Top 12 Logos of 2009 As Voted By You

Top 12 Logos of 2009 As Voted By You

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2009 Top Logos

These are the top 12 logo designs of 2009 as voted by you (the awards that won Logo Of The Month) on my other site Logo Of The Day.

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What logo do you believe should win the 2009 Logo Of The Year? Cast your vote at the bottom of this post. Voting closes February 12th.

And just so you know, we are now accepting new logo submissions, so go & suggest a logo for a chance to win a Logo Of The Day award.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Logo

Michael Jackson commemorative logo – from a  short video clip shown on MTV.

Winner: Logo Of The Month September 2009
Credits: Agency; Executor;


Lochness Logo

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Loch Ness Partnership logo.

Winner: Logo Of The Month June 2009
Designer: Navy Blue Design Group (David Needham)


Talkmore Logo

Talkmore uses symbology in the form of quotation marks to replace the letters A and E, creating a clever image that gives a graphical representation of the words and meaning of the brand. The touch of color enhances this effect making the logo stand out.

Winner: Logo Of The Month Nov 2008
(used this month as no posts were made during December 2009)

Designer: Nido


Coffee Logo

“Logo for coffee house Coffee CUP where high quality coffee is served. Notice that logo of coffee cup is made of letters “CUP”.”

This is a good marketing strategy adopted by the firm.

See it in use here.

Winner: Logo Of The Month May 2009
Designer: Jan Zabransky


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This is a logo for women’s underwear company. Student work.

Winner: Logo Of The Month November 2009
Credits: Sertac Aydogdu

Friedman Psychology

Friedman Pyschology Logo

Logo design for Friedman Psychology Group.

Winner: Logo Of The Month February 2009
Designer: Mugar Mihai

Swan Songs

Swan Songs

A “non-profit that fulfills musical wishes at the end of life”

Winner: Logo Of The Month July 2009
Credits: Macnab Design

Figure 9


“Figure Nine, Inc. is a small bookkeeping/accounting firm in the Indianapolis area. The logo will be used as the company mark on all marketing materials. The logo was to be clean-looking yet bold, and I wanted to convey Figure Nine’s association with number-crunching without being too blatant. Using a “9? as the g worked out well, and offsetting it in a bolder red makes it stand out so the viewer has to look twice. This is a good marketing strategy adopted by the firm”

Winner: Logo Of The Month October 2009
Credits: Christian Elden

Arbeitskreis Vernetzung

Arbeitskreis Vernetzung Logo

The Logo is for a group (an organization) called “Arbeitskreis Vernetzung”, formed of 4 different social services in Germany and last had been used for an Event called “Tag der sozialen Dienste” (Day of social services). The logo shows 4 people looked at from above, forming a circle (or holding their hands) in an very reduced way. It stands for the 4 organizations the “Arbeitskreis” (Working-Circle (Workgroup)) is formed of.  It shows the unity of these 4 organizations and the “Teamspirit”, just like a football-team sticking together their hands, ready to achieve something. The perspective from above, stands for the fact, that the Group has a vantage point frome above when looking at problems to solve them.” ~ Dominic Rödel

Winner: Logo Of The Month April 2009
Designer: Dominic Rödel

Youth Forum

Youth Forum Logo

“This logo is made for Youth Forum, under the name “Forum of the future”. This forum will be held once or twice a year where the top notch people (including prince & princesses) will be hearing the problems of youth and then following it up to solve them.

Basically as per symbol: it is consists of speech balloons coming from four sides (problems or opinion from all sides). different colors : Different problems/opinions. Making shape and the focus is in the middle : means solution (not just useless discussion but with a shape.”

Designer: Sajjad Haider Syed

Jasmine Star Photography

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Jasmine Star

Logo for use on the Jasmine Star Photography website.

Winner: Logo Of The Month for January 2009.
Designer: Nate Sees

Tap Project New Orleans

Tap Project Logo

“Tap Project required that we align ourselves with the existing brand and create a logo for New Orleans Tap Project. This logo is a juxtaposition of the Fleur De Li, a symbol of New Orleans, and water droplets that allow children to have drinking water.”

Winner: Logo Of The Month August 2009
Credits: Zohrab Gevorkian

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Top Logos of 2009

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70 thoughts on “Top 12 Logos of 2009 As Voted By You”

  1. I really like the MJ-logo, but I think it’s somewhat unethical, ’cause it goes with the hype and away from the personal drama towards show. Thus, I voted for butterfly.

  2. Coffee is incredible. When large the typography is very impressive and when small, the lettering works as smoke and identifies the brand and product. The color and back drop are excellent complements.

  3. While I voted for the MJ ribbon, I too am hyped out. But I’m surprised how little response the Youth Forum has gotten. Simply executed, I think it makes its point well. Some good samples nominated.

