The Past, Present & The Future

The Past, Present & The Future

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Clock - Photo by nafra cendrers

This post is a general overview of what I have been up to, where I am at and where I am going in the short future.

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agIdeas 2009

This past week I have been down in Melbourne for the 3 day design conference agIdeas and it was simply awesome… I learned so much and was awe inspired by the quality and passion behind all of the speakers who had so much knowledge & insight to share.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many notes over the three days so I can not give much of a review of what was said however I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience… from hearing the masters talk about their craft right through to the free beer, pizza and parties. My favourite talkers were Sean Cummings, Stefan Sagmeister, Tobias Frere-Jones, John Marsden, Étienne Minuer, Michale Persson and Stanley Wong.

For those interested in attending a similar design conference (I highly recommend it) here is a great article that lists many US and international design conferences.

Calling For Guest Posts

Would you be interested in writing an article for Just Creative Design? If so, please send me an email with what you have in mind. I need to have the completed article before 24th May. All topics are welcome.

Travel Plans

Vietnam - Photo by NTLam

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The reason I am calling for guest posts is because I am going to go travelling for 2 months and won’t have the time to write enough posts for my time away.

For those interested, I am heading to Japan for 10 days, Cambodia for 6, Vietnam for 16 and then I will have 1 week back in Australia and then will head over to New Zealand for 10 days for a snow boarding trip.

If you have read my about page, you may know that I love traveling and have shared my experiences many times here on JCD. This trip will be no different and I will share some of the photos when I return.

These are the other places I have been for those interested: Belgium, Canada (British Columbia, Whistler, Blackcomb, Big White), USA (27 States), Denmark (Copenhagen), United Kingdom (London), Fiji (Nadi, Suva), Finland (Suomi), France (Paris, Bordeaux, Nice), New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway (Oslo), Philippines, Solomon Islands, Sweden (Goteborg, Stockholm), Vanuatu, Spain (Pamplona, Barcelona), Monaco, Italy (Rome, Capri, Venice, Florence, Sorrento), Austria (Vienna), Vatican City, Greece (Corfu), Austria, Germany (Munich, Heidelberg), Liechtenstein, Switzerland (Jungfrau Mountain / Lauterbrunnen), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Norfolk Island, Hong Kong, Thailand (Phuket, Bangkok, Samui), Vietnam, Cambodia (Siem Riep & Phnom Penh), Japan, Iceland, Costa Rica, Hawaii.

NYC Creative Studio Job Offer

NYC - Photo by 708718

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A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be offered a job in New York City by a creative director at a new media marketing agency. I have put forward my interest in the job and am currently in talks with a few contacts over in NYC to see if we can make the move a reality, considering such things as payment, accommodation, visas, etc.

If everything works out I should be over there at the end of this year.

Update:   July 24th 2009 – It has been confirmed, I am leaving for NYC, January 2010.

As for the future of JCD and my other blogs Logo of the Day and Logo Designer Blog… who knows? Things eventually have to come to an end but I don’t have plans for doing anything like that just yet… I think I will just have to post less frequently.

Other News

Vero Water Mockup

Bottle being manufactured in China

Above is a 3D mock-up for a sustainable, refillable glass water bottle that I designed for a Miami based water company a few months ago. The bottle is currently being manufactured in China and I am eagerly awaiting to see the final product in a few weeks. I am quite excited about this project and can’t wait to see the results which is why I am sharing the mock-up with you now.

I will write up about the design process (similar to my Vodka bottle design process) once I get the product in my hands and the professional photographs come through from the client in the US.

I will then proceed to complete their identity (website + promotional material) which I am also looking forward too.

Jobs I am currently working on

Below are some of the projects I am currently working on:

  • Liquor Bottle Design (for a Jamaican rum based liquor)
  • 4 Identity Designs + Stationery
  • Logo Design eBook
  • Newcastle Fashion Week Identity + Promotional Material (Pro bono work)
  • Comic Strip (in collaboration with 3 others at University)
  • Vector Toy Character Illustration (University work)
  • Creativity Speech (University work)
  • Vero Website / Promotional Material (soon)

I am currently taking work for August.

Layers magazine 3 page spread

If you have a look in the latest issue of Layers Magazine (May/June) you will find a three page spread of me and my work (page 26). I give a shout out to you (my readers) so keep an eye out for that too.

I have a PDF copy of the spread here but I have not received the tangible copy just yet… once I do I will take some pics and post them up in a new blog post.

Sky diving

Skydive - Photo by divemasterking2000

I should also mention that I am going Sky Diving this weekend… just incase I don’t come back. Eek. Update: Survived and the photos are on my Facebook page.

