The First Logo of Established Logo Designers

The First Logo of Established Logo Designers

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I was recently interviewed at The Logo Creative, and was asked “What was the first ever logo you designed?”

To find my first logo, I went to the workbook from my first ever graphic design class.

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I was 15 at the time, and the logo was designed for a fictional watch company called “Time Flies Watch Co.” My solution seems to be some sort of flying watch, with an attempt at using negative space.

As we were all beginners at some point, I thought it would be interesting to see the first logo design from other respected logo designers, in the hopes of inspiring others to keep practicing their craft.

A big thanks for sharing your first logo: Von Glitschka, Josiah Jost, Sean Farrell, Kevin Burr, Logoholik, Jerron Ames, David Airey, Mike Erickson and Raja Sandhu!

Please see here for what makes a good logo or take a logo design class with Paula Scher to learn more about logo design.

Update April 2018: Get the My First Logo eBook

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My First Logo

My First Logo eBook – A collection of first logos by over 100 designers including Jeroen van Eerden, Von Glitschka, Melinda Livsey, Tako Chabukiani and myself.


My First Ever Logo Design

Time Flies

Other Logo Designer’s First Logos

Von Glitschka – PaynLess Vending

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Von Glitschka First Logo

Josiah Jost – Action Now

Action Now

Sean Farrell – Cliq Consulting

Cliq Consulting

Kevin Burr – CardioLabs

Cardio Labs

Logoholik – Zogozizd
Logo design for a local print house in Serbia, deriving from the owner’s family names: ZOran, GOran, ZIvka and ZDravko 🙂


David Airey – Fidelity Hearing Center

Fidelity Hearing Logo

Mike Erickson – Datamark Enterprises

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Datamark Logo

Jerron Ames – Companion Care Animal Hospital

Companion Care Logo

Raja Sandhu – Webfellaz

Created in Photoshop with a font and Photoshop Styles.

Webfellza Logo

Vincent Burkhead – Collabora Design

Collabora Design

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Logo Geek – Future History

Future History


What’s your first ever logo design? If you’re game, share it in the comments below.


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13 thoughts on “The First Logo of Established Logo Designers”

  1. These are all surprisingly pretty good, and all show a real spark of talent. I always expected designers ‘firsts’ to be awful. My first logo was designed in Photoshop…

    • I would have to agree, they do show some talent already. And I do have to make clear that some of these were not “first”, but the earliest the designer could find have access to, because many were made before digital.

  2. The logos shown in this post have a really interesting and meaningful design with a uniqueness in each. I liked the Companion Care Animal Hospital and Action Now logo designs a lot. Thanks for sharing this post. I will keep these interesting designs in mind while re-designing the logo for my website.

  3. Most of these are quite good. I especially like the ones for Fidelity Hearing, Cardiolabs, Companion Care Animal Hospital, and Cliq Consulting.

  4. The first logo I made was when I was ten. At a summer camp in New Mexico. They were branding calves and I was intrigued by the designs for various brands. So I made my own, a combination of the letters L, J and G. And I put it all into a “Walking Diamond”. I’d draw it here, but can’t find the paintbrush.

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