The Perfect Advertisement

The Perfect Advertisement

I was recently reading an article about key words that convert and within it I found a reference to the “perfect advertisement “ from back in 1961.

It utilizes the ten “most persuasive” keywords in the English language;

  • you,
  • discover,
  • easy,
  • proven,
  • save,
  • money,
  • guarantee,
  • health,
  • happiness,
  • love,
  • results.

So when you combine these into a sentence it creates the “perfect advertisement”:

sponsored message

You can discover an easy and proven way to save money, and help guarantee your future health and happiness. Buy a home in one of America’s finest communities. You’ll love the results. “

Perfect Advertisement

Be prepared to be ‘persuaded’.

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Advertisement”

  1. Great Jacob. Shows the power of copywriting.

    While we’re on the subject, do you think that designers should also be good copywriters? Or do you think they are two distinct skills?

  2. Hey Chris,
    Yeah it sure does! A fair chunk of visual communication comes down to type, so yes I do think it helps to be a good writer, or at the very least know how to communicate your ideas / themes. Blogging over the years has helped me get a better grasp on writing, but I’m still far from a copywriter.

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