38 of My Favourite Fonts for Design

38 of My Favourite Fonts for Design

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Choosing the right font for your design is arguably as important as creating the design itself.

It’s about selecting the one that complements your design and conveys the tone of your message.

When I am choosing a font, there are a certain handful that are always top of mind. I listed them all out and came up with this list featuring 38 of my favourite fonts for design.

Many of these fonts you can download for free via Google Fonts or if you have a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud (get a 40% discount here), you can get access to these fonts via Adobe Fonts.


What other fonts would you add to this list?

Top Best Fonts for Design

Sans Serif

  1. Proxima Nova (My brand’s font)
  2. Brandon Grotesque
  3. Avenir Next
  4. Futura
  5. Akzidenz Grotesk
  6. Poppins (Free)
  7. Nexa
  8. Lato (Free)
  9. Frutiger
  10. Circular
  11. FF DIN
  12. Cera Pro
  13. Gotham
  14. Helvetica Now
  15. Franklin Gothic
  16. Montseratt (Free)
  17. Gilroy
  18. Open Sans (Free)
  19. Bison (get for 50% off)

Serif / Script / Hand

  1. DM Serif (Free)
  2. Playfair (Free)
  3. Clarendon
  4. Caslon
  5. Baskerville
  6. Finnmark (get for 50% off)
  7. Bodoni
  8. Minion Pro
  9. Garamond
  10. Sabon
  11. Recoleta
  12. Cooper
  13. Merriwether (Free)
  14. Georgia
  15. Memphis
  16. Money Penny
  17. Honest Script
  18. Dear Joe 6
  19. Bickham Script Pro

What are your favorite top of mind fonts?

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