Vecteezy Review – Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Vecteezy Review – Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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Are you a graphic designer and looking for an authentic website from where you can get stock photos, videos, and vector arts?

Are you running a startup or enterprise and don’t find a better way to source photos or videos as per your requirements?

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The space of stock photos is filled with a lot of websites offering photos, videos, and vector images.

Therefore, deciding the right one for your use out of many can be a daunting task. However, one common thing that many people look for is that the website should be filled with lots of photos, videos, and vector arts.

This is where the role of Vecteezy comes in. To learn more about the platform, have a look at our Vecteezy Review.

Vecteezy Review Overview

What Is Vecteezy?

Vecteezy is a creative marketplace that provides designers, marketers, business owners, bloggers, and others with high-quality resources to be used in their designs and marketing materials. You’ll find a mixture of the free and premium content at Vecteezy.

For more than a decade (the site launched in 2007), Vecteezy has been known as a go-to source for free and affordable vector graphics, including illustrations, icons, UI design elements, backgrounds, and more. In 2020, Vecteezy expanded by adding stock photos and stock videos, including free and premium content, making it a legit alternative to larger stock photo websites.

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Where Vecteezy really stands out is in terms of value. We’ll cover the details below, but a Pro subscription to Vecteezy is one of the best values you’ll find for stock creative assets.

Features Of Vecteezy


Features Of Vecteezy

Vecteezy has a lot of features that help users perform their tasks in a better way.

Huge Image Library 

When you are working on a new project or looking for some images for your website, searching on the internet can seem harder. With lots of options, you may find it very difficult to get the right image for your task. But the Vecteezy image library will make your task easier by allowing you to browse through many images and get the suitable image for your task.


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Another attractive feature of Vecteezy is Bundles. The Bundles available on this website include several resources in a folder that you can download at once. It is accessible for pro users, but free users can also buy them. Each bundle has a specific number of files, and you can check them before you download them.

Each bundle is available for a limited time, usually a few days. You can purchase a bundle for $39, or join Vecteezy Pro and get bundles at no additional cost. With an active Pro subscription, you can download 1 bundle of your choice per week.

Image Editing Option Is Available

You can also use this website for editing and converting your images to vector or raster formats. It is a great tool for designers and beginner users.

Image Tracing

It is another notable feature of the Vecteezy platform. The platform allows you to store a chunk of images, and it creates a mockup of the image when you trace over it. The generated image looks like the linked image of the original one. It is a popular feature of this website.

License Feature

Vecteezy provides licenses for all its content, and it has three types of licenses – Free, Pro, and Pro Extended. Each license is different from the other in price, copy limits, attribution requirement, legal guarantee, and view. The license for photos, videos, and vectors is also different. Resources with a Free license can be used for personal or commercial purposes, but attribution is required.

Resources with a Pro license require download credits or a Pro subscription. Attribution does not need to be provided under the Pro license, and Pro subscribers can also use Free resources without the need to provide attribution or link back to Vecteezy.

Resources with an Editorial license are free to download, but they cannot be used for commercial projects, and attribution is required, even for Pro subscribers.

Data Import and Export

This feature allows you to create, edit, manage and share your works with ease. The import and export feature of Vecteezy allows you to share your vector images conveniently.

Supports Multiple Formats

This feature allows you to upload your vector artwork to the website, and it will convert the artwork into an image so that you can use it anywhere you want. You can also edit the vector artwork depending on your requirements.


What is the cost of Vecteezy? A Vecteezy Pro subscription costs $14 per month if billed monthly, or $9 per month ($108 per year) if billed annually.

That’s about the same price you would pay to download just a couple of resources each month from one of the leading stock photo marketplaces. But at Vecteezy, you’ll get unlimited downloads for that price.

For those who don’t want a subscription, download credits can be purchased in these amounts:

  • 1 Pro download for $10
  • 5 Pro downloads for $15
  • 10 Pro downloads for $20

While the prices of download credits are competitive with other stock photo sites, it’s clear that the Pro subscription offers the best value.

Now that we’ve covered the most important details, let’s summarize the pros and cons of Vecteezy.

Pros and Cons of Vecteezy


Pros and Cons of Vecteezy


  • Lots of free content. Vecteezy offers a huge collection of resources that can be downloaded at no cost, including vectors, photos, and videos. And the free license allows for commercial use.
  • Unlimited downloads for Pro subscribers. If you use a lot of creative assets in your work, you’ll love that you can download as much as you want with a Pro subscription. Need a photo, video, or vector? With a Pro subscription, you don’t have to worry about how much it will cost or wonder how to squeeze it into your budget.
  • Unbeatable value. With low prices and unlimited downloads of photos, videos, and vectors, Vecteezy offers incredible value. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars at other sites, you can get it all for as little as $9 per month.
  • Growing selection. Vecteezy selection of stock photos and stock videos is growing and improving rapidly. The more it grows, the better the value a Pro subscription becomes.
  • Value-packed bundles. For Pro subscribers, the addition of bundles is huge in terms of added value. You can download a bundle every week and you’ll quickly have a massive library of resources at your disposal.
  • Clear licensing. Vecteezy’s licensing details and requirements are clear and easy to understand. You won’t have to wonder about what you can and can’t do.


  • The selection of photos and videos is not as big as the selection of vectors. Vecteezy had more than a decade of a head start on vectors before photos and videos were added to the site.
  • Attribution is required for free resources. If you download and use the free resources from Vecteezy without a Pro subscription, you’ll need to provide credit and link back to Vecteezy. This isn’t always a problem, but there are some circumstances when it becomes more challenging.



Vecteezy Review Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a trusted platform to get high-quality vector images, you can surely consider using Vecteezy. In addition to vectors, you can also get stock photos and videos from this website.

Also, the platform allows you to create vector images using the image platform, videos, illustrations, and photographs.

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Vecteezy is very easy to use and has both free and paid plans. It can also be used as an editing tool because it comes with some editing features. If we consider the cons, the free version of the website has some limitations.

But it may not be a problem because the paid plans of this website are affordable. So, you can easily register on this website and start using the resources available there for your projects.

We hope we enjoyed our Vecteezy review.

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