The Logo Design Process of Top Designers [Infographic]

The Logo Design Process of Top Designers [Infographic]

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Discover the design process of top professional logo designers in the infographic below.

There are so many aspects that need to be considered while designing a brand’s logo, some of which include memorability, simplicity and versatility. Fundamentally, before any aspects can be considered, there must be a structure in place.

Following a step by step procedure will allow you to segment the entire process. Breaking down the logo design process will enable you to clearly focus on each step, helping to simplify and speed up the process.

From collating a brief, to celebrating the final product, the following infographic details how top designers approach and carry out a successful logo design.

Thank you to Branding and Marketing Blog; ‘We Are Promotional who we hooked up with to create the this ‘Logo Design Process of Top Designers Infographic’.

Logo Design Process of Top Designers


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  1. You discussed the whole logo design process quite well in this article. Specially the research part is very necessary because your logo is the identity of your brand and to make it memorable, you should create it after conducting proper research.

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