Top 100 Best Fonts for Graphic Designers (2024)

Top 100 Best Fonts for Graphic Designers (2024)

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What are the top 100 fonts for professional graphic designers use?

Based on a variety of factors — Sales, Historical Value/Meaning, Aesthetic Qualities — these are the top 100 best fonts of all time, perfect for professional graphic designers!

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We’ve compiled an ultimate list of 100+ essential fonts for designers and shown the top 10 fonts in each category of type including: sans-serif, serif, slab serif, display, vintage, script, luxury and more.

You can also check out our list of the best 50 free fonts for graphic design, logos & branding.

These are the best fonts for graphic designers in 2024 & beyond!

The Top 100 Best Fonts For Graphic Designers (Ultimate List of Fonts) — 2024

Are you looking for the most popular and cool fonts for graphic design? Or perhaps just a list of the best font style names?

We’ve listed the fonts and their names below. Click to jump to your desired font category:

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Top 100 Best Fonts For Graphic Designers (Free & Paid)

If you’re looking for the ultimate font list along with the font names, this curated best fonts compilation is for you! Enjoy.

10+ Best Sans Serif Fonts

Best Professional Fonts for Clean & Minimal Logo Design

If you have a clean and minimalist style in mind when designing, a simplistic approach to typography is essential to achieve that look and a sans-seif font can help achieve that. Here are the best sans-serif fonts for graphic design.

  1. Helvetica® Now
  2. Proxima Nova
  3. Brandon Grotesque
  4. FF DIN®
  5. Gilroy™
  6. Mont™
  7. Avenir Next®
  8. Cera Pro™
  9. Panton
  10. TT Commons

10 Best FREE Sans Serif Fonts

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Looking for some free sans-serif font alternatives to the above? Here are a few of the best free san-serif fonts for graphic design.

  1. Montserrat
  2. Nexa (Light & Bold only) Full family here
  3. Bebas Neue
  4. Exo 2
  5. Raleway
  6. Roboto
  7. Open Sans
  8. Titillium Web
  9. Ubuntu
  10. Lato

10 Best Serif Fonts

Best professional serif fonts for logo design

For many designers, when it comes to designing a clean and elegant graphic for a company, using a Serif font in their designs helps to add a little bit of flair & sophistication to the brand.

A serif font is easily identified by the “little feet” that appear at the ends of the letters being used. Searching for Serif fonts can lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole with all of the options there are to choose from but here are the top 10 best serif fonts.

  1. Hermann
  2. Recoleta
  3. Blacker
  4. ITC Lubalin Graph
  5. Linotype Didot
  6. Begum
  7. ITC Caslon No. 224
  8. Sabon
  9. Bookmania
  10. Gabriela Stencil

12 Best Slab Serif Fonts

A slab serif font is a serif font that has had the serif blocked off, creating a strong, sturdy appearance instead of the more refined look that a traditional serif would have.

A slab serif font, when compared to other serifs, has less contrast overall, which adds to the heavy, dramatic appearance of the font.

Here’s a quick rundown of our choices for the best slab serif fonts for graphic design.

  1. Rockwell
  2. Clarendon
  3. Bondie – Condensed Slab Serif Font
  4. Museo Slab
  5. Knox Serif Typeface
  6. Vodka Display Font Pack
  7. American Oak 4 Font Set
  8. Orgon Slab 
  9. Servus Slab
  10. Lunchbox Slab Font Family
  11. Leophard Font Family
  12. Cabrito

10 Best Display Fonts

Fonts that can fit a broad category can be described as a display font. These tend to be designed for short-form or large-format applications such as billboards or posters. These types of best fonts for designers can also be used with logotypes, headlines or headings on websites, magazines, or book covers.

These fonts can transcend styles and can be a serif font, slab serif, script, sans serif, and so on.

Some fonts will include a display version in which the original design has been embellished or exaggerated for use at a larger size.

Here are the top 10 best display fonts for graphic design.

