Tokenframe Review — The Best NFT Display Yet?

Tokenframe Review — The Best NFT Display Yet?

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If you’re shopping for NFT displays, read our Tokenframe review below to see if it’s for you!

NFTs continue to be the most talked-about topic in the art world. Whether you love them, hate them, or don’t pay attention at all to them, they’re here to stay, and much of today’s NFTs are competing with well-known luxury brands in the price brackets. 

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Of course, what makes NFTs such a huge topic is their use of blockchain technology, which helps legitimize proof of ownership. This, among many others, is an obvious benefit for any investment in art.

That said, NFT frames are on the rise too.  Whereas basic picture frames house your favorite photos, NFT frames display your most prized NFTs. 

Tokenframe is one great example of a brand in this category.

What is Tokenframe?

In its simplest definition, Tokenframe is a digital frame exclusively for NFT artworks. Much like a picture frame is designed for your most favorite photos, Tokenframes exist for you to showcase your best NFT collections.

Everything about the web3 wallet connection is covered by the Tokenframe.

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The Tokenframe NFT Show upholds a clear and basic presentation of NFTs inside an incorporated blockchain wallet. The native Tokenframe app makes it simple for this display frame to connect with a web3 wallet, allowing owners to cast their non-fungible tokens directly from their wallets.

Tokenframe Features

Tokenframe review
Tokenframe NFT Display. Image credit: Tokenframe

Here’s a quick rundown of all the things you’ll love about Tokenframes:

  • Connects directly from your cryptocurrency wallet
  • Has Customizable settings
  • Displays only NFTs you own, immediately guaranteeing exclusivity
  • Comes in various sizes, starting at 11.5″x8.4″x 0.4″ up until 51.6″ x 30.7″ x 2.75.”
  • Comes in 2k to 4k resolutions
  • Comes in audio
  • Made with Bespoke Wooden Frames

The seven models in the Tokenframe lineup come with 2K or 4K resolution and can be maximized by using its counterpart smartphone app.

They’re pretty hefty, but to any serious collector of art, these rates justify its value.  

Through Fortmatic, MetaMask, or WalletConnect, Tokenframe frames can connect to your Web3 wallet, allowing users to change display settings like image size and background color.

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Additionally, the larger models have a rotating wall mount. The artwork repositions itself similarly to how it would on a smartphone when the frame is rotated 90 degrees.

The fact that Tokenframe only allows you to display NFTs that are available in your wallet, rather than any uploaded media files, increases the sophistication of this brand over its many rivals too.

In no way is it similar to digital frames where you can upload any image, and it’s there to feature for as long as you want. 

On that note, Tokenframes optimize a strategy for passionate NFT collectors because it only allows legitimate NFTs to appear onscreen.

Tokenframe Pricing

All in all, Tokenframe prices range from $333 to more than $2,777.

As mentioned, the brand’s custom app is in charge of controlling what you can preview. Users can connect their cryptocurrency wallet and pick, from their personal gallery, what they want to preview. Because of this, the Tokenframe then becomes a user-specific, one-of-a-kind computerized gallery for one’s art collection.

Also, a dashboard controls the NFT display, and NFTs can be shared with several other Tokenframes. It can show schedules and curated sequences, and the app lets you change the screen too. 

As such, Tokenframe is a great choice for homes of art collectors, as well as galleries due to its ease of use and NFT display exclusivity in comparison to many other digital frames. 

Furthermore, a matte, tactile finish is provided by an anti-glare coating on all of its displays.


Tokenframe Pros and Cons



—Ensures NFT exclusivity  —Pricey
—Connects to multiple crypto wallets —Must be plugged-in at all times to function 
—Superb visual quality, up to 4k resolution
—Great audio
—Various sizes
—4 impressive frame selections
—Intuitive smartphone app
—Customize background color & artwork size

—Energy-saving schedule


Tokenframe Review: Final Thoughts

tokenframe review
image credit: Tokenframe

Its frames come in four shades, making it suitable for a wide variety of decor schemes. Buyers can pick among black, white, mahogany, and birch—all of which are made with genuine wooden frames. 

Additionally, you are able to adjust the fit, the border, and other aspects of its crystal-clear, immersive display resolution. You can even schedule it to change images and turn them on and off, making you conserve energy when you need to! 

The Tokenframe is causing a stir all over the world by bridging the gap between traditional art and contemporary innovation, receiving acclaim and praiseworthy merits.

Are you shopping for NFT displays? Consider this your sign to get a Tokenframe!

Do you already have a Tokenframe? If you agree with out Tokenframe review, let us know in the comment section!

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