The Strategic Pyramid – Brand Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values

The Strategic Pyramid – Brand Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values

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Do you know the difference between a mission and a vision?

Or the difference between a purpose and a goal?

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Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

These terms are misused & misunderstood and often used interchangeably, and this just amplifies the confusion.

I came across this simple model in Marty Neumier’s book, Metaskills, and it puts these major concepts into a clearly defined hierarchy.

  • Purpose – The reason you exist beyond making money (Never changes)
  • Mission – A master plan for creative value (5-20 years)
  • Vision – A shared picture of Mission success (5-20 years)
  • Goals – Short-term objectives that support your Mission and Vision (1-5 years)

Strategic Pyramid

To clarify this further, here is how I define each of these attributes:

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  • Purpose  = WHY (why you do what you do)
  • Vision = WHERE (where your brand is going and what its future looks like)
  • Mission = WHAT (what you are going to do to make your vision a reality)
  • Values = HOW (how will your brand will do business to realise its vision for the future)

“Notice in the pyramid that mission and vision are on the same level. They’re fraternal twins that reveal the “how” and the “what” of future success. Most CEOs get this wrong, using mission and vision interchangeably. Also notice that purpose is on a higher level than both mission and vision. That’s because even when the mission isn’t going well and the vision seems like a mirage, a strong purpose will keep people coming back to work day after day.” – Marty Neumeier

That’s it, now you know the differences and can start building a solid strategy!

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