The Just Creative Mailing List

The Just Creative Mailing List

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If you are currently subscribed to the Just Creative mailing list, you will need to re opt in below to keep receiving emails. The reason for this is that I am swapping from Google’s discontinued Feedburner to the Aweber email service.

Just Creative Mailing List

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The reason for swapping is so that I have more control over the emails and the fact that Feedburner could disappear at anytime, among other reasons.

If you were previously subscribed you should have / will be receiving a separate email from me asking you to re-opt in. During this transition period you may receive a few duplicate emails so I apologize in advance if that happens. Rest assured, it won’t be for long and you will only get 1-2 emails a fortnight just like normal.

Enter your email below this article or click through to the site if you’re reading this elsewhere.

Thanks for your time and continued support.

15 thoughts on “The Just Creative Mailing List”

  1. I would like to sign up for the newsletter but the site keeps sending me in circles and won’t let me sign up. Can you please add me? Thanks

      • Ah, it must have been my browser. I was on Chrome and there was no box to type in my email so when I would click the “subscribe today” button it would just refresh the page. But now that I’m on Firefox it’s showing. Thanks!

  2. Jacob, I just need to update my email, since we had a company merge. I still want to keep up with your blog/site. So my new email is in place. Thanks so much for what you do for the design community with the info you share. It’s just awesome!!

  3. Wow Jacob, you’re doing a great job inspiring the world about design. Thank you. Please keep it up…

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