Typography & Design Can Even Influence The Voice Inside Your Head

Typography & Design Can Even Influence The Voice Inside Your Head

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Here is one meme that really spoke to me as a designer. It just goes to show how important typography and design are to communicating a message, whether it be spoken or unspoken.

Water Graphic Design Meme

Did you read the two words differently in your head?

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Similarly, ever wondered what typefaces best represent democracy, truthfulness, liberty, freedom, quality and independence? I found these survey results interesting.

Via Sizzle.

3 thoughts on “Typography & Design Can Even Influence The Voice Inside Your Head”

  1. Absolutely. The one on the right is clearly more appealing. I will say PART of that appeal is that the background ‘shimmers’ like water… but yes, the helvetica bold italic is my preference over the helvetica semi bold in all caps. Nice subtle distinction, thanks for highlighting this Jacob. And actually it’s the CORE REASON we as Graphic Designers play an important role in the universe. Thank you sir! > v <

  2. This just shows how much a bit of effort can go. Because a lot of us are stressed for time, we tend to pick the simplest and plainest solution.

    This is why font Arial is so popular. You don’t have to spend too much time to create that extra uniqueness and the water poster is a great example of that.

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