38+ Thick & Heavy Fonts for BIG Impact

38+ Thick & Heavy Fonts for BIG Impact

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Are you looking for a thick, heavy font that will highlight your design statement? If you are, then we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the best chunky & fat fonts for you! Keep reading to find out which picks made our list!

As designers, we understand that fonts play a critical role in how your visuals are perceived. These convey moods on different platforms.

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Similar to many visual assets, fonts are instruments for strategy. Choosing the right thick and heavy font can truly make a big difference.

We have the best thick and heavy typefaces that are striking without overpowering viewers! To help you narrow down your options, we scoured the internet for the best fat fonts, best chunky fonts and the best thick bold fonts and compiled them for you here.

Top 10+ Best Thick & Heavy Fonts (Free & Premium)

  1. BoldenVan
  2. Spot
  3. The Lied Font
  4. Colombo Sans Font
  5. Crushed Font
  6. Cheddar Gothic Font Family
  7. Mutiara Vintage
  8. Blitzen Deer Font
  9. Rono
  10. Thicket Typeface

For the complete list, scroll on!

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38+ Best Thick Bold Fonts (Free & Premium)

1. BoldenVan — Chubby Children Font

BoldenVan — Chubby Children Font
BoldenVan — Chubby Children Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Introducing Envanto’s BoldenVan thick and heavy font. This whimsical, chubby font is designed for children’s projects like books, posters, invitations, and more.

With its charming appearance, BoldenVan effortlessly captures the joy and innocence of childhood. Its letters are fun and round, which makes them appealing to children. They give off a feeling of warmth and friendliness.


2. SPOT — Unique Display / Headline / Logo Typeface

SPOT — Unique Display : Headline : Logo Typeface
SPOT — Unique Display : Headline : Logo Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

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This all-caps, bold design is perfect for eye-catching visuals for sales strategists. This font is good for advertising, branding, posters, and packaging.

SPOT is a one-of-a-kind font you can use in headlines and a logo typeface that will surely make a statement. Its thick and heavy font style elevates your design and adds a touch of originality.

As a team of designers, we strongly suggest this new font because it makes ads look clean and exciting.


3. The Lied Font

The Lied Font
The Lied Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

One of the more playful picks of the bunch, The Lied Font is booming, sharp, and perfect for children’s books.

The combination of smaller and larger letters gives an exciting twist to this layout. This font can also be useful for changing the appearance of similarly spelled words.


4. Colombo Sans Font

Colombo Sans Font
Colombo Sans Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Colombo is a sophisticated, stylish, and versatile font that you’ll absolutely love. This thick, heavy font adds elegance to greeting cards, books, and other products.

We highly recommend Colombo for headline writing and web design. This font will make your project more engaging and fresh.

The beauty of this font lies in its simplicity, making it useful for any kind of project.


5. Crushed Font 

Crushed Font
Crushed Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Envato’s Crushed Font has a dynamic and broken texture, giving the letters a sense of movement and depth.

We highly suggest using this thick and heavy font in concert posters, album covers, or social media graphics.

Its distinctive typeface makes Crushed font special.

If you want unique and aesthetic visuals, try Crushed font—you won’t be disappointed.


6. Cheddar Gothic Font Family 

Cheddar Gothic Font Family
Cheddar Gothic Font Family. Image Credits: Envato Elements

A hand-drawn, 8-style typeface with Italics, Cheddar Gothic is one of the more complete sets on our list. Complete with lowercase and uppercase offerings, this pick is a professional font that’s made to deliver.

Sharp, clean, and inviting, designers will love how this Envato gem packs a punch. 


7. Mutiara Vintage 

Mutiara Vintage
Mutiara Vintage. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Mutiara Vintage has classic design elements of vintage lettering. This font’s thick and semi-shaded aesthetic carries both individuality and depth.

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It is best for retro-themed invitations or corporate giveaways. It can also be used as a logo for a boutique or cafe that embodies a vintage or aesthetic theme.

Mutiara Vintage will certainly capture the spirit of the past while maintaining a modern feel.


8. Blitzen Deer Font

Blitzen Deer Font
Blitzen Deer Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Another thick and heavy font perfect for children’s designs is this pick from Envato.

Blitzen Deer Font is a modern, playful, and fun font style. It is packed with an all-uppercase design.

We recommend this font for marketing materials, greeting cards, GIFs, and more! It will surely help strategists and creatives set the tone of their projects.


9. Rono

Rono. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Now, if you ask for effortless style and functionality, Rono is our top pick.

Rono is a geometric letterform that is both simple and sophisticated.

