the investment really does pay off or in some cases, quite the opposite. Below we look at some of the best and worst rebrands of recent times, as outlined by Oomph.

Best Worst Rebrands

Best Rebrands of Recent Times

Burberry, Harley Davidson, McDonalds, Old Spice, UPS, Target, J.Crew, Starbucks, Microsoft, Airbnb, Comedy Central, Coke, Lego, PayPal

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Best Rebrands of Recent Times

The Worst Rebrands of Recent Times

GAP, Mastercard, Tropicana, Pepsi, BP, Cardiff Football Club, Quikster, Royal Mail, Pizza Hut, Animal Planet, CapitalOne, SciFi, Aol, Kraft, London Olympics.

Worst Rebrands of Recent Times

Do you have any favorite rebrands of recent times? Or maybe some failures to add?

4 thoughts on “The Best & Worst Rebrands of Recent Times”

  1. Amazing post. Most of the re-branding history was unknown to much of the people so by summarizing all in one content you did an wonderful job. Business growth depends on re-branding or branding a lot.

  2. interesting article. thank you.

    The latest and unexpected rebranding of UBER left me puzzled. They had such a clear and appropriate logo before. Now, it doesn’t convey any clear message anymore. It fascinating how brands would spend money on the most futile things while there is so much more they need to do. Recently, they didn’t have a great press coming from both drivers and users. They may have wanted to take care of that instead of spending millions on their logo…

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