The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook

The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook

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A few years ago I came across a series of comprehensive logo design articles written by Kyle Courtright on his personal blog and I was extremely impressed by his knowledge of not just logo design, but the strategy and business of design. So much so, that I reached out to him and suggested that he expand his writings into a book.

Kyle loved the idea and I’m super excited to share that Kyle took action and has just released The Ultimate Logo Design eBook, which is the “definitive guide to logo design”.

Ultimate Guide to Logo Design eBook

I would have to say it is the most complete, timeless resource I have read on logo design to date. Kyle’s writing style is actionable, easy to read and has a conversational tone that outlines the keys to success based on his own experience working with hundreds of brands, big and small.

It’s the perfect resource for designers, entrepreneurs, business owners, bloggers, developers, marketers and more as it will cover everything you need to know about your logo design and brand.

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Chapter Overview

The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design

There are about 90 pages in the book detailing every facet of logo & brand identity design, but in delivered in a concise manner that you can actually understand. These are the chapter headings to give you an understanding of what’s inside:

  • How Logo Design & Branding Coincide
  • Finding Logo Design Inspiration
  • The Ideal Logo Designer
  • The Anatomy of a Great Logo Design
  • The Investment: How Much Does a Logo Cost?
  • Communicating Brand Vision
  • The Logo Design Process
  • Tips for Choosing the Right Logo Design
  • The Delivery: Logo Design Files
  • Trademarking a Logo, Business Name or Phrase

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    • Hi Anie,

      Everything is all fixed up for you! Very sorry about that.

      If you can, please click Jacob’s link in the post and once you move on to checkout, you will be able to enter that promo. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you have any other questions.

      Thanks for your interest in the logo guide!

      • Kyle:

        WOW, what efficiency!!
        Many thanks, just bought the book.
        Thanks for your help and response speed.

  2. this is a great article! A very in-depth look at the process. While I don’t approve of “logomaker” style of apps it is useful to know that they do exist for people with very small budgets. Great job!

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