  1. Brandon Grotesque
  2. Bourton
  3. Spock
  4. Sofa Serif – 25 Hand Drawn Display Fonts
  5. Highbinder Display Font
  6. Gilroy
  7. Requiem Display Font
  8. Sugar Boats Display Font
  9. Dorris
  10. Prizefighter Art Deco Display Font

10 Best Script Fonts

A script font is designed so that it captures the artistry and beauty of calligraphy and traditional hand lettering.

They can be decorative and most use them in the same manner as a display font by making a statement rather than a set message.

These types of fonts can be very popular choices for branding, logotypes, stationery, and poster design. When paired with a wide range of other font styles, they help create different moods.

Here is our selection of the best script fonts for graphic designers.

  1. Bourton – $5
  2. Rhapson Script Font – $8
  3. Black Diamond – $16
  4. Groenly Script – $18
  5. The Honest Designers Script – $24
  6. Quickbrush – $29
  7. Northwell – $6
  8. Greenlight Script – $15
  9. Seventies – $18
  10. Corner Deli – $45

10+ Best Luxury Fonts


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Luxury fonts create a sense of elegance, class and prestige.

Now, not every font can be considered a luxury font because the choice of which font you choose for your project is critical to its success.

While the right images can certainly help, if the font doesn’t support the theme of your project, it may be doomed to fail.

Here are the top 10 best luxury fonts for graphic designers.

  1. Coldiac – Luxury Serif Font
  2. NordRinstoniaSola VestaDa VinciMiyake
  3. Konseric | Luxury Serif Font
  4. Bordemile – Luxury Script
  5. American Favorite – Luxury Font Duo
  6. Aston Script Pro
  7. Desirable Calligraphy
  8. Yuanita
  9. The Secret: Luxury Calligraphy Script
  10. Belgiana Script
  11. Stay Classy Font Duo

15 Best Blackletter Fonts

The Blackletter typeface, created by Sergey Mironov’s staff, is a contemporary gothic design that reads well in larger font sizes. Blackletter is the ideal font for branding, posters, banners, and any other situation where you might want to utilize a larger font because it gives anything you use it for a traditional gothic vibe.

  1. Darkgone – Free with Subscription
  2. Aceking – Free with Subscription
  3. Cambridge – Free with Subscription
  4. Blackletter
  5. Groundead – Free with Subscription
  6. Old Charlotte – Free with Subscription
  7. Cattedrale
  8. Anaheim Gothic
  9. Gothic Princess
  10. Sonny Gothic Essential
  11. Display Gothic 1958
  12. Citrus Gothic
  13. HK Gothic
  14. Cheddar Gothic Sans Two
  15. Rozex– Free with Subscription

10 Best Vintage Fonts

A vintage font has the innate ability to transport you and your work to a different era and give it the nostalgic and timeless feel that it needs.

No other font style can successfully emulate this. Being able to transport your audience or client back to eras such as Prohibition, or the sixties to bring a breath of fresh air to their business while still upholding their values and ideals.

Here are the top 10 best vintage fonts for graphic designers.

  1. Collectors Vintage Font Bundle
  2. Bilcase Vintage Display Font Family
  3. Hollywood Vintage Font
  4. Knucklehead Font Family
  5. Vintage Queens
  6. Braton Composer
  7. The Aviator Font Collection
  8. Victorian Fonts Collection
  9. Bignord Vintage
  10. Melvis – Vintage Font Family

10 Best Handwritten Fonts

just lovely

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Just like it suggests, handwritten fonts are designed to look as though they were written by hand either with a pen or marker.

While the range of styles in the best fonts for designers can be very broad, it reflects the subtle differences and variations that come with actual handwriting.

While some will compare the handwritten font to the script typeface, the difference is that script fonts tend to be more decorative or even have a touch of calligraphy while a handwritten font tends to look more like the penmanship written in a letter.

Here’s what we consider to be the best handwriting fonts for graphic designers.

  1. Amithen Brush Font
  2. Bird House Script
  3. Clarkson Script
  4. The Historia
  5. Watch
  6. Carosello
  7. Sinisuka
  8. Buffalo
  9. Crushine Wet Brush

10 Best Signature Fonts

One of the reasons signature fonts are growing in popularity is that they provide the entire brand experience with a very unique touch. Given that trademark fonts help create an emotional connection between products and services, it shouldn’t be surprising that business owners and marketing experts place high importance on employing them in both their logos and other advertising materials.

