DON'T MISS: The Best Graphic Design Articles from April 2008

DON'T MISS: The Best Graphic Design Articles from April 2008

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As usual each month I round up the best graphic design articles from around the web and this month is no exception except only it has doubled in size. There is only one or two articles from a singular blog to ensure quality and differentiation!

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Articles have been broken into categories:

  • Personal Favourites
  • Graphic Design
  • Freelancing
  • Tutorials
  • Typography
  • Web Design
  • CSS
  • Other
  • Just Creative Design Posts

Just incase you missed them, here are the best articles from January, February or March 2008.

Personal Favourites

  • Graphic Design Resume Guide – from You The Designer
    Make your resume the best it possibly can.
  • ReThinking Blog Comments – from Dosh Dosh
    Not design but I found it a great read. It explains the benefits of long term commenting and how you shouldn’t think of the short term.
  • Designing With Type Characters – from Cameron Moll
    Some tips from Cameron on how to design with type. I will be coming back to this for sure.
  • 50 Essential Photoshop Text Tutorials – from Vandelay Design
    Pretty much what it says. I have used a few of these now. Great list.
  • Mastering Photoshop Masks – from Creative Curio
    A four part series on photoshop masks. I learnt quite a few things I didn’t know here.
  • Three More Devastating Mistakes Every Designer Will Make and How You Can Avoid Them – Also from Creative Curio
    The mistakes to watch out for: Bleeds, Masks, Spot Colours.

Graphic Design

  • 13 Sites for unique textures – from Essential Key Strokes
    A list of the best sites for getting free unique textures.
  • Logo Design Love Awards – from Logo Design Love
    After weeks of voting the votes are in and the winners announced. JCD got 1st place.
  • Awesome Light Graffiti Pictures – from Adubzeedo
    A nice collection of Light Graffiti Pictures (photos with long exposures).
  • 25 MORE Reasons You Might Be A Hardcore Graphic/Web Designer – from BittBox
    In no particular order here is proof that you love (or hate) design.
  • Ultimate List of Books for Freelancers & New Designers – from All Graphic Design
    A great list of the best books with good explanations.
  • Vintage and Retro Design – from Smashing Magazine.
    Pretty much what it says, and it’s from Smashing Mag so you know it will be good.
  • Ranking 80 of the Top CSS Galleries – from Vandelay Design
    You know how there are so many galleries out there, this shows you the best ones.
  • 49 Professional and Innovative Websites – from Inspiredology
    A great collection of professional websites for inspiration.
  • 20 Blinding White Portfolios – from DesignFlavr
    Our sponsor Designflavr has collected a great set of white portfolios.
  • 10 Dark Business Card Designs from Laughing Lion DesignOne card designed by Jennifer and 9 other great designs you prob haven’t seen before
  • 10 Tips For Writing A Graphic Design Brief – from David Airey
    Sharon provides some great tips along with many comments with even more tips.


  • The Pros and Cons of Going Solo – from Inspiration Bit
    Vivien sums up the best and worst bits about going solo as a graphic designer.
  • Tips for Attracting Local Clients – from Vandelay Design
    Some invaluable tips from Steven about tips for getting local clients.
  • 5 Comebacks to Client Questions – from Graphic Design Blog
    Danny Outlaw from Outlaw Design Blog has a guest article on Graphic Design Blog.
  • 10 Clever Ways to WOW your Clients – from Small FuelGreat list of things to improve your freelance business.
  • Deciding When to Use Project Pricing – from Wake Up Later
    Billing by the hour is the most common way to make money in the freelance world, and it can be both safe and profitable. But it does have a few drawbacks, find out when to use it.
  • How to Be Your Own Boss (Without Acting Like One) – from AnyWired
    Skellie writes how to be your own boss.
  • Is Charging More Really the Right Thing to Do? – from Men with Pens.
    Pricing is a very common topic for freelancers. This post takes a different angle than most.
  • 3 Steps to Creating a Freelancing Brand that Sells – from Freelance Folder.
    Another excellent post from Dave Navarro. Here he breaks down three simple steps that every freelancer needs to consider.
  • How To Get The Vacation Time That You Sorely Need And Desperately Want – from Freelance Folder
    Laura explains how to plan and not stress about getting that vacation you deserve.
  • Why Giving Clients What They Want is a Bad Idea – from Positive Space Blog
    Why giving client’s exactly what they expect is a way to ensure that your work is complacent and how it avoids creativity.
  • 12 Practical Ways for Freelance Designers to Increase Leads – from Freelance Switch
    Steven Snell does get around, here he writes about different ways to find potential clients and 12 things you can do to increase the number of leads you receive.
  • How Freelancers Utilize LinkedIn to Successfully Network Online – from All Freelance.
    Learn how to get the best out of LinkedIn.