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61 thoughts on “The Past, Present & The Future”

  1. I am just in awe of how successful you are at your age. I’m a few years younger than you (entering college in a few months) and man you are my idol right now after reading this post.

    Congratulations on all your awards and this new job offer really must have been the icing on the cake. I would love to be where you’re at (or maybe even past you) when I get to your age.

  2. If you have noticed me before you will realize that how Great fan I am of yours. I am really inspired by your work and the way you put yourself among others.

    Best wishes for the Future.

    And yes the Bottle is really really Unique and superb.


  3. Jacob, those are great news! The trips, the job, the bottle. Good luck with everything, you sure deserve it!
    By the way, I didnt see Brazil in your list. You should come over here, its a beautiful country, a lot like Australia (No, i havent been there YET, but thats what Hugh Jackman said, in his last visit here, which was last week! haha)
    well, good luck with everything “mate”:)

  4. So awesome! Stefan Sagmeister is definitely an interesting guy to listen too.
    RGD Ontario puts on a conference and studio tours once a year in Toronto called Design Thinkers, for it’s members and non-members with big name designers. I would definitely recommend it.
    Good luck with everything.

  5. Ricky,
    I have been quite fortunate and I really have this blog to thank for it all. But like they say “every dog has his day”.

    Thanks Nikhil and I have certainly noticed you around and your blog. All the best for you too!

    Brazil is certainly on my list, among many other countries… one day! My parents were recently over there for Carnivale and loved it, so many pictures, so beautiful (the women too!)

    Edh, Manko10, Chris, Tatiana, Jin, Antonea,
    Thank you!

    Thanks for the tip off 🙂

    Hehe well I am still considering my options but I think this is a great opportunity + I’ve always wanted to see New York! Anyway, set your goals (Japan/Sky Diving) and go for it!

  6. Hi Jacob,
    How did AgIdeas compare to SemiPermanent? I haven’t been to either yet but hoping I can get my employer to send me to SP in Melbourne in October 🙂 I’m based in Sydney, but love getting down to Melbourne too.

    Did you end up doing the work experience with a studio whilst you were there?

  7. Oh my! Congratulations! I love your work and you definitely deserve all of the success that is coming your way. Have a fun trip!

  8. Congrats on the NYC job offer! That would be an amazing opportunity! I was just in NYC a couple months ago. It is truly the city that never sleeps and definitely America’s largest public advertising billboard!

  9. Blimey. I would absolutely love to go to Japan, I wish I had the money to do it! I’ve also wanted to sky dive since I was about… 8?

    Well done with the job offer, I hope it all goes well! I think you’re crazy moving away from Australia though!

    Seriously though, how the hell do you do it? I need some damn projects! Congrats with everything!

  10. Hello Donna,
    agIdeas went over 3 days, where as Semi went over 2. I much preferred agIdeas. The speakers were more “high class” (I mean that in the nicest possible way) and were not typical “show and tell” talks. If I had a choice I would go to agIdeas for sure.

    The work experience turned out to be free beer and pizza with a bit of discussion which was a bit insightful but not that great.

    Have fun!

  11. Incredible. Sounds like you’re living life to its fullest and are completely in control of what you want to do and where you want to go. I commend you on being able to do so much, and experience so much in such little time. What you’re only 21-22? Wow. I’m 21, and I’ve yet to experience a quarter of what you’ve experienced and achieved. I’ve recently found your blog and it’s definitely one of my favs.

    I actually emulated your logo design process for a logo redesign project and impressed my college prof. taking home a prize for best in my class..So I have you to thank for it!

    Cheers, I wish you the best of luck on future endeavors and hope that everything works out with that NY job offer.


  12. I’ll be setting them at some point! Trying to make my fiancée come sky diving with me at some point… she’s not a great fan of adrenaline rushes :p Japan will come at some point, for the time being my mind is set on starting a design company after college (2 weeks!) and moving to Australia in a couple of years time!

  13. Hi Jacob, congrats on the job offer. NYC is awesome, in fact I’ve just come back from a weekend there – my third time – I love the energy of the place. When I was in uni I sent off 18 CVs to try and get work in Manhattan for my work placement year, but unfortunately it didn’t work out so I went to London instead.

    Japan is awesome as well. I went there for 10 days just over a year ago – I could easily have had another 10 days, but it has left me with a reason to go back. Get yourself a rail pass before you get out there and you’ll save loads of money on the trains, buses and the subway system. The cities I went to, each of which were amazing and different in their own way, were Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Have a great time.