  1. Elliana Samantha
  2. Hertine
  3. Holimoun
  4. Signerica
  5. Amillia Signature
  6. Sighnora
  7. Portraits
  8. Mayestica
  9. Brigham
  10. Autography

10 Best Stencil Fonts

For the illusion of sliced letters, stencil typefaces are designed to appear as though the strokes were broken during the drawing process. These fonts are typically used for industrial designs, branding in general, video games, fashion, and logo creation. This fashion is distinctive due of its adaptability.

  1. Magnies 
  2. Leophard
  3. Bronzier
  4. Davoa 
  5. The Old Navy
  6. Quizles
  7. Poligon
  8. Chaser 
  9. Gabriela Stencil

10 Best Variable Fonts

Variable fonts are here to mix things up and provide creatives even more options to communicate ideas as if the designer toolbox weren’t already excessively complex. These typefaces offer fresh experiences and significantly improved communication methods by extending multiple styles within a single file.

Variable fonts let designers express themselves in ways that conventional typefaces do not, since fonts are primarily functional before they are visually beautiful.

  1. Mayes
  2. Shifter Font
  3. Reffort
  4. Rische
  5. ZT Grafton 
  6. Protrakt Variable
  7. Whirly Birdie Variable Font
  8. BOSPHORUS Variable Font 

15 Best Font Combinations

What fonts work well together? We’ve taken the guess work out for you, with these tried & true font combinations.

Get inspired with these top 10 best font pairings!

  1. Playfair Display with Source Sans Pro
  2. Merriweather with Oswald
  3. Montserrat with Merriweather
  4. Raleway with Lato
  5. Elsie with Roboto
  6. Dancing Script with Josefin Sans
  7. Abril Fatface with Roboto
  8. Corben with Nobile
  9. Spirax with Open Sans
  10. Wendy One with Lato
  11. Baloo with Montserrat
  12. Cherry Cream Soda with Raleway
  13. Amaranth with Open Sans
  14. Palanquin with Roboto
  15. Sansita with Open Sans

Top 38 Best Fonts for Graphic Designers (Editor’s Pick)

When I am choosing a font, there are a certain handful that are always top of mind. I listed them all out and came up with this list featuring 38 of my favourite fonts for design.

Many of these fonts you can download for free via Google Fonts or if you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (get a 40% discount here), you can get access to these fonts via Adobe Fonts.

Top Best Fonts for Design

Best Sans Serif Fonts for Graphic Designers (Editor’s Pick)

  1. Proxima Nova
  2. Brandon Grotesque
  3. Avenir Next
  4. Futura
  5. Akzidenz Grotesk
  6. Poppins (Free)
  7. Nexa
  8. Lato (Free)
  9. Frutiger
  10. Circular
  11. FF DIN
  12. Cera Pro
  13. Gotham
  14. Helvetica Now
  15. Franklin Gothic
  16. Montseratt (Free)
  17. Gilroy
  18. Open Sans (Free)
  19. Bison (get for 50% off)

Best Serif Fonts for Graphic Designers (Editor’s Pick)

  1. DM Serif (Free)
  2. Playfair (Free)
  3. Clarendon
  4. Caslon
  5. Baskerville
  6. Finnmark (get for 50% off)
  7. Bodoni
  8. Minion Pro
  9. Garamond
  10. Sabon
  11. Recoleta
  12. Cooper
  13. Merriwether (Free)
  14. Georgia
  15. Memphis
  16. Money Penny
  17. Honest Script
  18. Dear Joe 6
  19. Bickham Script Pro

Top 100 Best Fonts of All Time

To say the least, ranking fonts is an obviously hard task… how does one measure aesthetic quality, the benefit of an item, its value to humanity and so fourth?

Well, in this particular German publication (now offline), the judges ranked the fonts by their objective and various other weighted measurements:

  • FontShop Sales Figures: 40%
  • Historical Value/Meaning: 30%
  • Aesthetic Qualities: 30%

It is also worth noting that this evaluation consisted exclusively of licensed or commercial fonts only. Free fonts or operating system fonts were not considered, nor were fonts integral to standard software (i.e. Arial, Verdana, etc.).