  • How To Build a Sleek Portfolio Site from Scratch – from NetTuts
    Tuturial on how to make a website from scratch in Photosop and HTML, CSS.
  • How To Get sIFR to Work – from Design Intellection
    sIFR is pretty much letting you be able to use any font on the web. Follow this tutorial to get a basic understanding of how sIFR works.
  • How To Create a Powerful Mental Wave Explosion Effect – from PSD Tuts
    In Photoshop create a crazy explosion, very awesome effect.
  • Create Abstract Backgrounds – from VecTips
    Using Gradient Meshes, Steps Blends and Opacity and masks you can quickly create abstract backgrounds
  • Create a Vector Home Cinema Design – from AIBurn
    A great and well detailed tutorial from Tom. Good for electronics and icons too.
  • How to Use Adobe Illustrator to Create a Unique Distressed Text Effect – from Dev Lounge
    Learn how to make your own grunge font in illustrator.
  • Create a Spiral Ornament in Illustrator – from Veerle
    Another great tutorial from Veerle, this time on how to create a simple spiral ornament.
  • Create a Rotatable Globe in Adobe Illustrator – from Spoon Graphics
    Chris goes through how to make a globe, also useful for creating packaging mockups.


Web Design

Steven did a good round up of web design based posts and here are some of the links he recommended plus a few more added by me.

  • The Beginner’s Checklist for Learning SEO from SEOmoz.
    Danny Dover covers the basics that new SEOs will need to learn.
  • Web Form Design: Modern Solutions and Creative Ideas from Smashing Magazine.
    Forms are usually boring, but as you will see from these examples, they don’t have to be.
  • 4 Uber Cool CSS Techniques for Links from CSS Globe.
    As usual, Alen has an excellent tutorial for some new CSS techniques.
  • 14 Inspiring CMS Showoffs from Most Inspired.
    Ty Gossman lists many of the leading options for CMS.
  • 63 Impressive Website Background Images: Trends Resources and Tutorials from Noupe.
    Large background images are becoming more and more common, and this is a great mini gallery of some of the best uses of creative background images.
  • In the Background: Simplifying and Demystifying CSS Backgrounds from Bits O’ NewMedia.
    While Noura collection above provides an excellent gallery of background images, Matt’s post will explain how to use background images with CSS.
  • 101 Adobe AIR Resources to Add to Your Toolbelt of Awesomeness from Jason Bartholme.
    This is a huge categorized list for anyone that has an interest in Adobe AIR.
  • Unusual WordPress Blog Designs from Noupe.
    If you’re looking for some inspiration for creating something unique with WordPress, Noura has put together an excellent categorized collection.
  • IE CSS Bugs That’ll Get You Every Time from CSS Tricks.
    Hate dealing with Internet Explorer? Chris beaks down some of the most common CSS bugs with IE and how you can get around them.
  • 7 Incredibly Useful Tools for Evaluating a Web Design from Six Revisions.
    Analysis is critical for any website. Here is a quick look at seven tools that can help.
  • 60 Great RSS Icons for Your Blog from Pro Blog Design.
    Don’t want to use the same old RSS icon that every other blog uses? Take a look at this collection.
  • 30 Must See Comment Designs for Web Designers from Blog Design Blog.
    The design of the comment area is often overlooked. Vinh has done a nice job researching to find 30 excellent examples.
  • Sparkle Backgrounds Madness! from You the Designer.
    A nice collection of graphic design work with popular sparkling backgrounds.
  • How to switch the “on” state of navigation links for dynamic pages – from Askthecssguy.
  • Top Comment Designs


As seen on Noupe here are some great CSS Links with some added by me.