The subtle curves of this lettering make it more appealing. In contrast, the elongated structure gives a touch of distinction. The combination of these two makes it more compelling.

Rono shines on branding, logo designs, web design, and any projects that aim to be impactful.

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10. Thiket Typeface

Thiket Typeface
Thiket Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Thiket is a friendly type of thick and heavy font. It comprises uppercase letters, custom glyphs, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Thicket is usually seen in online games. This pick is a fresh take on chunky fonts that infuse rounded and sharp edges.

If you want your designs to stand out from the crowd, use this font.


11. Cinderheart

Cinderheart. Image Credits: Envato Elements

No, Cinderheart isn’t a trademarked font for horror and indie movies, but it may as well be.

This pick has an aggressive personality and solid letters without holes in A, D, Q, and R. This thick, heavy font displays a rough outer texture. However, its inner texture is subtle, with rounded corners.


12. Prospekt Typeface

Prospekt Typeface
Prospekt Typeface. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Prospekt Typeface is eligible for almost any design project. The cutting-edge font gives modernity and precision to your designs.

If you are looking for a typeface that boasts a sharp, polished appearance with crisp, clean lines, we highly recommend Prospekt Typeface.


13. Crasus — Modern & Bold Display Font

Crasus — Modern & Bold Display Font
Crasus — Modern & Bold Display Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Crasus was made for flyers, websites, and posters. It uses creative lines and rounded corners to get its point across.

Easily let your work stand out with this pick! It’s innovative, fresh, and very gimmicky.


14. Brodaers Font Family

Brodaers Font Family
Brodaers Font Family. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Hip, timeless, and round, the Brodaers Font Family is a wonderful choice for advocacy and protest placards.

Designers will love how this thick and heavy font is flexible and will work for almost any project — food advertisements, shopping mall posters, social media photos — you call the shots!


15. Monkey Treasure | heavy font

Monkey Treasure | heavy font
Monkey Treasure | heavy font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Visually, Monkey Treasure presents rounded, bold letterforms with a festive flair that gives a sense of movement and excitement. It’s our top recommendation for travel signage and book design projects.

You can also use this font for quirky logos or any type of design with a touch of whimsy. It also entices younger audiences.

This best suits children’s book covers, playful packaging, and forest-themed events.


16. Pointy| fashion bold font

Pointy| fashion bold font
Pointy| fashion bold font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The name says it all. Pointy is a fashionable Sans Serif font that’s both familiar and fresh.

With each letter carrying varying degrees of thickness, this thick and heavy font is perfect for any designer wanting to put out unpredictable designs.

If intrigue and novelty are moods you want your works to carry, try this font!


17. Boldi Buddy | cartoon font

Boldi Buddy | cartoon font
Boldi Buddy | cartoon font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Boldi Buddy font features a plump, robust, friendly, animated feel. The characters’ exaggerated shapes and jaunty angles give them a comedic and playful vibe.

We recommend using this thick and heavy font for parties, celebrations, marketing materials, and other fun events that need bold text.

You can also use it in colorful logos for brands with a more lighthearted approach.


18. Mixan| bold color font

Mixan| bold color font
Mixan| bold color font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Also a fashion Sans Serif font, Mixan is a bright contender, designed with rounded, thick letters.

The gradient effect adds depth and dimension to the characters, which makes them truly captivating.

We suggest you use this for spicing up your merchandise design.

The powerful impact of Mixan will excite the audience and help you achieve your goals.


19. Blogh

Blogh. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Blogh calls their offering fat and quirky — because it’s true. These chunky, cute letterforms instantly add character to any text.

This product is one of the most versatile on the list. You can use this thick and heavy font in headlines, apparel projects, store signage, and brand initiatives.


20. Hit and Run – Fun Sans Serif Font 

Hit and Run — Fun Sans Serif Font
Hit and Run — Fun Sans Serif Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The sky is the limit with Hit and Run! This contender has a versatile typeface that is perfect for any project, with its clean, modern, and streamlined look.

Hit and Run is well-suited for different projects, such as professional applications, minimalist branding designs, and even clean-cut websites.

So if you are seeking a thick and heavy font that is simple yet modern, one of our top picks is Hit and Run.


21. Sleepy Fat Cat

Sleepy Fat Cat
Sleepy Fat Cat. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Are you looking for an endearing and delightful font for your project? Sleepy Fat Cat font is one of our top picks for you!

Sleepy Fat Cat is made with generous round letterforms that convey a sense of comfort and softness. The fonts’ curvaceous and gentle characters add a touch of approachability and friendliness to your design.

