20+ Best Tiki Fonts for Groovy Designs

20+ Best Tiki Fonts for Groovy Designs

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Tiki is an ancient art form that takes its inspiration from Polynesian culture. Ancient people of Hawaii and the South Pacific made sculptures of this art and worshiped them in Tiki form.

Tiki style hovers around bamboo, wooden masks, carvings, etc. So any font that represents this style in their characters is a Tiki font.

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For any professional designer, having a Tiki-inspired font in your design arsenal is a must. Whether it be creating beach-reminiscent infographics and designs, designing Polynesian or Polynesian-inspired branding, or adding a dash of Mahalo to your art, these are the fonts for you.

What are Tiki Fonts?

Tiki Fonts are a set of condensed display fonts. This is motivated by the means of traditional cartoons and comical characters. Tiki fonts can work in headlines and are meant for a groovy rhythm.

The glyphs of this font have been judiciously designed with great curves in the characters of the font.

The word Tiki means it is associated with colorful things, rattan furniture, exciting cocktails, and a generally relaxed vibe on a laidback island.

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10+ Best Tiki Fonts for Groovy Designs

Tiki designs are attractive to be used in various design software. The following are the best Tiki fonts available.  Let us dive in and find out the details.

  1. Tiki Tropical
  2. The Phantom Isles
  4. Mauna Loa
  5. Pampa Ray
  6. Afolkalips
  7. Tropical Wind
  8. Lost Island
  9. Summer Wednesday
  10. Summers

For the complete list, scroll on!

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20+ Best Tiki Fonts for Groovy Designs

1. Tiki Tropical

Tiki Tropical
Tiki Tropical. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Tiki Tropical has a holiday in a heavenly or exotic place. This jagged display font will make others pale in comparison. 

If you want to get the design ideas of fun in the sun, sandy beaches, and island drinks you can make use of this font. If you want to inject a splash of the tropics, you can use this font.

Tiki Tropic is loaded with graphics like jumping dolphins, palm trees, and tiki masks. It will help you to add some visual elements to a text document.

You can convert vector outlines in Illustrator. The font comes with basic Latin letters, numbers, punctuation marks, European accents, and kerning.

2. The Phantom Isles

The Phantom Isles
The Phantom Isles. Image Credits: Envato Elements

The Phantom Isles is a hand-drawn font. This font takes its idea from the tiki culture of the 1950s. This font can depict the places that depict overseas and South Sea adventures.

It depicts the texture of crumbling wood with a dash of island mystery reminiscent of pulp novels of yore. This font can be an ideal choice for book cover designs, movie titles, theme parks, or vintage events.

The font set consists of uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, symbols, etc. The font provides multilingual support and consists of a set of specially illustrated highlights, old rope, skulls, and much more.

The font comes in .OTF, .TTF and .WOFF file formats.


Cabo Blancco
Cabo Blancco. Image Credits: Envato Elements

White Cape is a tropical display font. This font takes its inspiration from the traditional carved wood tiki. It has a strong, distinctive character, making it perfect to display summer designs.

The font typeface comes with stylistic alternatives and ligature combinations. This font is an excellent typeface that can be used for branding, headlines, brochures, signboards, quotations, posters, etc.

This font can work for book covers, magazine covers, posters, logos, and project design as well.

The font set has uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, etc. It also provides ligatures and stylistic alternates in it. The font comes with.OTF, .TTF and .WOFF file formats. It also supports multilingual characters.

4. Mauna Loa

Mauna Loa
Mauna Loa. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Mauna Loa is a sans-serif display font that is inspired by the typography popular on the vintage maps of Hawaii. The font is motivated by the popular illustrations of Hawaii.

Mauna Loa is a hand-scripted sans-serif font that gives you a vintage, tropical, and organic feeling. It is a font that comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

5. Pampa Ray

Pampa Ray
Pampa Ray. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Pampa Ray is a high-energy source font. This tiki font comes with a slight difference in the uppercase and lowercase letters and comes with abundant energy along with a good shape that appears quite neat and legible.

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This font is the perfect choice for headlines, posters, flyers, etc. This font appears to be bold and wide in design. The edges of this font appear to be blunt. 

This font looks strong in design. This can be used for any strong quotation text etc.

This font comes in .OTF, .TTF and .WOFF file formats. This font also provides multi-lingual support.