Font variations, which over the centuries have been individually interpreted by various Foundries, were uniquely evaluated as a class and the best variant was entered into the main judging process.

Below is a preview of the top 33 fonts and beneath this image you can find the full list of the 100 best fonts. You can also view a pretty table version of these fonts here.


Below you will find the full list of the best 100 fonts along with the designer & the year in which they were designed.

1. Helvetica [1957 – Max Miedinger]

2. Garamond [1530 – Claude Garamond]

3. Frutiger [1977 – Adrian Frutiger]

4. Bodoni [1790 – Giambattista Bodoni]

5. Futura [1927 – Paul Renner]

6. Times [1931 – Stanley Morison]

7. Akzidenz Grotesk [1966 – G nter Gerhard Lange]

8. Officina [1990 – Erik Spiekermann]

9. Gill Sans [1930 – Eric Gill]

10. Univers [1954 – Adrian Frutiger]

11. Optima [1954 – Hermann Zapf]

12. Franklin Gothic [1903 – Morris Fuller Benton]

13. Bembo [1496 – Francesco Griffo]

14. Interstate [1993 – Tobias Frere-Jones]

15. Thesis [1994 – Lucas de Groot]

16. Rockwell [1934 – Frank H. Pierpont]

17. Walbaum [1800 – Justus Walbaum]

18. Meta [1991 – Erik Spiekermann]

19. Trinit [1982 – Bram De Does]

20. Din [1926 – Ludwig Goller]

21. Matrix [1986 – Zuzana Licko]

22. OCR [1965 – American Type Founders]

23. Avant Garde [1968 – Herb Lubalin]

24. Lucida [1985 – Chris Holmes / Charles Bigelow]

25. Sabon [1964 – Jan Tschichold]

26. Zapfino [1998 – Hermann Zapf]

27. Letter Gothic [1956 – Roger Roberson]

28. Stone [1987 – Summer Stone]

29. Arnhem [1998 – Fred Smeijers]

30. Minion [1990 – Robert Slimbach]

31. Myriad [1992 – Twombly & Slimbach]

32. Rotis [1988 – Olt Aicher]

33. Eurostile [1962 – Aldo Novarese]

34. Scala [1991 – Martin Majoor]

35. Syntax [1968 – Hans Eduard Meier]

36. Joanna [1930 – Eric Gill]

37. Fleishmann [1997 – Erhard Kaiser]

38. Palatino [1950 – Hermann Zapf]

39. Baskerville [1754 – John Baskerville]

40. Fedra [2002 – Peter Bil’ak]

41. Gotham [2000 – Tobias Frere-Jones]

42. Lexicon [1992 – Bram De Does]

43. Hands [1991 – Letterror]

44. Metro [1929 – W. A. Dwiggins]

45. Didot [1799 – Firmin Didot]

46. Formata [1984 – Bernd M llenst dt]

47. Caslon [1725 – William Caslon]

48. Cooper Black [1920 – Oswald B. Cooper]

49. Peignot [1937 – A. M. Cassandre]

50. Bell Gothic [1938 – Chauncey H. Griffith]

51. Antique Olive [1962 – Roger Excoffon]

52. Wilhelm Klngspor Gotisch [1926 – Rudolf Koch]

53. Info [1996 – Erik Spiekermann]

54. Dax [1995 – Hans Reichel]

55. Proforma [1988 – Petr van Blokland]

56. Today Sans [1988 – Volker K ster]

57. Prokyon [2002 – Erhard Kaiser]

58. Trade Gothic [1948 – Jackson Burke]

59. Swift [1987 – Gerald Unger]

60. Copperplate Gothic [1901 – Frederic W. Goudy]

61. Blur [1992 – Neville Brody]

62. Base [1995 – Zuzana Licko]

63. Bell Centennial [1978 – Matthew Carter]

64. News Gothic [1908 – Morris Fuller Benton]

65. Avenir [1988 – Adrian Frutiger]

66. Bernhard Modern [1937 – Lucian Bernhard]

67. Amplitude [2003 – Christian Schwartz]

68. Trixie [1991 – Erik van Blokland]

69. Quadraat [1992 – Fred Smeijers]

70. Neutraface [2002 – Christian Schwartz]

71. Nobel [1929 – Sjoerd de Roos]

72. Industria [1990 – Neville Brody]

73. Bickham Script [1997 – Richard Lipton]

74. Bank Gothic [1930 – Morris Fuller Benton]

75. Corporate ASE [1989 – Kurt Weidemann]

76. Fago [2000 – Ole Schafer]

77. Trajan [1989 – Carol Twombly]

78. Kabel [1927 – Rudolf Koch]

79. House Gothic 23 [1995 – Tal Leming]