  14. Your future is awesome man, 21 years an you already are have a great professional career and you are a great graphic designer.
    really cool the places you’re going to, I saw you’ve been en France, did you like it?
    And congratulation for all your success, you deserve it and of course for I thing s the best of, the NYC agency, anyone would kill for a job like that, so good luck with all the great things the future brings to you.
    And I hope your blog never finish, because its a great source of knowledge and inspiration.

  15. Coros,
    I am looking forward to it even though nothing is confirmed yet (still awaiting pay packet details + other info for now) but hopefully everything comes out on the upside. Good to hear that you like NYC, it’s not for everyone.

    Also looking forward to Japan! 10 days is so short but it is a little taste I suppose. Thanks for the rail pass ticket tip. Was there a favourite out of the places you visited and why?

    Not sure about kill, it is a big sacrifice to leave your home country. Leaving behind your friends, family and lifestyle is well, a huge move but in saying that, I am not taking this opportunity for granted and will be considering my choices wisely. I don’t plan to close the blog ever but the posts will eventually slow down I guess.

    One thing I often tell myself is not to compare yourself to others (I know it is natural) but sometimes it is best that way, especially in the long term. Glad to hear the logo process works for you too.

    I don’t plan to close the blog ever but the posts will eventually slow down I guess. Thanks 🙂

  16. Good luck with the job mate! Learned so much from you! But don’t just delete this blog someday, keep it as long as you live as a trophy, such a blog deserves it, plus I still have so much to talk about it on my blog 🙂

  17. Hello again Jacob,

    Lovely design for the bottle Jacob. Congratulations !
    And I thought you had been to India. Your portfolio says about BITS Pilani.. How did you find this place..It would good to listen from you..

    By the way, Have just mailed you an Article. Please let me know you comments about it.

    Take care 🙂

  18. Mandy,
    The 7 week trip would have been unreal! Will be going to Hanoi and Halong Bay, and staying on a junk boat 🙂 Looking forward to it.

    Yeah, it was a live web cam lecture to India. I wasn’t there in person. Thanks for the email, replied.

  19. I am so jealous – your trip sounds amazing. I recently came back from a 7 week tour around Asia, I didn’t get time to go to Cambodia so would be great to hear about it. Vietnam was a crazy place, wtach out for the scooters in Hanoi. Halong bay is defiantly worth a visit,its a beautiful place and you can stay the night in the bay on a boat which I can defiantly recommend. Enjoy your trip!

  20. Nice sleek bottle design, simple clean & elegant, i’d pay a few extra dollars to buy water in a bottle like that. I would love to attend AgIdeas, but that requires money I don’t have.

    Congratulations on the NYC Job offer and all the success that has come your way, you definitely deserve it.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your trips, enjoy it!

  21. Hello again,

    I have to say that Thailand was amazing like you said it would be and you were definitely right about the smell. Boy do I miss the smell of garbage roasting in the sun. And that full moon party…well, that was something for the story books. Never have I ever seen a beach party like that. It was definitely a cool experience.

    I went to Cambodia as well and that was definitely fun. I am going to assume you’ll be taking a visit to Angkor Wat, which is incredible! It’s really crazy to see these structures in real life. Prepare for the heat though. I was amazed at how hot and dry Cambodia was.

    Take care and congrats on your latest successes.

  22. Kristine,
    The bottle is actually for restaurants so unfortunately you can not buy the bottle… you may use it however :p

    Glad to hear you loved it too. Don’t get me started on the full moon party, it’s just unreal. Going to Angkor Wat (it’s a given) and will see how the heat goes (for an Aussie). Thanks David. Enjoy more travels!

  23. Good Luck Jacob! I’ve been reading your posts for a long time and I find your evolution most impressive. I know that working and writing for you blog at the same time must have been hard, I know that for me at times it is.

    Working as a stand-alone can be sometimes time difficult but it’s much more rewarding, and when you get to the end of a project and achieve so much you really feel like reached a peak.

    So I wanted to congratulate you on what you did until now, you’ve been a great inspiration for people around the globe including for me.

    Before I found the will and the idea of launching my own business, I had a few people I looked up to and you where one of them. Though we never met I wanted to thank you on this occasion and say you’ve done a great job.

    Hope to hear more from you soon. And it’s good that you travel, many seem to lose themselves in this line of work. I’m also going to Spain this June, after my final exam. I wanna’ SURF!!

    You ROCK! Good Luck!

