The Top Logos of 2014 As Voted By You

The Top Logos of 2014 As Voted By You

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These are the top 12 logo designs of 2014 as voted by you (the awards that won Logo Of The Month) on my other site Logo Of The Day.

What logo do you believe should win the 2014 Logo Of The Year? Cast your vote below. Voting closes end of day January 31st.

Voting has closed. See the winners here.

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And just so you know, we are always accepting new logo submissions. Feel free to suggest a logo for a chance to win the Logo Of The Day award.

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January: American Table Cafe & Bar

January - American Table Logo

Credits: Inhouse

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February: Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery

Credits: Taxi

March: Cancer Research UK

March: Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is the largest charity of its kind, with 40,000 volunteers and 7,000 staff. It covers everything from raising funds and managing research to putting treatments in hospitals worldwide. Such breakthroughs have helped double cancer survival rates in 40 years. Despite this, Cancer Research UK’s funds were plateauing, leaving CRUK unable to take advantage of new technologies.

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Credits: Interbrand

April: Great Eastern Energy

Great Eastern Energy Logo

Great Eastern Energy is one of the largest alternative suppliers of natural gas and electricity in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Founded at the start of energy deregulation in 1996, GEE is an Energy Service Company (ESCO), or third-party energy retailer, that offers consumers the opportunity to choose who supplies their energy and helps them create more cost-efficient plans, then coordinates with local utility companies like Con Edison or National Grid for delivery of the energy to homes and businesses.

Credits: Pentagram

May: Source

Source Logo

Source – Time saving tools for designers and developers.

Credits: Source

June: Efinity

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Efinity Logo

Efinity software company.

Credits: Helen&Co.

July: Old Ox Brewery

Old Ox Brewery Logo

Credits: Peppermill Projects

August: TeeSpring

TeeSpring Logo Design

Teespring custom t-shirts.

Credits: Jared Erondu

September: Stop Watching Us

Stop Watching Us

Stop Watching Us, a rally against mass surveillance.

Credits: Paul J. Bartlett

October: Form Architects

Form Architects

Credits: Tribe

November: uBear


uBear is a modern and vibrant lifestyle brand that combines the creative spirit of urban culture. uBear designs, develops and produces mobile accessories and related products for urban-minded peoples driven by energy of big cities.

Credits: Mash Creative and Paul from Hype Type Studio

December: Waffee Coffee House

Waffee Logo Design

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21 thoughts on “The Top Logos of 2014 As Voted By You”

  1. I think you should of had second and third place voting. I feel bad for UBear and Teespring.. and Stop Watching Us. They are all great…

  2. Big fan of the Old Ox Brewery! I like the way the name is tied in with the design, simple but yet effective in conveying the message of the brand across.

  3. Whereas ‘American Table’ was beautiful in its simplicity and deserved rightly to win, I thought that ‘Form Architects’ shared some of that same simple beauty…I agree with ‘Lisa’, you should investigate the 2nd and 3rd votes and [then] have ‘runner ups’ after that.
    A ‘silver’ and a ‘bronze’ is better than merely runners up; it doesn’t suggest how close the 2nd and 3rd ones were…just a (‘second’ thought)!

  4. The “Source” and “American Table” logos are the triumph of minimalism. Pure beauty!

  5. Hey this is clark I have checked 100s of design site but I found the is the best in town

  6. These logos are essentially the best. In any case, I found the last one exceptionally innovative and stunning.

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