  4. Should logos that are for fictional companies/briefs or are self-initiated really be included? Isn’t the most difficult part of designing a really good logo dealing with a client and giving them something they love rather than what you think is good?

    Just a thought.

  5. This selection of logos is quite impressive which made it difficult to choose only one. But I chose the Coffee Cup logo. It had the potential to be ‘too much’ due to the stylized lettering, but it turned out just right. My favorite part about this logo is that the word ‘cup’ was simply designed to emulate an actual coffee cup.

    On a side note: the MJ logo was probably my least favorite due to the fact that the ribbon is used a lot for a variety of causes.

  6. Hello Martin,
    A valid point and a fiery topic that I’ve brought up before… check out this post: Fake Logo Designs Revisited. The blurring lines between student work (Butterfly), fictional work and fictional work that has turned into real work (Coffee logo) makes it hard to decide where to draw the line. What’s your opinion?

  7. I think featuring student work is OK because although it doesn’t guarantee experience in the field but it shows the creativity and style of the designer. All those good ideas that don’t have clients to go along with them still count for something, don’t they? 😉

  8. Hi Jacob
    I can understand the trouble there must be in finding that line in order to draw it but for me, student work really can’t count in comparison to ‘real’ work. The Butterfly logo is lovely, absolutely, and whoever did it is probably a great designer (although the credit listed links to a site where there is absolutely no work whatsoever even close to the quality of this logo – makes me wonder). But it is still student work and is therefore not being created in the real, commercial environment with a real brief and more importantly, real client feedback.

    As for the Coffee logo, it’s just way too generic to be a logo. Again, Jan is a talented guy and this work is the best he’s done, going by what’s on his site. But to me it’s more of an icon than a logo. Albeit a beautiful icon, but an icon nonetheless. To create this first, in whatever manner he feels, and then sell it on is not the way the design world works. It is, however, how iStock’s logo service will work when it’s up and running.

    I hope that my comments don’t come across as harsh as both pieces of work are on this list because they are both very good. It’s the circumstances of their creation that I have an issue with.

  9. I really like the ‘talkmore’ logo, very nicely done. ‘Jasmine Star Photography’ was also cool, very cleaver.

    I ended up voting for “Butterfly” because it felt like one of the more timeless logos of this collection. It seemed very elegant and expected of a logo for women’s underwear. Congrats to the student!

  10. @Unit B

    Thanks for liking “Youth Forum” even thou you like several others voted for MJ (A dead one is always respected more… I guess)

    But your words made me feel like a winner, thanks.

  11. I love how the Friedman Psychology logo expands on the well-known “wine glass or 2 faces?” illusion to include multiple levels of meaning. Probably wouldn’t choose it as a favorite logo though; I’m voting for Talkmore.

    Thanks for the post Jacob—these are inspirational pieces.

  12. I am sorry but I can’t buy in to the MJ hype. To me it all smells of “Let’s make money of a dead celebrity” which is why I didn’t vote for this particular and otherwise very clever logo.

    My vote goes to “Lochness”. What a fantastic idea of turning the loc into Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) including ripples in the water. Very clever and such a simple and elegant design. Well done!!

  13. @Anuja – We have a ribbon for every cause here, so it does fit. For example, the Yellow Ribbon is for supporting our troops. I’m not really sure why we are supporting MJ but it’s a very creative logo.

  14. A lot of these are really clever. Some of these wouldn’t really work for being in black and white, also are not scaleable.

    I don’t know though. . . Is that principle out of date?

    Anyways… smart designers and good work. Love all of them!

  15. I think all logos are well designed, but YOUTH FORUM is really very creative.The designer of this logo has style and creativity and I like it the most.V for Sajjad Haider Syed.YOU ROCK MAN.

  16. i was really confused between the coffee shop and the youthforum logo…but i ended up voting 4 the youth forums coz being a student,i wud say tht youthforums is the need of youth…where they can easily express thier views…..and opinions…so keep moving forward guyz………..

  17. lochness.

    I think it’s borderline too subtle, reads as a printing mistake in the first glance. But once you get it it’s genius. For overall visual persistence and clarity it’s not a great logo. But it can stand alone as an ad and I love the idea, can’t stop looking at it, so I gave in and voted for it.

  18. Martin,
    I do agree with you on most parts and do appreciate your opinion on the matter (and others) which is why I’ve brought it up on this blog before, some people agree, some disagree. I’m in a limbo somewhere just above where you stand.

    I wouldn’t say that is principle is out of date but I would say that these logos can work in black or white with slight adjustments and will work at small sizes when needed.

  19. I love them all! they all well done and deserve to win. I wanna say Micheal jackson’s is the best but after second look I like the Jasmine star better

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