80. Kosmik [1993 – Letterror]

81. Caecilia [1990 – Peter Matthias Noordzij]

82. Mrs Eaves [1996 – Zuzana Licko]

83. Corpid [1997 – Lucas de Groot]

84. Miller [1997 – Matthew Carter]

85. Souvenir [1914 – Morris Fuller Benton]

86. Instant Types [1992 – Just van Rossum]

87. Clarendon [1845 – Benjamin Fox]

88. Triplex [1989 – Zuzana Licko]

89. Benguiat [1989 – Ed Benguiat]

90. Zapf Renaissance [1984 – Hermann Zapf]

91. Filosofia [1996 – Zuzana Licko]

92. Chalet [1996 – House Industries]

93. Quay Sans [1990 – David Quay]

94. C zanne [1995 – Michael Want, James Grieshaber]

95. Reporter [1938 – Carlos Winkow]

96. Legacy [1992 – Ronald Arnholm]

97. Agenda [1993 – Greg Thompson]

98. Bello [2004 – Underware]

99. Dalliance [2000 – Frank Heine]

100. Mistral [1953 – Roger Excoffon]


JUST Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface

Just Sans® Clean Modern Minimal Geometric Typeface - FREE FONT

We also have our own typeface, called JUST Sans!

JUST Sans is a highly versatile typeface with endearing, modernist warmth, geometric legibility, and a distinctive friendly bite.

Designed as a professional modern geometric sans serif, JUST Sans is both serious and friendly, neutral but warmly expressive, technical but not overt, and familiar but unique enough to stand on its own.

With open-airy characters and a generous width, JUST Sans has an elegant contemporary feel, with sharp angled terminals that give it grip and make it so expressively endearing.

For lovers of modern sans serif fonts who are looking for something a tad more warm, open & expressive, JUST Sans is for you.

You can download JUST Sans at Envato Elements.


So what other professional fonts would you include in our ultimate list of the best fonts for graphic designers?

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199 thoughts on “Top 100 Best Fonts for Graphic Designers (2024)”

  1. Thanks so much for including the designer and especially the year the font was created – always good to put the historical context around a font, and amazing that #2 on the list is based on a design that’s almost 500 years old.

  2. Okay, I was a bit hasty there.

    “Free fonts or operating system fonts were not considered, nor were fonts integral to standard software (i.e. Arial, Verdana, etc.).”

    I think Trebuchet falls in there. As does Century Gothic, I presume.

  3. Yeah, Kabel made the list, one of my favorites. They should do a best system fonts. It might be a short list though. But if they did that article they’d have to set the entire article in Papyrus and Comic Sans. That sounds so bad it would almost be good. ALMOST.
    Great post as usual Jacob.

  4. I guess my slight issue with this list is that some of the top typefaces are also criticized for being the most over used, and very “un-designer”-esque. It’s somewhat of an oxymoron listing helvetica as the top font of all time, and in a similar link listing it as the most over used, and in a similar link identifying it as a font that “pseudo” designers use b/c they don’t know better. It baffles me that so many will praise this font, yet an equal amount of people will bash it. It’s the same case with other faces as well.

    pettiness aside, it’s a solid list; thanks for posting it.

  5. Century Gothic is bad font, you really need to start using Avant Garde or Avian.

    I have the PDF of this list, visually brilliant, but it’s only available in German unfortunately.

    Gotham is slowly becoming my favourite.