Sleepy Fat is highly suggested for projects like children’s book covers, fun event invitations, or cheery packaging designs.


22. Sparhawk Complete Family

Sparhawk Complete Family
Sparhawk Complete Family. Image Credits:

Sparhawk is a 3D layered display font, but it’s packed with over 300 swashes, something you won’t always find in the 3D font world.

Sporting a vintage touch and a retro feel, transport your audience to a time when things were simpler with this thick, heavy font from Design Cuts.


23. Beauford Font

Beauford Font
Beauford Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Packed with 269 glyphs, 100 alternates, 34 final forms, and five swashes, Beauford Fonts is a designer’s dream.

This thick, heavy font is perfect for any project requiring timeless appeal and grace.

We highly suggest this font if you work on a high-end branding project or luxurious packaging designs. It also suits creating exquisite, classy logos or stylish editorial layouts.


 24. Authentico Display Font

Authentico Display Font
Authentico Display Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

There is no shortage of vintage typography on this list.

Take this option from Design Cuts. Perfect for logos, badges, clothing projects, signage, posters, and a ton more, Authentico uses a faded aesthetic approach to delivering words.

From branding initiatives to creative design works, this flexible contender is made to deliver.


25. Microbrew Complete Family 

Microbrew Complete Family
Microbrew Complete Family. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Microbrew is a versatile font family with 14 individual styles, plus retro banners, ornaments, and symbols.

Design Cuts made this thick and heavy font to give any project a nostalgic feel. It is creative, easy to read, and professional. Use this for a myriad of projects and signage you’re working on!


26. Sandwich Font

Sandwich Font
Sandwich Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Visually; Sandwich is a 3D font exhibiting an electric mix of shapes and proportions with exaggerated features. These features give a sense of spontaneity that will add a spark of creativity to your design.

This thick, heavy font design is well-suited for engaging social media content and original logos that are offbeat and share an artistic vibe. This font is a stellar option for designers wanting to add depth to their text.

This option excels at multiple levels and is optimized with Adobe’s leading art platforms.


27. Plaquette 

Plaquette. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Plaquette is a pack of retro typefaces ranging from Victorian and Bauhaus to the 1960s and beyond.

Enjoy it in its most basic form or revel in its three-dimensionality; it’s up to you! Perfect for formal projects and branding efforts, designers will have a lot of room to play around with this pick.


28. Hanscum Font Family

Hanscum Font Family
Hanscum Font Family. Image Credits: Design Cuts

The Hanscum font family is a playful, geometry-inspired display sporting plenty of distressed and letterpress-style textures.

Perfect for signages of restaurants, cafes, and tattoo parlors, this edgy and playful font gives your projects a lot of attitude.


29. Calasans – 7 Layered Fonts 

Calasans — 7 Layered Fonts
Calasans — 7 Layered Fonts. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Layered fonts appeal to everyone’s eyes, so it only makes sense why fonts like Calasans are such a hit with tons of designers.

A Sans Serif font with a 7-layered style, this pick is perfect for virtually any project, from digital marketing art cards to school signs. Use this thick and heavy font however you want!


30. Lufga Font Family

Lufga Font Family
Lufga Font Family. Image Credits: Design Cuts

A combination of neat and creative, the Lufga Font Family is one of Design Cuts’ classiest font offerings.

From publication headlines to apparel text and cafe signage, this thick and heavy font is as flexible as can be.

Loaded with 18 geometric Sans Serif fonts, you simply cannot go wrong with this one, no matter what project you’re working on.


31. Sequents Font

Sequents Font
Sequents Font. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Sequents is a Sans Serif font with six layers. It gives a 3D look without using any tools.

It is suitable for vintage-themed projects. It is also ideal for 3D-type, retro-type, and poster projects. This thick and heavy font supports multiple languages.


32. Vintage Round

Vintage round font
Vintage round font. Image credits: Design Cuts

The Vintage Round font gives you a retro vibe. This font has thick and round features.

With this thick and heavy font, you can create cute printed quotes, T-shirts, logos, and social media graphics. This font includes numerals and punctuation and is multilingual.


33. Glossy Sheen

Glossy Sheen font
Glossy Sheen font. Image credits: Design Cuts

Glossy Sheen works best on T-shirts, packaging, branding, greeting cards, and many more.

This font looks shiny, glossy, and thick. It contains four layers: Glossy Sheen Regular, Shine, Shadow, and Outline.


34. Blocklyn Font Family

Blocklyn. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The big, bold, and badass font comes from the Blocklyn Font Family. It might appear as a manly font, but you can also use it for feminine designs.

