How to Use TikTok for Brand Building: 5 Steps for Greater Brand Awareness

How to Use TikTok for Brand Building: 5 Steps for Greater Brand Awareness

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The evolution of our branding strategies is becoming more intertwined with social media than ever before. It’s hard to predict what social media will look like in the next ten years, as entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg start dabbling with the idea of a metaverse

Despite this, the same branding fundamentals remain relevant, we just need to apply them to a new digital space. The digital space with the biggest spotlight now is TikTok, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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Instead of waiting for the ‘fad’ to pass, businesses need to understand that TikTok is home to 1 billion+ active users and, according to some reports, up to 90% of those users are on the app every single day. 

So, you’ve had your logo designed, and you’ve worked with a branding agency to get your style sorted, now, how do you build your brand on TikTok? How do you draw attention to your brand on an app of fast-moving content?

This article is going to identify 5 different strategies that can help build better brand awareness within the TikTok community. 

How to Use Tik Tok for Brand Building: 5 Steps for Greater Brand Awareness

1. Learn How to Create Video Content

Learn How to Create Video Content

The most common response to this is – ‘I don’t know what to post.’

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It might seem daunting at first since more time, effort, and creativity is required to create short video content that will keep the attention of TikTok users. On the positive side, your video has the likelihood of reaching more people in a shorter amount of time than any other social media platform (if executed correctly). 

Here is a list of ideas that you can use to start producing great content for your business: 

  • Introduction video (introduce yourself and your products or do a virtual tour of your store/workspace)
  • Show your process (packaging or delivery process, development time-lapse, cooking process)
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • How to use videos (set up equipment, try on clothes, makeup tutorials)
  • Case studies (follow one customer’s journey from start to finish)

Secondly, you will need to consider the duration. The longer the video, the more interesting and entertaining it will need to be to prevent people from swiping up. The more user activity that occurs on the video, the more the elusive TikTok algorithm will reward you by showing your video to a larger audience. User activity includes comments, likes, shares and re-watches. Therefore, some would argue that a shorter, and more engaging video is better for reaching more people. 

2. Use Hashtags

Use Hashtags

Hashtags on TikTok work the same way as every other social media platform. They are important for helping TikTok categorise your content for the right audience. Using relevant hashtags will also help with your discoverability for people that are yet to follow you. This is because hashtags are not only used as a common searching tool but also help the TikTok algorithm decide who will see your posts. For example, if Jane likes, comments, and rewatches healthy cooking videos, then a video with #healthycooking is more likely to end up in her feed. 

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Another strategy for building brand awareness is using branded hashtags. Encouraging your followers to use your branded hashtag when creating a video reviewing your product or visiting your store, is a great way to get free advertising and build a community. People can also click on the hashtag to see more videos with similar content specific to your brand. 

3. Comment, Comment, Comment


Too often are businesses uploading content and then sitting back, waiting for people to reach out to them. TikTok is a community. You need to interact with your community to build a reputation. The next section will expand on this further, but a key component of this is to leave comments.

One of the most engaging features on TikTok is the ruthless commenting that follows most videos unless the creator turns their comments off. People make jokes, debate topics, and share other videos within the comments section. On a highly viewed video, one comment alone can receive 100k+ likes. This kind of engagement can lead to more followers or views on your videos and help establish your community tone of voice. 

4. Duet and Stitch Relevant Content

Duet and Stitch Relevant Content

Like the previous section, duetting and stitching videos that are relevant to your business can be very effective to build your brand awareness. For those that aren’t sure what the difference is: 

  • Duetting is where you create a video in response to the original video. Both clips will appear side by side when uploaded. 
  • Stitching is where you can cut someone else’s video and add your own content at the end. The original clip will play first and then your clip will play afterward. 

You can utilize these features to create a parody video, compare your service to a competitor or respond to reviews on your product. Instead, you could use these features to show your progress compared to a video you posted a few months ago. This latter option is very popular with web design agency or other creative industries to reveal a final product.

At the end of the day, it’s always going to be beneficial to engage with your community as much as possible. Experiment with these features and have fun with them. 

5. Explore Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Now this part may or may not be free. It depends on what type of influencer you are trying to reach out to and may involve some type of discounted product or free entry cost.  

Unlike Instagram influencers, TikTok videos give you anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes of quality content. Think about how much you could squeeze into a 30-second video to give customers a clear understanding of what your service/product is. Another benefit of this is the ability for one video to get 1 million+ views in just a few days. If your brand is front and centre of that video, with the right hashtags, you could receive a lot of inquiries very quickly. 

The key to influencer marketing is to try and find people that are in your niche. For example, it’s better to ask the makeup influencer to test your new foundation instead of the food influencer. It’s also more likely that a ‘rising star’ influencer will accept your proposal to share your product instead of an established one like Charli D’Amelio (but you can always ask!). 

TikTok Brand Building Summary

The suggested steps above are things that you could start implementing today for free. Building better brand awareness is about producing consistent, quality content and engaging with your community as much as possible. If you don’t have the time or you’re still not sure how to navigate TikTok you can hire a professional social media manager to help you. 

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