USA Road Trip Photos

USA Road Trip Photos

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USA Road Trip

Most followers of this blog will know that I love traveling and as usual with any major trip that I do, I share some of the happy snaps. Well, back in November 2009 I did a 2 month road trip across 22 states of USA (with Contiki) and although 6 months have passed, I’ve finally had a chance to sort through the 1500+ odd photos. Below are 177 of my favourites.

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Click through to the site to view the photos if you can’t already see them below.

States Visited:

California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York.

Things I won’t forget:

Excuse me while I take a trip down memory lane…

  • Cruising through Beverly Hills in a vintage BMW
  • Seeing Elvis and Barbie sitting on the back seats of a red convertable, getting married in a drive through marriage parlour in Vegas.
  • The rides on top of the Vegas Stratosphere. Imagine being spun around and around, over the side of a building while staring at the ground… scary.
  • Cruising through Vegas in a Stretch Hummer Limo
  • Taking a helicopter over the Grand Canyon (A must do.)
  • Standing on the back of a 4WD Hummer freezing to death while driving through the Rocky Mountains
  • Hot air balloon riding over Albuquerque
  • Watching my friends attempt to eat a 72oz. steak in under an hour (they failed)
  • Going to a rodeo show in Texas and seeing 100 kids chase a sheep (hilarious)
  • Bourbon Street in New Orleans (goes without saying)
  • Finishing a super duper size ‘Hurricane’ drink between 10 people.
  • Baking two turkeys in two clean huge rubbish bins for Thanks Giving (It actually worked)
  • Party cruising in Miami with ‘I’m In Miami Bitch’ pumping the stereo
  • Taking a rather hilarious ghost tour in St Augustine
  • Exploring all the monuments & museums in Washington DC
  • Seeing the huge rockets + spaceships at John F. Kennedy’s Space Center
  • Visiting Elvis’s house + grave (truly remarkable)
  • Climbing the ‘Rocky Stairs’ in Philly
  • Seeing NY and Times Square for the first time

Since this big trip last year, I’ve been on a few smaller holidays including visits to a few more USA states (Michigan, Connecticut) as well as The Hamptons, Toronto and Niagra Falls. I may post photos of these at a later date (hopefully not 6 months later). The next trip / vacation will be to San Francisco in a few weeks for the Voices That Matter web design conference. Following that, I hope to go to Germany for Oktoberfest and then back home to Australia for Christmas.

Below are the USA snaps, enjoy!

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[nggallery id=20]

You can see many more photos of my travels here: Fiji, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan & New Zealand.

26 thoughts on “USA Road Trip Photos”

  1. You didn’t stop in Connecticut?!

    That is arguably the birthplace of American Design in the Academy! Jacob, what an oversight!!

  2. Awesome Jacob! Love the photographs. I am jealous. I am hopefully planning on doing something like this after I graduate in a year! You’re a true inspiration to me. Thank you very much.

  3. Hey Jacob! Very nice pics!!! I also took a time to check the trips you use post in ur blog… they all look very cool! I really enjoyed, specially ’cause I’m also a traveller…maybe not as you do but I would love to do in the same amount! Now you have to come to Brazil!! : )

  4. Very cool! I’m soo jealous!!! LOL! j/k! I have only been to five of the places you’ve been…someday, god willing I’ll get to do some more traveling…have you ever been to Egypt? Now there’s an experience for ya…

  5. Great photos! You must come to Canada. Most beautiful country you will ever see. Happy travels!

  6. Andy,
    Sounds like a great graduation present to me! Where do you wish to go?

    Would love to come to Brazil at some stage! Probably in the next few years would be my guess.

    If you read the sub text of the article, I actually did. Was only there for a few days but enjoyed it none the less.

    Very well, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the pics.

    Just a small handycam, one of those Olympus waterproof / shockproof ones.

    Thanks for that, fixed it up!

    Haven’t been to Egypt… yet!

    Actually in the subtext of this article I mentioned that I did travel up to Toronto and Niagra Falls. I was also in Whistler back in 2006 and you are right, it is a beautiful country! Will definitely be going back.

  7. The photos look awesome, looks like you had a party in USA! I’m so jealous, need to hook myself up with holiday like that. The meat(?) sandwich looks really tasty – haha

  8. Its reassuring to see other Novocastrians come back from the States with so many photos of food, architecture and tourist tees.

    You will love San Francisco.

  9. Ah, so you did mention that. Glad you have been here and hope you come back soon. Your travel experience is impressive and I hope you have a many, many more adventures!

  10. Wow!! What a beautiful pictures!!

    I also did a road trip last year!
    Driving a Toyota Prius, 11,000 miles, only $639.89 Gas cost!!
    35days, 30 states, 20 national or state parks, 20 times of camping!!

    I created the road trip website.
    I still working on this site because I also have millions of pictures and information to share!

    It was life changing experience for sure.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Now I feel like I need to post and update my site! Thank you

  11. Hey mate, just looking at the pics, looks awesome, do u think Contiki is the best way to do a road trip across the states

  12. Hey jacob,
    Brilliant memories and looks like you had an awesome time. Just to let you know the image gallery (NGGallery most [probably) does not show up in RSS. You may want to check that.

  13. Hi Jacob, I’m curious. I too took a heli tour over the Grand Canyon, with Maverick. Did you happen to take them as well? My friend’s a pilot there and it would be just amazing if he was your pilot. Anyway, you’re right, it is an amazing experience! p.s. next time you’re in LA, let me know. I can recommend tons of awesome eats to visit! hope you enjoyed pink’s!

  14. Sounds like a great trip. Road trip is also one of my devotions but this summer I missed it because of hectic schedule. I’m jealous while watching all you pictures. You sure had a great time.

  15. Woo hoo! Sounds like a great trip. I just love Arizona and have been going there for almost 10 years now, even before I started RVing.

  16. From the pictures, I saw that you had gone through winter to summer. It look’s you have spend half a year to finish the trip. I like travel too and I hope I will have the chance to make such kind of large road trip. Nice job.

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