  6. Thanks for putting this together. Always good to see how fonts emerge, adapt, change or dissolve away from the social and design stratum.

    One Love

  7. No any of M$ cleartype fonts (like segoe, calibri, consolas …)? I’m looking for a nice monospaced font to use in Intellij Idea in Linux (Jaunty). Consolas looks good in Windows, but worse than Bitstream Vera Sans Mono in Jaunty.

  8. Great list, there are some fonts in the top 33 I’ve never heard of which is surprising. Also surprising that Avant Garde and Avenir aren’t in the top. Kinda sad really.

    Great list mate, I’m gonna have to collect the ones I don’t have!

  9. Correction, Avant Garde is in the top.. good to see. Still.. some of these are somewhat unsettling.. Zapfino in the top 33.. OUCH

  10. Thats alot of fonts to have, but like the first guy said (Kolbe) 10 fonts would be all you might need. Maybe 20 max.

  11. Great list, really great, allthough not many surprises.

    However, I wish that pdf could be translated into English – if I just knew German, had it a year in school and all I can do is count to ten:)

  12. excellent article! i personally feel bad that I misuse Officina, Meta, Eurostile, and Lucida a lot.

  13. Thank you all for your comments and you’re welcome.

    Laslo, RyanC, Aetoric,
    “It is also worth noting that this evaluation consisted exclusively of licensed or commercial fonts only. Free fonts or operating system fonts were not considered, nor were fonts integral to standard software (i.e. Arial, Verdana, etc.). Font variations, which over the centuries have been individually interpreted by various Foundries, were uniquely evaluated as a class and the best variant was entered into the main judging process.”

  14. I started work in the Print industry when we used the term “hot metal”. I was a Compositor picking up metal letters from a Case and setting them into lines of type in a Typestick. Most memorable typefaces at that time were Helvetica, Times, Gill, Plantin and Palace Script.

    By the time I had completed my 6 year Apprenticeship, I could recognise and name just about every typeface in existance at that time. We had to, it was one of the important and necessary qualifications of the job.

    All the best, from a not too old a person,

  15. It’s interesting to see where each font falls in order, would not have expected a couple listed in the top 10.. but there they were!
    Jacob, great job on listing the years of when the font was created.. and the name of the person who was responsible for the font.

  16. It would be interesting to see how this list would change if you factored in the font “sales” that come with every operating system. Comic Sans, Times New Roman and Courier would have definitely made the list.

  17. This list is HIGHLY debateable. Why? Because there are a TON of fonts out there that are made for specific things, such as design elements in any given graphic design, such as Bokonon and Final Lap, but I don’t hear anyone saying anything about those fonts. This list is EXTREMELY subjective, because it all has to do with what you’re using the typeface for. If it’s for use as copy for the body of a page layout, then yeah, Helvetica, Arial, and so on are good fonts to use, but if you want to use a font as a design element, then you’d need a font that has the right look, if you know what I mean.

  18. Vincent,
    I have viewed my site on many, many computers and have never seen that problem of which you have told me about. Is it only on your computer that this happens?

    And helvetica works for body text in my opinion, very easy to read and great looking!

    I do realise that something like this is highly debatable, and it’s not going to please all but none the less, it is still a valuable resource.

    Thanks for your link to your typography series, quite interesting.

  19. I like helvetica, but if you have ever looked at your site on a Win/PC, is it hard to read. Helvetica looks terrible as body text, the letters come out all different sizes and the top line looks like a rolling wave. If you are interested, email me and I will show you a screenshot. A lot of popular blogs are hard for us Win/PC users to read and it seems that since Helvetica looks so good on a Mac or through Safari that most designers don’t realize it.

  20. nice list Jacob. Most of them are some of my favorite also, like Helvetica, Rockwell, Myriad, and Futura to name a few. Keep it up!

  21. I have to agree that is a good list. All are look so nice and professional.But where is Verdana and Arial?

  22. I find it hard to believe that Trajan … One of the most used fonts in cinema titles … is number 77 … Hows That?

  23. I feel like the one designer/design student who isn’t a big fan of Helvetica…is that wrong? It’s overused by designers like Comic Sans is overused by schoolchildren, I’m frankly a bit bored of it.