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  • Awesome CSS Code Snippets from Outlaw Design Blog
    No other explanation is needed.
  • The Highly Extensible CSS Interface
    The Highly Extensible CSS Interface is an excellent 4-part series of articles, now gathered together on one page for easy reference.
  • Hartija – CSS Print Framework
    Hartija is “mini” CSS Framework for web printing. The goal of this framework is to improve and ease the creation of “printer friendly” pages with minimum effort.
  • CSS Gradients, Transforms, Animations, and Masks
    Safari / Webkit shows the future of CSS! Gradients wirh CSS and without any image.
  • Combine Your CSS Media Styles Into One File
    Using some easy CSS, you can combine your CSS medias into one file!
  • CSS do’s and dont’s Part 1: CSS Selecting
    Css Globe is starting a series of lightweight articles named “CSS do’s and don’ts”. This series is aimed at pointing out some of the bad habits when it comes to css and web standards in general.
  • Date Stamps
    A list of all six styles, each with an example of the timestamp and the code you can use to create it.
  • Simplifying and Demystifying CSS Backgrounds
    A great article to show how to use background images with CSS.
  • Web to Print: Restyling Pages on the Fly with CSS
    Matthew is sharing the experience he gained while writing a print stylesheet for Bits O’ NewMedia.


Just Creative Design Posts

Below were the most popular articles this month on Just Creative Design plus some other articles I was apart of this month.

And there we have it, the best graphic design articles from April 2008.

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  1. Oooo, I made it into Personal Favorites! 😀 So pleased you are learning new things from my writing at Creative Curio. And it really says a lot that you point others to my articles, too (I know I keep saying that, but I’m just so thrilled that my advice and writing is useful!)

    I saw the typography post from Cameron Moll and the Blog Design Style Guide from Blog Design Blog this past week, too. Those were most excellent and I added them to my bookmarks. Looks like you collected some other blog design posts that I’m definitely going to take a look at. Ah!! And a sIFR tut!! YES! Thanks, Jacob! These roundup posts are quite useful.

    LaurenMarie – Creative Curios last blog post..Using Lines: Real World Examples

  2. fantastic job collecting such a valuable collection of design-related articles all over the blogiverse. Thanks a lot, now all is left for me is to find time to read them. Thanks for including mine in this fine list.

    inspirationbits last blog post..PROs And CONs Of Going Solo

  3. Vivien, Steven, Noura, James, Matthew, Char, Michael
    You welcome. Keep writing quality articles.

    Well you do put a lot of effort into your articles and they just relate more to me I suppose. I really need to clean out my bookmarks, they are so jumbled and unorganised.

    Glad you saw the sIFR tutorial 🙂

    Sure do! Or else I have a very good memory 🙂

  4. Many thanks for the inclusion in the list! There is a ton of great stuff there. Jacob, I’m assuming you use a feed reader to keep up with all this good stuff?

    Jennifers last blog post..Dream job for photoshopping, web-skilled NIN fan.

  5. Great resource for anyone! Thanks so much for putting them all in one place.

    Oh, and I just thought that I would mention that your site looks different in Google Reader today. Instead of there being little snippets there are full posts. Intentional change?

    Jacob Carters last blog post..My Life in Photographs

  6. Hey, look at that I made the list, I’m at the top no less. Awesome.

    One little correction, my name is Brad Colbow not Brendan Colboy 😉

  7. Rachel,
    Glad you like them, it does provide a great resource.

    Yes I have been fiddling with my feeds trying to get them to go to full feeds, there was always a problem with it before, so I guess it worked even though it took 2 days to fix itself. I might have a poll to see what readers like best.

    Oh excuse me, I don’t know why I did that. I will have to fix that up. I am hoping being at the top of the list makes up for it!

  8. Being at the top of the list definitely makes up for it. You’ve sent a lot of traffic my way and that is greatly appreciated.

  9. I am once again faced with the problem – feel inept at my job if I don’t read these, or waste a day reading them all!

    Thanks for the collection!

    Stoos last blog post..A quick note

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