Top 5 Typography Resources

Top 5 Typography Resources

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Are your struggling with your typography? Don’t know your serifs from your san-serifs? Do you know the history of typography?

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Below I have compiled the best and most valuable typography resources and tips that you need to know to improve your typographic skills.

  1. Book: Non Designers Type Book by Robin Williams
    This book is full of the bare essentials of typography. It is very easy to read and a must read for anyone starting out in typography.
  2. Font Downloads: 40+ Excellent Free Fonts For Professional Design
    A tip that is very often not told, there are free quality fonts out there. If you are a student graphic designer, you may not be able to afford to buy fonts just yet so this may be a good alternative. If you have a bit of cash to burn, check out these top commercial fonts.
  3. Font Identification: Identifont or What The Font.
    Want to know the font that is used on your milk carton or on a particular website? These two great websites can tell you exactly what font is used just by uploading an image of the font.
  4. Link Database: Web Developers Handbook
    A massive link database to a variety of subjects, including typography.
  5. Typography Resources: Typography Resources Every Designer Should know.
    Many more resources for typography. A must book mark link.

There are many other typographic resources out there. What are your favourites?

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37 thoughts on “Top 5 Typography Resources”

  1. Thanks for this. You was help me. Article who your writen was so important for me. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Don’t forget typophile!

    I would also highly recommend “The Elements of Typographic Style (3.0+)” by Robert Bringhurst. This is my bible!

  3. Thanks for looking out for the quasi-designers; as someone not formally trained but finding myself continually called upon to design, it can be difficult to find sympathetic resources geared toward people going…well, backward.

  4. Great list Jacob.

    I’ll see if I get some time to make a bigger useful list. Will definitely share.

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