Top Logos of 2010

Top Logos of 2010

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Every day a logo is awarded a Logo Of The Day award and every month a Logo Of The Month award is awarded based on the best logos of that month. These are shown below.

Update: Voting Closed

Voting has now closed and you can find the 2010 Logo Of The Year here.

FYI, we are now accepting new logo submissions, so go and suggest a logo for a chance to win.

You can view the 2009 winners here.

Processed Identity


Processed Identity is a website that allows designers to share the creative processes used to develop visual brand identities. The site uses case studies, articles and discussions to explore the value of a non-stock solution. The identity is a visual representation of a path or process. The path forms the letter P as well as a question mark, expressing the problem that is solved through the creative process.

Credits: Steve Zelle

Magic Custom Software


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Trademark for California-based custom software development company “Magic Custom Software”.

Credits: Utility

Flamin’ Fish Taco

Flamin Fish

The Flamin’ Fish Taco logo was developed to help introduce and promote a new gourmet taco at Tin Star Taco Bar. Tin Star Taco Bar is a fast-casual restaurant concept that offers gourmet tacos and traditional entrees with a flavorful twist. The concept behind this logo uses the negative space of the fire flames to create a fish. With the flames having the same flowing curves as water…the marriage between the fish and flames came together naturally.

Credits: Ray E. Gallegos

Optimistic Beverages

Optimistic Beverages

Logo for an exploratory group hoping to start a craft brewery in Austin!

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Credits: Helms Workshop


Africa Children Initiative

The Hope for African Children Initiative (HACI) is a pan-African effort created to address the enormous challenges faced by millions of African children who have either been orphaned by AIDS or live with parents who are sick or dying from AIDS-related illnesses.

Credits: Unknown

Tahnee Freeman


Tahnee Freeman, freelance make-up artist.

Credits: Angelique Toner

OK Textil


“Ok Textil” is a company which distribute textile products for the promotional sector in Murcia (Spain).  They distribute good quality young fashion clothes and complements ready to be personalized. The name of the company converts into a human shape when you turn the word OK, left. The result is a funny and kind doll with thick and rounded lines. This little turn gives the word OK a new meaning. See in use here.

Credits: Sublima Comunicación



8Interactive iPhone App developers.

Credits: Nick de Jardine

Bob’s House For Dogs

Bobs House For Dogs

Bob’s House For Dogs is a non-profit organization in Eau Claire, WI that provides stray and unwanted dogs with a home-like environment, keeping them out of inadequate shelters and off the streets. The name was inspired by Bob, one of the first dogs taken into the house. The logo serves as a clever and memorable mark, as it combines Bob’s first initial with the shape of Bob the dog himself. See in use.

Credits: Staci Paul

Six Pixels of Separation

Six Pixels

Six Pixels of Separation blog.

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Credits: TwistiImage

Type Trust


Type Trust digital font boutique.

Credits: Type Trust

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NB: There are only 11 logos as I was on vacation in January, thus no logos were on the site for January.

11 thoughts on “Top Logos of 2010”

  1. Dear Jacob,
    I have been following your blog for a while now, and now taken part in the vote poll. Thank you for all your advice and the useful sites I usually arrive at pursuing hints of yours.

  2. I was nearly going to vote for Processed Identity, but then I realised the appeal that it had for me was because of the colors (whee, colorful!) and the Nat Geo-esque treatment. Strength-wise, I wasn’t really feeling it…

  3. all are great… 2nd one is fun, kind of illusions… bt voted ‘Six Pixels of Separation’ ..looks really nice 🙂

  4. I love the cleverness in a minimal b&w form of the Magic Custom Software. I’m not sure if it’s done on purpose, but I see a disc’s center hole where the M shaped rabbit ears’ coming out. 🙂

  5. The Bob’s House For Dogs logo is really cute. All businesses should have a logo: and it must be GREAT! because
    1: It is a visual representation of your company/brand
    2: ‘First impression lasts’ as they say, so a great logo would stand out on the memory of customers
    One of the importance of a great logo is that it captures the essense of your service/business.

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