6. Afolkalips

Afolkalips. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Afolkalips is a tribal display font. This tiki font is motivated by wood shapes. This caps font comes with good strong strokes that are perfect for headlines. This font displays traditional themes.

There are 50+ custom ligatures and there are more variations with each ligature.

This font features 28 accents. There are ornamental swashes in this font design that give you a more tribal look. These swashes can work for decorations and are ideal for posters, flyers, t-shirt designs, logos, magazines, signboards, or billboards.

Afolkalips is a simple joyful font that is flexible in design. You can apply the font for bright and elegant style projects.

The font comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, symbols, stylistic alternates, ligatures, and accents.

7. Tropical Wind

Tropical Wind
Tropical Wind. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Tropical Wind is a groovy-style font. It is a peculiar-looking handwriting font that is perfect for branding projects. It can be used for logos, wedding designs, media posts, labels, and packaging designs.

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This font comes with a shaky curved style letter. This makes it look attractive. The bulgy edges of the font also make it appealing.

It can be used for children’s projects, stationery, and a project that requires handwritten plates.

This font comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. The font provides multilingual support and stylistic ligatures.

8. Lost Island

Lost Island
Lost Island. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Lost Island is a summer display tiki font. The font style is perfect for calligraphy and handwriting. This font set comes with a strong character and clean nodes.

This font can work for any fun-themed designs, such as travel blogs, quotes, print projects, advertisements, and some display crafts. 

The font style comes with only uppercase and lowercase letters. But the intriguing part of the font is that both cases come in two different heights. The font set also comes with numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks.

The font also comes with multilingual support.

The font comes to win.OTF, .TTF, and .WOFF file formats.

9. Summer Wednesday

Summer Wednesday
Summer Wednesday. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Summer Wednesday is a handwritten tiki font typeface. This font takes its motivation from the seashores. The long strokes of the font make it appear beautiful.

It can work for wallpaper designing, posters, billboard designs, social media posts, ads, and any such project that you are working on.

The font comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. The font provides multilingual support. The font also comes with accented characters.

10. Summers

Summers. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Summer Font is a modern and classical hand-made font typeface. This is a beautiful and attractive-looking font for your quotes, branding, logos, catalogs, fashion styles, summer designs, etc.

This font set comes with 300 unique glyphs. This font set comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, attractive contextual toggles, swashes, stylistic ensembles, and ligatures. 

The font provides multilingual character support.

11. Beach Boy

Beach Boy
Beach Boy. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Beach Boy is a handcrafted display font. This is a sans-serif style tiki font that is of good quality.

The font is a multi-purpose font. The characters in this font appear bulgy in design with the character set appearing from inside. This makes it unique and interesting. The font is suitable for beach-style designs.

They can be used for brochures, greeting cards, posters, quotation cards, postcards, branding, photography, etc. 

The font set comes with uppercase, and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The font set comes with.OTF, .TTF and .WOFF file formats.

12. Mauikea

Mauikea. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Mauikea is a carefree bold fun display font. This font style has been developed with a lot of energy, cheerful vibes, and an easy-going attitude. Mauikea reminds you of the strong mighty mountain and a robust attitude.

This font comes in a broad and bold style. The uniqueness of this font is that when two letters are written next to each other, both letters appear differently. This will give a natural look to the designs.

This font style appears perfect for the headline fonts. This font can also be used for resort designs, beach designs, flyers, logos, posters, etc.

13. Stone Ocean

Stone Ocean
Stone Ocean. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Stone Ocean is a bouncy square wiki font. This font is a cheerful-looking font and is perfect for any tropical design. You can also use it for children’s projects, especially their school projects.

The font set comes with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. The font provides multilingual support.

The font comes in a unique style in such a way that if the bottom part of the letter appears wide, the top part appears narrow. The next letter follows the alternate style in such a way that the bottom appears narrow and the top wide in style.

This is a PUA-encoded font so you can access swashes and curls without the need for additional software.

This font comes in two sets of fonts. One is Stone Ocean and another is Stone Ocean Outline font. Both the font comes in.OF and .TTF file formats.

14. Flora Inside

Flora Inside
Flora Inside. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Floral Inside is a groovy-type display font. This is a peculiar handwriting font that is ideal for branding projects, logos, wedding designs, advertisements, product packaging, product designs and labels, watermarks, invitations, etc.