This font set comes fourfold. They are condensed, condensed italic, grunge, and grunge italic. It also has two Photoshop templates of 3000 x 2000 pixels.

This thick and heavy font is ideal for product designs, cover designs, labels, and bold statement designs.

This font comes with uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, etc. This font also includes web fonts, making it easier to apply to websites.


35. Bob Font

Bob. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Bob is a Sans-Serif bold typeface font. This font is ideal for making bold designs. You can use this font for headline designs, merchandise, clothing, banners, etc.

This font is the best one to use for title designs, banners, cutouts, etc. This thick and heavy font comes with basic Latin characters and 200 glyphs.


36. Big Fellas Cute Font

Big Fellas
Big Fellas. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Big Fellas is a multi-purpose font. It looks like a handwritten font, making it ideal for children’s designs, especially cartoon pictures, greeting cards, and quotations. You can also use this font for titles, logos, etc.

This font comes in .OTF, .TTF and .EOT file formats. The font set comes with basic Latin letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc.


37. Likewise

Likewise. Image Credits: Creativemarket

Likewise is a chunky handwritten font that makes your project banners look perfect.

Likewise is ideal for crafting projects, headings, blogs, logos, branding, business cards, websites, invitations, shirts, mugs, and more, making it one of the best thick and heavy fonts.


38. Happy Holiday

Happy Holiday Font
Happy Holiday Font. Image Credits: Design Cuts

Happy Holiday is a fantastic 19-font collection. The thick and heavy font is handwritten and ideal for creating amazing handwritten typography designs. Included in the Happy Holiday font are:

  • Holiday Stick Font feature
  • Holiday Cookies with four layered font Font feature
  • Holiday Bouncy with 3 layered font Font feature
  • Euphoria Bunch Font feature
  • Nurture Font feature
  • Holiday Curly Font feature
  • Holiday Brush Font feature
  • Holiday Serif Font feature
  • Holiday Thick with 3 layered font Font feature
  • Holiday extras Dingbat Font
  • Sweetest Font Feature


Are Thick and Heavy Fonts Always the Best Choice for Attention-Grabbing Headlines?

Thick and heavy fonts can have pros and cons depending on the context.


  • Attention-grabbing: Thick and heavy fonts can draw attention to headlines, headings, and other design elements.
  • Hierarchy and emphasis: Bold typefaces can separate significant text from the rest of the content.
  • Readability: For those with visual impairments or reading from a distance, thick and heavy fonts can increase readability.
  • Aesthetics: Bold typefaces can convey strength, power, or authority, depending on the design’s theme.


  • Reduced legibility: Heavy fonts may be less legible in smaller sizes or long blocks of text. This makes reading harder.
  • Space consumption: Thick and heavy fonts take up more space than lighter ones, making design layouts less efficient.
  • Screen rendering:  Heavy typefaces may not look good on lower-resolution screens. This can cause pixels or blurry edges that make it hard to read.
  • Overuse: Bold fonts can overwhelm the design and make it harder for readers to find important information.

To use heavy, thick typefaces effectively, consider context, audience, and message. You may want to consider condensed fonts instead.


Our Favorite Thick & Bold Fonts

Still undecided? Check out our favorite think & bold fonts below!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using thick and heavy fonts?

Using thick and heavy fonts in design have many benefits, such as drawing the eye, establishing a clear hierarchy, making it easier to read in certain situations, and giving a bold impression.

Out of the fonts listed above, which is the gorgeous-looking chunky font?

BoldenVan is the chubby children's font that is a gorgeous-looking chunky font. This one is bold and aesthetic in design.

Out of the font listed above, which one is the font that is best for children’s designs?

Blitzen Deer is a fun, bold font for children's designs. This is the one that is contemporary and, at the same time, playful.

How do thick fonts impact readability and legibility?

While thick typefaces can improve readability in some situations (i.e., visually impaired people), they can compromise legibility when used in small or large blocks of text.

Can thick fonts negatively impact the user experience, and how can I avoid that?

Avoid overusing bold fonts and focus on the basics: space, size, and contrast. To ensure your design is legible across all devices and resolutions, you should choose lightweight fonts for body text.


What Makes Our Top Picks of Thick & Bold Fonts So Special

The worldwide web gives us no shortage of chunky, thick, and heavy fonts. Ultimately, the font that’s best for you will highlight your message and make it easier to convey. Pick chunky fonts that support your messaging.

Fonts are mostly about style, but they’re also about function, so you should choose typefaces that make communication quick, clear, and sharp.

We hope our list helps you narrow down your selection! Which thick and heavy font from today’s post do you think is the best for your project?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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