Top 12 Logos of 2011 As Voted By You

Top 12 Logos of 2011 As Voted By You

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These are the top 12 logo designs of 2011 as voted by you (the awards that won Logo Of The Month) on my other site Logo Of The Day.

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What logo do you believe should win the 2011 Logo Of The Year? Cast your vote at the bottom of this post. Voting closes January 31st.

And just so you know, we are always accepting new logo submissions. Feel free to suggest a logo for a chance to win the Logo Of The Day award.

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January: Bread & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast

Bread & Breakfast is a coffee shop / bakery that serves breakfast all day (after all – it is the most important meal!), and sells bread and baked goods. The aim was to create a logo that will combine the two elements of business (bakery and coffee shop) without creating an overload of visuals. The positive/negative design of the coffee cup and the bread image that is created by the coffee itself, along with the use of light blue and brown, create the desired combination that we set out to design.

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Credits: Sigal Vilenski

February: Fork & Knife

Fork & Knife

Fork & Knife Restaurant

Credits: Nick Sickelton

March: Peru


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Credits: FutureBrand Buenos Aires

April: The New Record

New Record Logo

The New Record Co.

Credits: Redkroft

May: Edge Board

Edgeboard Logo

“Edgeboard are handmade chopping boards from the Northern Beaches in NSW that possess a special feature; an edge which you use to slide off the chopped food against. They use a natural anti-bacterial wood sourced form the Byron Shire.

“The identity is based on the board’s special feature, the edge, and the brand comes to life using the edge in any any application. A simple, structured logo is used in combination with textured and environmentally friendly stocks.” See in use.

Credits: Hampus Jageland when at Maud.

June: Fashion Law Institute

Fashion Law Institute Logo

Fashion Law Institute is a new center at Fordham Law School in New York that will train and advise designers, lawyers and design students in areas of the law affecting the fashion industry.

Credits: Pentagram

July: Fine Cell Work

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Fine Cell Work

As surprising as it seems, thanks to the charity Fine Cell Work, hundreds of UK prison inmates fill their hours sewing cushions and quilts. They earn money, gain skills and create a real sense of community. The logo we created for Fine Cell Work came from the contrasting worlds of UK prison life and needlework.

Credits: The Partners

August: Radio

Radio Logo


Credits: Voov

September: Lamp of Wine

Lamp Logo

It’s a logo for Polish blog about wine – In Polish, for glass of wine we use to say “lamp of wine”.

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Credits: LUKS

October: Fast Eddies

Fast Eddies

Fast Eddies Barber

Credits: Richard Arthur Stewart

November: City Tech

City Tech Logo

CityTech IT Consultants, Chicago.

Credits: Unknown

December: Bright Carrot

Bright Carrot

“Bright Carrot provides innovative interactive marketing solutions using web and mobile channels. We help companies deploy smarter approaches to attract customers. This includes mobile coupons, interactive applications, and promotions”

Credits: Hatchmarks

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31 thoughts on “Top 12 Logos of 2011 As Voted By You”

  1. Hi there! fantastic compilation!!!!
    JUST A HINT: peru rebranding was made by FutureBrand Buenos Aires, not UK.

  2. Hi There. Great logos, great website! Very inspirational.
    Just a small comment: The Bread & Breakfast logo is presented as Bed & Breakfast, which takes the Bread out of the name…

  3. As a former advertising sales executive for the newsprint industry, I tend to look at how the logo will translate in the newspaper competing with all the other copy. Logos are treated with the highest respect and they are placed in an advertisement ‘as is’, without any alterations.
    Thin lines in the graphics and name tend to disappear unless it is surrounded by white space, and that can cost your client some serious money in any print advertising. ‘Fine Cell Work’, ‘City Tech’ and ‘Bread and Breakfast’ are perfect examples of logos could possibly experience problems in print advertising and outdoor signage as well.
    Although newsprint is becoming less relevant, the principles of good design still apply. A good design should be able to adapt to any situation, after all it is the company’s signature.

  4. The Bread & Breakfast logo is smart and simple, great design is based on the ability to Merge content by simplicity.

  5. I voted for City Tech. The icon is so clever and beautifully rendered, but I think the type setting is what really put that one over the top for me. Creative, distinct and just gorgeous!

  6. I like the brands where what you can see in the logo is not what you see on the image. I mean (and PLEASE excuse my lack of english): if my brand is called CAKE and I use an image of a cake, despite the awsome way of showing it, whats the point of having the image? Whats carrying? Leaving behind the (very important) graphic aspects of that particular cake… its still a cake… and it ends there.
    Again (damn its hard to say this in another language) the image of that cake could be great and all, but i preffer those brands where is the user who completes the sense, or when what is shown is a part (or any retorical technic) and not everything. Anyway, i think its clever when we represent things that are not directly on the verbal part of the brand. Like the RADIO one… but without the antena. I think that effect, the interference effect, is powerfull enough.
    anyway, thats just the way I see it.
    Great job jacob!!!!!

  7. Great set of logos, tough choice picking a favourite – ended up going for Fork & Knife. But Bread & Breakfast, Fashion Law Institute and Fine Cell Work were close seconds.

  8. I think the Bright Carrot is by far the best logo. That was genius to use a light blub in place of the carrot and it really catches your attention. Another great design I saw recently was by a FIDM student who was inspired by Coca-Cola to design beautiful flowers and a parrot carrying the bottle. Pretty impressive!

  9. My favorite is Peru. Maybe because I have seen advertisement featuring this logo, it was very cool that I had a feeling that next summer I should visit Peru.

  10. Wow, the results are quite surprising! Fine Cell Work gets my vote, it just looks much more stylised, balanced and high-end than any of the others.

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