Top Design Mistakes Killing Your Conversion Rates

Top Design Mistakes Killing Your Conversion Rates

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This article was contributed by Veronica Hunt.

It seems like you have done everything to make your conversion rates shoot upwards. Right?!

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You have created a welcoming landing page, filled it with high-quality content, and added buttons with appealing CTA (Call to Action). But still, the conversion rates won’t get any higher. Could it be a design mistake that is putting your clients off? It’s a pity when you try hard and use the best optimization practices, but poor design prevents you from getting better results.

Conversion Rate Mistakes

Many web design mistakes may cost you conversion rates. Today, we are going to discuss the most common. So let’s get started!

1. Poor design

Unattractive or poorly designed websites have slim chance for high conversions.

“Never judge things by their appearances” – the principle that doesn’t work much with web design.

Let’s take a look at an ugly website. Do these butterflies make you want to spend your money for their services? Guess, not. Actually, it doesn’t even make you want to scroll down and read.

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Ugly Website Design

This is an extreme example of a poor website design, but look at your own site, and your competitors. How is the;

  • White space
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Color contrast
  • Legibility

Seriously, a well designed web design will make your visitors stay and therefore you’ll get a better chance for conversion growth. Keep this in mind and get inspired by these beautiful websites.

2. Unnoticeable calls to action

Small and modest CTAs won’t make your conversion rates grow. You have to make your CTA button or link as noticeable as possible to let your visitors click on it at the very moment they are ready to purchase, subscribe, or learn more.

Don’t make your users think.

Forget about tiny CTA buttons and make them the biggest clickable elements on your page. See here for CTA best practices.

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The bottom line is that users rarely read web content. Instead, they tend to scan briefly through it. Remember, the more people see your CTA the more clicks you gather!


Follow the example of StudentShare. There is no chance that you will overlook this large, green “Sign up” button.

3. Using trashy or cliché stock photos

Obviously, images are a crucial part of your web design. Modern users are obsessed with visuals because it drives more engagement and contributes to brand recognition. Sadly, you won’t get much brand awareness using cheesy stock photos of smiling people, happy families, and pretty-looking models.

Handshake Stock Photo

Stock images ruin your credibility. They are faceless, and therefore they send meaningless or even wrong messages to your visitors. Your images must be relevant and authentic. Images should be used for a reason and push your potential clients towards your main goal – high conversion rates.

4. Lack of Hierarchy

Not only should the images be authentic and relevant, but also the hierachy. Without an attractive and informative heading and hierarchy on your landing page, users will be confused.

Your headings and subheadings have to tell your customers two things: what you offer and how your buyers can benefit from it.

Your heading has to flaunt your core message to buyers and suit the goal of a landing page.


For example, BigCommerce has a heading that states “Build your online store with BigCommerce”, and a subheading that goes into more detail, and a matching CTA button “Start Your Free Trial” below. This combination brings a clear and straightforward message to potential clients.

5. No social or user trust cues

It is a big mistake to create a landing page without any trust indicators, such as including customers’ feedback as a proof of social approval. Testimonials lead to a good reputation of your company. They make potential customers feel more comfortable when purchasing your goods of services.

Build User Trust with Design

Testimonials and reviews should be real messages from real people that have used your services. Feedback demonstrates your pros in a much convincing way than a bullet list. Be sure to include specific and detailed testimonials along with client’s name and photo (if possible). If you have something to boast of, like a good word from a well-known person or corporation – make sure to throw it in!

6. Too much text

Do not overwhelm your users with text. Pages looking like walls of letters often fail to bring much conversion. Your task is to inform readers about your offer, but too much information will dilute the message.

Remember, you have only a couple of seconds to convince visitors to stay on your website.

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If you fail to impress and make them interested, they are more likely to leave your page and go to the competitor’s one.

Display your key benefits in a small bullet list and your customers will quickly grasp the main idea. The list format conveys the same meaning as a paragraph of the text but in more attractive and readable way.

Use less text to explain to your potential leads why your service is worth their attention and how they can benefit from it. Make your sections or points easy to read and your page won’t look cluttered and overwhelming.

Design Conversion Mistakes Summary

The goal of your design and your marketing strategy are the same: they have to present enough information to convince your visitors to make a single action – purchase your goods or services.

Make your design effective by including authentic images, relevant headlines, noticeable call to action buttons, and less text. Combining these elements will surely bring more conversion to your website! See here for more conversion tactics.

Veronica Hunt is an edtech expert and an experienced content marketer from Philadelphia, PA. As a blogger, she sees her purpose in providing her readers with up-to-date info in the spheres of digital marketing, entrepreneurship and psychology. Apart from work, she adores traveling and yoga. Follow @VeronicaHuntt on Twitter or find her on Facebook.

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