The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Bookkeeping & Taxes (+ Free Webinar)

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Bookkeeping & Taxes (+ Free Webinar)

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Are you a freelancer or small business owner in the USA? Then listen up!

Be Your Own CFO

I was recently contacted by James Northard, a long time follower of Just Creative, who let me know about his wife’s awesome new course focused on teaching freelancers & small business owners – such as designers, photographers and bloggers – about finance and running a small business. Basically, how to become your own CFO (Creative Financial Officer), which is exactly what their course is called.

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As a designer with a small business, this really struck a chord with me because I literally had no bloody idea how to do all of this when I started my own business (and still don’t really). They don’t teach taxes & bookkeeping in design school, or any school for that matter so once James shared the course outline with me, I immediately had to share it.

The goal for their program is to provide entrepreneurs and small business owners with confidence and peace of mind with their business structure, bookkeeping, and taxes. A boring subject I know, but this really is the foundation of any business.

The Be Your Own CFO program, written by Amy Northard, a Certified Public Accountant, includes lifetime access to a membership site which includes short videos and beautiful, downloadable guides that will walk you through the main topics in each lesson, with 5 core lessons in total.

Detailed information and costs are available on their website, so go check it out. The full course launches on July 15th, and the first lesson will be available for free when you sign up for the webinar. See below for that.

Free Webinar: 4 Important Steps to Properly Structure Your Business

Free Webinar

Amy Northard, CPA is sharing the entire first lesson of her online course Be Your Own CFO, which guides entrepreneurs and small business owners through business structure, bookkeeping, and taxes. This first lesson will set the foundation for your business and bookkeeping:

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  • How to choose a business structure, from a tax accountant’s perspective…
  • How to research your state’s business requirements…
  • How to create an employer ID number in less than 10 minutes for free…
  • What you need to know when setting up a separate business bank account…

Amy tells me there is also a limited time offer for those attending the webinar, and they will get first dibs on it. You can register for the webinar below. Enjoy!

Register For The Webinar

As a disclaimer, the links above are affiliate links so if you get involved with Amy’s great course I do get to keep a small percentage of the sale, as a thank you for referring you on. This said, I only ever recommend something if I find it to be incredibly valuable and have full trust in it. Enjoy!

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  1. Becoming your own CFO. I am a blogger and I know how to earn well in this competitive environment but taxes make me cry. Thank you for sharing this. A very big thanks! I look forward to the webinar.

  2. Being a cloud accounting advocate, I of course choose to use an online accounting program to track my business data.

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