    That said, it’s a brilliantly designed and versatile font, admitted. 😀

  24. I guess my slight issue with this list is that some of the top typefaces are also criticized for being the most over used, and very “un-designer”-esque. It’s somewhat of an oxymoron listing helvetica as the top font of all time, and in a similar link listing it as the most over used, and in a similar link identifying it as a font that “pseudo” designers use b/c they don’t know better. It baffles me that so many will praise this font, yet an equal amount of people will bash it. It’s the same case with other faces as well.

    pettiness aside, it’s a solid list; thanks for posting it.

  25. Nice list, other than cooper black, I hate it personally, though its ok used in the right situation but more often than not it isn’t, like the old Cooper Tire logo, just because the names are the same doesn’t mean it is the right choice.

  26. This is an excellent post …
    I use HelveticaNeuveLt on Most of My Design Work

    I Love It…

    Thanks …


  27. Ultimately Helvetica is in the first place ’cause is the most used font in the whole world. Definitely is very practical and clear.

    Having thousands of fonts to work with, it’s so difficult to say which one is the best (not the most beautiful), but when works comes and comes and the clients ask for changes, is easy to understand why this font is the winner. The clients wants some clear texts and us wants less changes.

    We (the designers) have other fonts that we will use in our own projects and maybe with some “Art Lover” client.

    Good post.

  28. Correcting the last part of the first paragraph of my comment. “The clients wants some clear texts and we want less changes.” Thank you.

  29. I just completed a survey based on a reasonably large sample of favorite fonts from blogs, websites, sales charts, and a lot independent discussion from blogs and forums. I tallied all the names and number of references from all these sources and came up with this combined result:


    All the fonts I found are, of course, on the big German list. But it was cool to see that of the top 10 font for both lists, 7 fonts overlap, but my data was purely based on the opinion of the self-reporting font-loving designers who took the time to post.

    I would gather that people for whom Comic Sans is their font of choice, they were to embarrassed to admit it online 🙂

  30. Vincent,

    Either you have a very bad clone with Helvetica posing as “Helvetica” on your system or the browser you’re using is not rendering Helv correctly.

    I have Helvetica and never have had the wavy-text problem with it when using it as body text on websites. Though I prefer to use Verdana if it’s going to be screen display text as not everyone owns a copy of Helvetica on their system.

  31. Lenok,

    Exactly. What sales figures? They’re FREE fonts. Also very hard to track a history for many free fonts as often times, we don’t know where it came from and who designed it. Other considerations such as legality for commercial use and whether or not it’s a clone of an existing font, etc.

  32. I like Optima and Myriad, although others are great! I agree with first comment – in reality you just simply need only 10 to create many more!


  33. Will we ever be free of the tyranny of Helvetica!?!? That typeface haunts me everywhere, give me Baskerville any day.

  34. Sound my luck! I was looking same…This is a great list. As a web developer it’s very beneficial to me.

  35. I’m in year 12 and have been using these font for years in all my designing. Futura is defanitely one of my favourtires.

    Thanks for posting this up 🙂

  36. Excellent stuff!!! Wonderful fonts, thankful for the list Jacob. I often used this and love to struggles with this fonts. Thanks for this, cool.

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    Happy designing!! Cheers, T.G. 🙂

  38. Oh! Such classic fonts! You can use them everywhere- they are so organic and in the same time traditional! Thanks for the review!

  39. To say the least, ranking fonts is an obviously hard task… how does one measure aesthetic quality, the benefit of an item, its value to humanity and so fourth?

  40. It would be great if these ‘most popular fonts’ were installed in Windows as standard, this would give web developers some future spare to design sites with these in mind.

  41. “Today Sans [1988 – Volker K ster]” is best font for about us page.. Thanks for sharing these fonts. I wait for your next post.

  42. Excellent stuff!!! Wonderful fonts, thankful for the list Jacob. I often used this and love to struggles with this fonts. Thanks for this, cool.

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  46. Thanks Jacob for the best of fonts to use list sharing with us. Now at least i got to know which is popular or best in market and good to use. Very informative and universal guide for user.

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