Upcoming Wedding & Honeymoon + Recent Work

Upcoming Wedding & Honeymoon + Recent Work

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Just a quick post letting you that there will be limited posts over the next 6 weeks due to my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. There are links below to some of my recent design work.

The Wedding + Future Plans

Jacob Emily Wedding

On September 7th I will be marrying my fiancée, Emily, on Shelly Beach, Australia with a reception afterwards overlooking Manly Beach. After that I will be honeymooning in Hawaii for a few weeks. I have made a pledge not to work during this time so please excuse my lack of posts, tweets, etc.

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Above you can see the monogram mark I created for the wedding, utilizing J, E and a heart. This has been used on the invites, programs, etc.

After the wedding I will be returning back to New York to continue working there, for at least another two years. My working Visa has also just been approved!

Recent Design Work

I often forget / can’t find time to update my portfolio so I thought I would just link out to some recent design work I have done. All the below work was completed while at Ammirati over the six months.

  • Nintendo & LEGO – LEGO City U for WiiU
  • Nintendo & LEGO – LEGO City for 3DS
  • CannondaleSynapse (Must change country back to USA to view.)
  • Jerry Seinfeld – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
  • VitaminWater with Carrie Underwood – GetActiveNow
  • Cutty Sark WhiskyCutty Sark US
  • Nice ‘N Clean – Nice ‘N Clean Wipes
  • Pirate Brands  – Pirate’s Booty

Thanks for reading!

41 thoughts on “Upcoming Wedding & Honeymoon + Recent Work”

  1. Congrats on wedding! Marriage is awesome! Your relationship is going to be even more amazing! Also, have a nice holiday!

  2. What a beautiful and elegant monogram! You are so amazingly talented. As always you create something beautiful that accurately encompasses the full meaning behind your design! I hope you plan to monogram that gorgeous design on towels and such throughout your house!

  3. Hey Jacob, you have done the great jobs and the wedding monogram is really awesome and creative just like your website name. thanks for posting.

  4. I got that the monogram was a j and an e right away and it also looks like a heart 🙂 Very creative. Congrats!

  5. I found your website last summer. I can’t believe it’s been a year and a lot of things have changed since. Congratulations on your wedding! I love your work!

  6. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding, Jacob! My dear husband put a ring on my finger Sept. 7th, 1974. We’re still very much in love and have a lovely family. I think it must be a lucky date to choose. 🙂

  7. Congratulations………….. Jacob on your marriage, have a wonderful life!
    I loved your designs, it looks great.

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