The Secret to Branding

The Secret to Branding

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Shhh! Wanna know the secret to building a remarkable brand?

  • No, it’s not a pretty logo.
  • No, it’s not an incredible product.
  • No, it’s not your promise.

A brand is your reputation. It is the sum of every interaction you make with your customers. It’s a person’s overall feeling with your brand. It’s a result.

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And to build a remarkable brand, you need a brand strategy.

That’s the secret.

For more on branding, I recommend Marty Neumeier’s books which I have loosely paraphrased above.

The Secret to Branding

Doing design without strategy is like driving a car without an engine.

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Sure it looks good, but it won’t get you anywhere fast.

So what is a strategic brand?

It’s a brand with a road map. A GPS. A North Star.

This road map should provide a crystal clear direction on the brand’s route, ensuring you can weave through obstacles and have a smoother path to success.

Consider your messaging, voice, values, purpose, personality, identity and brand story.

Do they align? Can your customers relate?

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Building a remarkable brand is no secret.

It’s simply the synergy of strategy & design.

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