Tips for Crafting the Perfect Social Media Post

Tips for Crafting the Perfect Social Media Post

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This article has been contributed by Katherine Brunt.

Most people find it quite difficult to stay fully updated with the latest trends and techniques in social media and this is because of the constant changes taking place in the industry.

However, the importance of crafting the best social media post can’t be ignored at any cost and if you really want to grab the attention of your friends, fans and followers, you must learn how to easily craft sassy, short and long posts for different social networks. Both short and long posts have their own impact and advantages which are completely based on the way you create them. In this article, you will learn 9 simple tips to help you craft that perfect social media post.

Social Media Post

1: Create Longer Posts

Many people avoid creating longer posts because they think it will require them to spend a lot of time. However, the impact of longer form posts can’t be ignored, simply because you can say much more, and go into much more detail.Communicate your own unique point, backed up by your expertise and this will position you as an expert.

2: Create Shorter Posts

On the other hand, it is also important to create shorter, more direct posts for some very important social networks such as Google+, Twitter & Facebook. Go for quality and directness herebecause you don’t have many words to describe the issue.

3: Craft Worthy to Share Posts

Craft worthy to share posts

No matter if you are posting a short or longer post, you must keep in mind that it should be worthy to share. If your colleagues, friends, fans and followers see your post as valuable content, they will love to share it with others too which will increase the value of your post.

4: Focus on Your Purpose

When you are creating a post, keep your purpose in mind. You must understand who your audiences are and how they will be responding to your posts. When you give more importance to valuable content over personal branding, it gives the senses that you really care about the people who are following you. Provide value!

5: Write Eye Catching Headlines

It does not really matter if you would prefer to share longer or shorter posts; you must know that attention grabbing headlines always get clicked more. Basically, there can be five types of headlines: news, goals, problem, how to, and entertainingand you need to choose one of them or cleverly combine them. When you are creating compelling headlines, you also need to ask yourself few important questions:

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  • Will it grab the attention of the readers?
  • Does it target your specific audience?
  • Is it about a specific subject?
  • Does it create curiosity amongst your audience?

6: Give The Full Picture

You may have seen the type of posts where  you get inspired by some content but the next moment you find yourself looking for the details which means, the post is not complete and this may irritate you to go scrolling through pages to find the complete detail. Though, it might be a technique to bring people to a specific page, it is better to give complete details so they don’t feel empty even after reading. If you have raised some questions, don’t forget to answer them.

7: Give a Different Point of View

You could talk about a new concept or even if you are trying to talk about an old issue, deal with it differently so people can get a different point of view. Though, you might not find it easy, it can still be great if you just spend some more time in exploring new concepts.

8. Format for Maximum Engagement

Format for Maximum Engagement

It is also important to create a highly visualized presentation for your post. If you craft a post without any sub headings and there is just pages of plain text to scan, it will lose its scanning ability and most people will ignore it and move on their way.

9: Use High Quality Imagery

If you are creating longer posts, you better use interesting graphics, screenshots and photos and make sure that they are in high quality and absolutely relevant to the post as in this way you can easily stimulate visual engagement.

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Katherine Brunt is a well-known blogger and author and she has also won various blogging competitions for Assignment Box. She also provides her assistance and consultancy to the bloggers, entrepreneurs and businesses which use social media networks for getting more reach and referrals.

2 thoughts on “Tips for Crafting the Perfect Social Media Post”

  1. Hi, nice post thanks. My feedback would be to explain the points along side an example of a post that ticked all the boxes, or use different example posts to illustrate different points, both good and bad examples.

  2. When I first read item number 1- Create longer post, I admit I stared at it for a couple of seconds while arguing with myself whether to accept your tip or not. My first thought was of course not, it depends on which social media we are writing to! Then suddenly I noticed your item number 2, Create Shorter Post, and I’m like “A-ha”! There it is! Exactly what my thought was.

    I think your article is superb. Without saying much, you were able to capture my attention (your reader) for me to want to read more! Kudos!

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