The font set comes with only uppercase characters, numbers, punctuation marks, and accents for multilingual characters, and ligatures.

15. Tropika Island

Tropika Island
Tropika Island. Image Credits: Creative Market

Tropika Island is a tropical display tiki font. This is a fun-filled font that has beautiful curves in some of the letters which makes the font appear attractive. This font is a great one and can work for menu card designs. 

The Tropika Island Font family is the tropical interlock. This font comes with 3,224 pairs of ligatures and stylistic alternates.

The Tropika Script comes with open-type features ligatures and stylistic alternates.

This font set is perfect for headings, logos, quotes, apparel designs, posters, flyers, greeting cards, etc.

16. Kuloko

Kuloko. Image Credits: Envato Elements

Kuloko is a tropical inline sans-serif font. It is interesting to know that this font can bring a tropical vibe to your project. This font features handwritten characters in a bold marker. The font displays the aesthetic tiki appearance in design.  

This font will grab the user’s attention when used in headlines, social media posts, logos, branding, and much more.

This font set supports multilingual characters and supports awesome symbols. 

The font comes with a handwritten inline style. This helps you to have variety in your designs.

The font comes in .OTF, .TTF and .WOFF file formats.

17. Tropical Punch

Tropical Punch
Tropical Punch. Image Credits: Creative Market

Tropical Punch is a nostalgic type of tropical font with a huge variety in it. There are more than 200 multi-letter ligatures in the font set. This will help you to create a huge number of fun-filled designs in your projects. 

There is an outline version of the same font that will surround the solid letters amazingly. Both the outline and normal versions have more than 300+ extended Latin characters for multi-lingual support.

The font set is a PUA-encoded one which means all the characters can be easily accessed. 

18. Paradise Point Inline Surf Font

Paradise Point Inline Surf Font
Paradise Point Inline Surf Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Get ready to take a plunge into a great adventure to the Paradise Point font

The font set appears in such a way that you will be able to see two versions of the same letter. One is actually a single stroke and the other one surrounds it in the bulged form.

The numbers of this font automatically rotate to display a hand-drawn appearance.

You will be able to discover hidden treasures in the form of stylistic alternatives. The Stylistic Alternates will take you to the scenic heights of uppercase in a friendly lowercase style. 

This font set contains 775 glyphs for stress-free support of over 200 languages.

19. Tiki Tropical Summer Font

Tiki Tropical Summer Font
Tiki Tropical Summer Font. Image Credits: Creative Market

Tiki Tropical Summer font comes with a nostalgic set of font along with free bonus illustrations. The entire retro-style tiki font collection can be brought to the foray with these awesome designs. 

This font comes with two style set fonts. They are the Tiki Tropical and Tiki Summer. The Tiki Tropical font comes with lines in the middle and the Tiki Summer is a black font.

20. Tiki Land

Tiki Land
Tiki Land. Image Credits: Creative Market

Tiki Land is a groovy-styled Tiki font that perfectly depicts the Tiki culture. The Tiki Tropical Summer Mid Century Retro font duo with five free bonus illustrations, so you can bring all of your retro summer creations to life with this awesome set.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by tiki fonts?

Tiki fonts take their inspiration from traditional cartoons and comical characters. These fonts can work for headlines and can be used for groovy designs.

Which is the best sans-serif tiki font available?

Mauna Loa and Beach Boy is the best sans-serif tiki font available.

Which font has got more than 200 multi-letter ligatures in it?

Tropical Punch is a font that has got multi-letter ligature in it.

Where do you use tiki fonts?

Tiki fonts are perfect for creating Polynesian and island inspired branding as well as design. This can be for products, travel brochures, book covers, restaurant branding, and many more.

Is there a cost for any of these fonts?

We have chosen a mix of free and premium fonts for your designing needs. For access to hundreds of beautiful fonts and other design elements, check out our article on Envato Elements - Is it worth it?.

20+ Best Tiki Fonts for Groovy Designs

Bring in the beachy groove with these wonderful Tiki fonts. Whether you are looking for fonts for your branding or just want to add relaxing beauty to your design, adding these fonts to your repertoire does not hurt.

So why not get inspired by the island rhythm and get creative?


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