  24. NYC eh? All the best with that, Jacob. Manhattan’s a wonderful place to visit. Not sure about living there personally, but if the right offer came along…

  25. Hi just been to your site and I like it. By the way am a graphic designer curently having opened my design firm. I started out at a younger age like you am now 26 years and this really has excited me. However in your list you should also visit Africa. In fact Africa is all artistic in every aspect especially here in Kenya.
    So i wish you best of luck in your career in design

  26. Wow, the Big Apple hu??! Very exciting! You may be on my side of the world soon then. Sounds like there are a lot of details to work out but what an exciting prospect! I’ll look forward to your updates on that – best of luck!!

    Also – i love living vicariously through your travels. 🙂 I’m a dreamer aspiring to be an actualizer. Someday maybe I’ll follow through with that but, in the mean time, keep livin the life and sharing it with me! Can’t wait to hear about the upcoming trip!! *cheers*

  27. Claudiu,

    Finding the right balance between promotion and work is always going to be difficult but it’s a catch22, if you don’t do either, your not going to have a job. Anyway, thank you for your kind words, keep at it and enjoy the ride.

    Thank you!

    Yeah, looks like January will be when I am over there. At this stage it is only planned to be 1 or 2 years though I often hear stories of people staying there.

    Africa is certainly a place I want to visit however probably when I am older. Thanks.

    Soon enough, most probably in January. Will post the pics when I return. Thanks.

  28. Hi Jacob,

    long time not in touch and here you are… a famous glittered promising young designer….

    learning that you never been to Indonesia…. I wonder why you were not attracted to visit such differs cultural place like that? so many inspiration can be easily found in just your door step (4 hours fly to Bali)

    but who knows maybe you will visit my country in the near future

    about your newcastle fashion work its remind me to http://www.jemberfashioncarnaval.com
    it is a very extraordinary creative event I ever seen. just brows it and you will find the beauty. for additional information, all the costumes made by the model them self. Most model have no design or fashion backgroud at all.

  29. Hello Jacob Cass,
    I stumbled into your site from a search engine. At first I didn’t pay so much attention to the person who’s articles I was reading and even saving to my hard drive until I checked out your profile. Man! You’ve redefined success for me!
    I’m a final medical student who is queerly passionate about logo design and corporate branding.
    You guessed it! I’ve bookmarked your site and like a Google bot I will keep ‘crawling’ your site for the latest information and inspiration.
    I learn from you…Keep winning!
    Best regards,

  30. Hi,

    Jaccob, Just amazing creation you have, i really apriciate your work. i also requests you come to pakistan. But my sicere & kind whishes with you & your creation, may ALLAH gave you more & more as so much success. Keet it up.


    Ikram Mughal

  31. Hi Jacob,

    I came across your site just checking out other graphic designers work and I think your designs & talent is awesome! Keep up the good work and thanks for being an inspiration to other designers (such as myself) who are starting out in the field.

    Best of luck to you,

    Maria : )

  32. Hi Jacob!
    Got to your website very randomly during search after some enriching stuff since I started a one year course of graphic design.
    Found some very intersting place that I can learn more and get some great tips 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Your’e doing a great job!
    You should add ISRAEL to your travelling list 🙂


    (I sent you a friend request on Facebook)

  33. Hi Jacob – I just watched you have been in Corfu and thought you may have some sights, which is valuable to see.

    I can’t remember how I got yo your website, but are just gonna look a little. And http://therissingtonpodcast.co.uk/ – good, and I don’t study graphic design.

    An then to Copenhagen – gonna move there next year ! Finally

    – Sine

  34. Hi Jacob,
    I came across your website while looking for inspiration for some graphics for a project of mine and I was spellbound. You work is really creative, colorful and inspirational. I honestly respect your adventurous nature and your way of life. There are a very few individuals like you I am really happy that I stumbled across your website.
    You have been a really huge inspiration to me.


  35. Natalie,
    Israel would be great! One day!

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Copenhagen.

    Thank you for your kind words and all the best!

  36. Hi, cass i am from india. I am a designer for more to learn about in this field. ur works are really great. if u notice me please kindly reply.

  37. Dear Jacob,
    I have just a short question about a logo design that I have made for a fashion company.
    Are you willing or able to give some advice or help with that?
    I’m a graphic/textil designer in the netherlands, and I want to educate myself in this.

  38. Hello Jacob.

    Really today i am very happy beacause due to read your some articles and design related work. really your work is great.

    I am graphics and webdesigner. so if you have any update design related pls send me.

    skype : macgw86

  39. you are really awesome jacob sir i am really empressed with your work honourly,superb and clean now my illustrator compeleted and i am following you now! 🙂

  40. really your are creative i mean just creative. Well sir nice creative portfolio and nice comments feedback. I m also running a small studio called “creeativebird” . Just want to thanks because by visiting your site i learn a lot. have a nice creeativetime ahead…

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